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1939 Railton

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39 railton drophead coupe.JPG (29903 bytes)

Here is my 1939 Railton Drop Head Coupe.  Railton used Hudson built engines and chassis and assembled custom-built aluminum bodies (from several different body builders) in England.  This is a one-off E.J. Newns body.  Approximately 1600 Railtons were built from 1933 to 1939 (with about a dozen more assemblied in 1946 from left-over pre-war chassis).

39 railton drophead coupe.1JPG.JPG (32793 bytes)

Here the 3 position drop head (top) is down.  This car is unique in that it is the only one I know of that the top completely disappears under a panel in the rear.

39  railton drophead coupe.JPG (28899 bytes)


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