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According to the Techs at you can "get the most out of your time on the Internet...", if maximize how you use your browser.  The browsers are full of shortcuts that can improve the speed with which you work with Web pages.  Below are a few of their tips and a link to learn more:

Finding Text on a Web Page

Press Control + F or select find from the menu and it will act just like your word processor.

Open a Link in a New Window or Tab

When a link has led you to new pages and you wish to return to the main link you should click the link with the mouse-wheel -- or if you don’t have a mouse-wheel, hold down the Control key when clicking the link – and the link opens in a new tab in Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox.

Quick Access to Web Addresses

Press Control+L

Adjust Sizes

When things are too small to read holding down the Control key and rolling the mouse-wheel up and down increases or decreases the font size on the page.

Maximize Your Web View

Pressing F11 maximizes the browser viewing window, removing everything on your screen except the Web page. To return to your normal view, just press F11 again

Don’t Forget Right Click…

You will find several other tools that can be helpful.   There are many helpful tools for working on the net. 

Check out for more information.

According to the techs at “Facebook created a new advertising tracking system called Beacon. The system resided on users’ computers in the form of a cookie and reported their activity on third-party sites that Facebook had contracted. If a user purchased an item at, for example, that purchase would show up on their Facebook page for all to see, as sort of an endorsement. Seemingly harmless, aside from a few ruined holiday gifts perhaps, but does it stop there? Probably not. If these are the types of things that reputable companies can accomplish, think of what a company with fewer scruples could do...."

Go to for the best methods to protect your information and your privacy.

"By taking just a few simple steps, you can greatly increase your online privacy without too much inconvenience. As with all things on the Internet, a little goes a long way. It’s an online jungle out there; stay safe."


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