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Federal and state laws prohibit discrimination on the basis of an applicant's race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age or disability.  Some state laws also prohibit discrimination based on factors such as marital status or sexual orientation. If an interviewer asks an applicant a question specifically relating to one of those characteristics, they have broken the law and as a representative of their company put themselves and the company at risk. But more importantly, this should be your heads up about a company you are considering for employment.
Every question you are asked should somehow relate to this central theme: "How are you qualified to perform the job you are applying for?" Managers often ask for information that's irrelevant to a candidate's ability to do the job.  To do so is a clear indication of discrimination during the interview and as a candidate you should be aware of the many questions that you should never be asked or answer. 

The interviewer may not ask questions regarding diabilities: Under the Americans with Disabilities Act, the general rule, familiar to human resources professionals, is that an employer may not ask "disability-related" questions until after it makes a conditional job offer to an applicant. "Disability-related" is defined as anything that is likely to elicit information about the applicant's disability. But there are exceptions to the general rule, some of which apply.

Follow this link for sample of Off - Limit Interview Questions

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