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North Adams Airport
Updated 12/04/16

Harriman-West Airport (KAQW)...North Adams, Massachusetts

Welcome to my Online Scrapbook!
This webpage is dedicated to all the folks, present and past,
who have made North Adams Airport such a great place.
(Also check out my Bennington Airport  webpage)
Bennington Sportflying Club

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Also checkout Trevor Gilman's
"TeamFlys" Website and Facebook page!

Dr. Neil Trachtman, our local FAA Medical Examiner, in his "Aviation Motif" examination room.
Link to Doc Trachtman's webpage: http://upstateaviation.com

One of these guys is Justus Taylor...Check out the Mohawk Soaring Club links below!
Mohawk Soaring Club

Yours truly...taken by remote control.
Camera clamped onto the strut of the
Piper Pawnee while towing a glider.
To see how these remote shots were taken,
visit my "Interests" webpage.

Peter Esposito flying his Pitts biplane.
North Adams Airport in the background.
Photo by radio remote control.

Glider in tow, Runway 11,
North Adams, Ma.
Photo by remote control.

Justus Taylor on a beautiful autumn day,
flying one of his personal gliders.

A 1946 Cessna 140 that I owned for several years.
She now resides just outside of Richmond, Virginia.

The panel of  N77169

Me and the old girl.

The interior of  N77169

Donald Hanson (aerial camera operator,surveyor and vice president) and Steve Welebny (pilot) of Col-East Aerial Survey, Inc. beside their trusty Aero Commander 500B.

I enjoyed working for Col-East from 1981-1987 as their
Photo Lab Technician/Aerial Camera Operator.

Eugene Coe, co-founder of Col-East Aerial Survey, Inc.
flying a mapping job in his Aero Commander 500B.

Roland Soucy (left) and Pete Esposito (right)...Great guys!
Peter owns and operates Esposito Flying Service...our local
Fixed Base Operation. Pete was a barnstormer and crop duster
in his early days. He is also a nationally known air show stunt pilot .
Roland visits the airport often. He's a retired aeronautical engineer
and pilot by profession, but now keeps busy serving as a corporate director.

Pete Esposito and his buddy, Bill Copp.
Bill stopped to say hello in this Robinson R-22.

Trevor Gilman
Trevor was our resident Pig-Roast organizer, Horse Shoes instructor
and FAA Flight Instructor...not necessarily in that order.
He now flies bizjets based out of New England.

Trevor (left) and a charter group departing for a fishing trip to Maine.

Mike Sarrouf getting ready to take a trip in a Beech King Air.

Update 2008
Mike is now a Captain with Republic Airlines.

AQW's flight instruction gurus
Matt Champney, Trevor Gilman and Mike Sarrouf...2008

Pete Esposito checking out this website

George West was owner and operator of Mohawk Valley Aviation
at North Adams Airport  back in the 1960s. George, now deceased,
put North Adams Airport on the map. The airport was later named
Harriman & West Airport after him and the former landowner.

Dick Lord, Chris Snow and George West upon Chris' solo flight (circa 1967).
Chris earned his lessons working as a lineboy and soloed on his 16th birthday!

Pete Esposito in Texas at his first aerobatic competition.

Pete Esposito and George Kendall...back in the "good ole days"
at George's private airstrip...Old Hilltop Aerodrome in Windsor, Mass.

Chip Ellison gave flight instruction
and flew charters back in the 1970's.

Danny Connors with his pride and joy...Piper Cub N4971H.
This plane has been owned by several people on our field.
It is presently owned by Kenny Burton, from nearby Stamford, Vermont.
The Cub was flown coast-to-coast by the two teenage
"Buck Boys" back in the 1960's. See Kern Buck's photo below.

Kern Buck, and his sonTom, recently swung by for a visit.
Tom, a super flight sim pilot, took a sailplane flight.
Back in the 1960's, Kern and his brother, Rinker, restored
the Piper Cub shown above (in previous photo)...then flew it cross country.
A book entitled "Flight of Passage" is an account of their adventure.

In the 1980's, Pete Cronin and his co-pilot, Amy, flew this Piper Cheyenne for a local corporation.
The company later upgraded to a Cessna Citation and a Bell Jet Ranger helicopter.

Peter Cronin with his outstanding Bell Jet Ranger.

North Adams Airport thrived in the 1980's.

Thanksgiving Day 2000...last day of soaring operations for the year.

Though Jimmy Petri prefers keeping a low profile, he can't shake the fact
that he's the most well regarded person here at Harriman & West Airport.
Jim built this 1976 Stephens Akro (aka Laser) and keeps her looking like new.
Every now and then he "wrings it out" for us. Our own private Air Show!
Thanks Jimbo! The smoke works great!

Al Barbuto with his Skybolt. This is just one of his fine collection of aircraft.

Bill Taff, a North Adams resident and former WWII B-24 captain.
Bill is shown here keeping in touch with his past.

Ed "Red" Senecal in his spiffy Cessna 172.

Kenny Trostle (left) flies this Hughes 500 for a local corporation.

Homer Babeu keeps everybody flyin'.
Thanks a million Homer!

Dwight Brown and his Avid Flyer.

Paul Boillat and his son, Matt...flying their Piper Cub.

George Kendall (front) and Kenny Burton (rear) give two thumbs up while flying Kenny's Stearman.
George, now deceased, holds the record for being Delta Airlines' youngest Captain at age 24.
When Kenny isn't flying one of his private planes, he's flying airliners for US Air.

George Kendall...a friend we deeply miss.

Fran Dargie in his Ercoupe.

When he isn't flying his Cessna 140,
John Horahan enjoys exercising his TR6 or Indian motorcycle.

"Piper seven one hotel...base-to-final, runway two-niner, North Adams".
Lou Babeu (above) is known for his perfect landings!
Lookin' good Louie!

Peter French in his Cessna 172...on downwind to Runway 29,
North Adams (AQW), MA.

"Jungle"...the party animal.

Pete Esposito on his Harley.

Trevor Gilman and me at Teterboro, N.J.
Trevor kindly took me along on one of his trips.

Trevor Gilman, me, Matt Mook and Matt Lynch.
Matt Mook, an ex-Navy ASW Technician, is now an Army Blackhawk Helicopter Flight Instructor.
Matt Lynch, recently retired, passes the time doing aerobatics in his Decathlon.

Matt Lynch in the "greenhouse" of his Decathlon.

Curt Poirot and his companion, Lynne...standing beside the
1947 Aeronca L-16 "warbird" that he totally restored.

Chuck Cahoon, local FAA A&P mechanic,
shown here with his personal set of wings...a sweet Cessna 152.

Carl Robare with his Cessna 150...N19363

John Lingner loves to fly his powered-parachute.
He also enjoys taking the controls of a Cessna 172.

Felix Noelling is from Germany but feels right at home at our friendly little airfield.
He enjoys renting aircraft and hanging out with the glider club
when visiting the United States on business.

It's easy for Bill Greenwald to get excited about the
200 horses atop his very cool Lake Amphibian.

Joe Thompson and his exceptional Gulfstream American AA-5.

John Werner is working diligently toward the completion of his Cessna 150 project.
It is taking a bit longer than expected...but  will certainly  be worth it!
UPDATE 2012...project completed...and another restoration in the works!

Mike Milazzo seen calming his wild bronc...a magnificent Cessna 210.
Mike's stable also includes a recently purchased Christen Eagle II.
Stay tuned for more photos!

Derek Rougeau (aka Mr. IFR) gets his kicks boring holes
through clouds with his impressive Beechcraft Baron.

"Opie" Grandchamp finds fun and relaxation in having his private ticket.
A great guy and great pilot!

John "Noog" Sickles exercises his Piper Cherokee 180 as often as possible.

Pete Esposito (left) and Mark Cahoon taking a ride in Pete's
Piper J-3 Cub on a beautiful Memorial Day weekend in 2012.

Ken Hedberg and his extremely cool Sonex homebuilt aircraft. Ken does things kinda backwards.
He got his helicopter rating first years ago...then added a fixed wing rating later (Gee, wish I had done that!).
What a great guy!

Owen took his first flight today. He was given an opportunity to take the controls inflight and had a great time.
Now he's "ready to taxi" and go up again! A future pilot hooked on flying. 11/21/15

During the school year Billy Janus attends Embry-Riddle Aeronautical Institute,
and in the summer he helps provide essential airport services.        

Mary Ann Serian, event organizer for the Berkshire Pilots Association,
shown here with her yummy homemade airplane cookies at a recent BPA potluck lunch event.
Mary Ann is also an aircraft owner, flight instructor and loves giving scenic flights.  

Maurine Horsman and Chick Newman.
Chick and Maurine are shown here after her first solo.
Chick was her flight instructor.
Update: Regretfully, Chick passed away on May 17, 2012 at age 90.
He flew PBY's in the Navy back in the Korean War and retired as a LTCMDR.

A rare Jack MacPhail sighting!
Jacko is caught here venturing out of semi-retirement
and putting his FAA A&P skills to work.
We miss him when he migrates to Florida for the winter.

Brian Doyle, FAA A&P mechanic, operates his aircraft repair service, Midnight Aviation, here at North Adams.
Brian enjoys working on his collection of classic cars, 1938 Taylorcraft and Schweizer SGS-135.  

Brian Doyle and his father, Tom,
preparing their Schweizer SGS-135 for a flight.
Tom is an unassuming guy...someone you wouldn't
suspect is actually a retired military test pilot!

Brian Doyle...ready to roll!
Check out Brian's inflight wing mounted GoPro soaring videos at:

Ferrying home our newly purchased Pawnee towplane from western New York.
Justus Taylor shot this from Rob Waldorf's Piper Archer as we flew back in formation.

Tom Doyle...tow pilot extraordinaire!

Vitaly Zolotusky manages to find time to tow for TWO glider clubs!
Mohawk Soaring Club here at North Adams and also  Greater Boston Soaring Club.

Karl Bohm tows everything...banners, gliders...you name it!

Peter Cronin, at your service...ready for the next  tow.

Tammy and Dave Charbonneau
prepare to party on July 4th weekend, 2005.
Tammy makes GREAT chocolate chip cookies for us!
Dave, besides being a pilot, is a gifted luthier.

Dave Page and Allison Hall upon returning
from a flight in the Lark.

Len Interante and Dave Charbonneau in the 2-33

Jeff Stringer and Justin Gierka
Justin attends Daniel Webster College
and is pursuing a career in aviation.

Carl congratulating Justin Gierka on graduating from
Daniel Webster College with all his ratings...2008

Noel Anderson is a fellow clubmember who
shares my interest in MS Flight Simulator.
He's a retired corporate pilot and a practicing RN!

Noel Anderson and his beautifully restored Piper Vagabond

Randy Leblanc, a co-worker of mine, preparing
to experience his first flight in any type of aircraft.
Afterwards, Randy said that he especially
liked the takeoff and landing!

Gabriel Thomas and his dad, Chris, checking out the Lark.

Mike Curran got his birthday wish on 06/10/12...a glider ride!
It was a ride he'll never forget. Happy Birthday Mike!

Peter  Mc Lean, member of the Mohawk Soaring Club.
Peter usually stays up the longest time per tow of anyone in the club.
He's simply a natural glider pilot and everyone admires him for it.

Voytek Rum enjoys flying the 2-22 every chance he gets.

Jeff Stringer treated me to a flight in his superb Kranick sailplane.
Thank you, Jeff!

Carl setting up for a glider tow in the pawnee.

Jackie and Paul O'Neill with their trusty Cessna 172.
They've flown the plane everywhere...from Alaska to Key West!

Bob Sullivan standing proudly beside his 2003 Thunder Gull Odyssey
Here's a link to a video of Bob's latest aircraft purchase, an Aerotrek A240

Ronnie Ouimet enjoys the fruits of success
flying his brand new Legend Cub.

Dave Chicoine makes sport of sitting in his van listening to
all the activity at the airport on his scanner.

Jack Esposito (Pete's youngest brother) in front of the Falcon 50 he flew way back.
Jack has done everything. He flew helicopters in Vietnam...and finished up
his aviation career flying jumbo jets. He recently retired and pilots his motorhome!

Bill DeBlois is another "hometown boy made good".
Bill is a captain with PSA Airlines and co-owner of
FCA Flight Center in Fitchburg, Massachusetts.

George "Turk" Turcotte has been around the airport forever.
Turk holds a commercial pilot rating and always has a tale to tell.

Gene Jurczak with his pristine Piper Tri-Pacer.

Rich Sawyer loves "dragging his tail" whenever he gets a chance!
He's the proud owner of a 1971 Citabria Champ.

Bill Hoellerich with his "Waco".

Rob Waldorf flying IFR in his trusty Piper Archer.

Robert Strickland owns and operates the Apple Valley Inn
in nearby Bennington, Vermont. He flies for fun and relaxation.

It's never too late to become an airport bum!
Ernie Pupura, age 94, has become our newest "airport bum".
He is pictured here with Marie Moon...Pete Esposito's sister.

We've got great soaring conditions here in the Berkshires!

A view of Mt. Greylock taken from the Pawnee tow plane on 7/19/03.
It is the highest point in Massachusetts...3,491feet above sea level.
Mt. Greylock is only a few miles south of our airport.

Harriman & West Airport (AQW) shot from
the Pawnee tow plane on 7/19/03.

Approach to runway 29 in the Pawnee...October 2007
(On final approach...setup to drop the tow rope on the grass...south side of the runway...before landing)

Lou Babeu, Pete French and Tony French...ready to
walk the runway on a cold winter day.

Pete Esposito and Lance Liddle hangin' out
at the picnic table on a beautiful summer day.

Matt Champney doing his thing in a taildragger.

Matt Mook...incognito.

Matt Mook (far right) and his Blackhawk buddies.

Another shot of Matt (left) and fellow crew members.

Formation Flying

Matt at the controls.

Night Ops
Photos by Matt Mook
Thanks for sharing them with us!

Al Barbuto designed and built his hanger with a "carousel" to accommodate his personal fleet.
He simply decides which airplane to fly, then spins it to the front of the hanger.
The hardest part is choosing which of four aircraft!

Pete Esposito, Chris Belch and Pete's trusty Pitts Special

World famous aerobatic pilot Patty Wagstaff with
Pete Esposito and Jimmy Petri at Oshkosh Airshow.

"Pittsy"...the airport cat...double-checking Pete's paperwork.

North Adams Airport Christmas Party...12/19/03

Eileen and Pete...the life of the party!

Ernie in his glory...with Melissa and Kristin

Valerie and Craig

Trevor and Mike

The Taffs

The spread

Trevor and Kristin

Mr. and Mrs. Greg DeBlois

Peter and Peter, Jr.

I made this "Kitty Litter Cake" as my contribution. Yes, it was edible!

Marie and me

Justus relaxing

Pete French and me

Ron and Pete

Pete received a commendation in recognition of his retirement!

"The Wild Bunch"

Online Bush Pilot Book: by Fred Potts

Check out my Bennington Airport  webpage
Bennington Sportflying Club


Airplanes or Women?

Airplanes can kill you quickly; a woman takes her time.
Airplanes can be turned on by the flick of a switch.
Airplanes don't object to a preflight inspection.
Airplanes come with manuals to explain their operation.
Airplanes have strict weight and balance limits.
Airplanes don't comment on your piloting skills.
Airplanes don't come with in-laws.
Airplanes don't mind if you buy airplane magazines.
Airplanes don't mind if you like to look at other airplanes.
Airplanes don't care how many other airplanes you  have flown.

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