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Sailor Bubbles is the first story that i've written for Sailor Moon, but I think it's pretty good.

You kind of have to read my stories in order because they get a new Scout everytime, but don't lose any. I wrote the stories like they took place after the Starz season. Each story says something about the Scout that the story is titling. Sailor Bubbles, and Dark Star are Scouts that that the Sailor Team already had when I started. These stories are just to describe their relationship with the Scouts, and how important they'll be in upcoming stories.


Kayla is Sailor Bubbles, already a member of the Sailor Team. Niamh is Dark Star, also already a member of the Sailor Team. Sailor Bubbles stats are below. Now I made a few mistakes in this story, all that is named Maren should be changed to Niamh, and the Rotaru's should be changed to Ritoru. Sorry!

Sailor Bubbles! ^_^

English Name: Kayla

Japanese Name: Tensae Ritoru (Ten-say Rit-or-oo)

Meaning (I think): Floating Bubble of Galaxy

Birthday: December 13

Age: 17

Favorite Colors: Blue

Fave Food: Cookies

Least Fave Food: Lima Beans

Fave Animal: kitty

Fave Subject: Earth Science

Least Favorite Subject: English

Hobbies: Giving orders, watching TV, playing with her kittens, sitting in detention

Has trouble with: homework, crushes, secrets

Motto: If my brain is full of marshmellow fluff, yours is full of applesauce.

Gemstone: Saphire

Attacks (So Far):
 Name  Description
 BUBBLE ETERNAL WATERFALL!! Bubbles puts her hands on her hips, and jets of water spring up all around her. The the jets of water become a circle of water and then a ball of high-pressure water. With a wave of her hand Bubbles directs all of the ater at the enemy.
 BUBBLES SWIRLING MIST!  Bubbles removes one of her earings, and floats it gently between her hands, it turns in to a blue bubble. Then it rises above her head, and duplicates until there is a halow of bubbles above her head. Then Bubbles starts to pray and hold her hand up to the bubbles. They then form a straight chain of bubbles, and fly at the enemy. This attack can be used to surround the enemy in a blue bubble, and trap them so taht Sailor Moon or dark star can vanquish it, or just as an attack.
 HEALING HEART IGNITE! Bubbles has the power to destroy the world! Only she will die in the process. This attack will destroy whatever she wishes it to. But the attack and power needed to use it is so much she will die. So to use it she has to have a lot of courage and will power. In the attack, Bubbles closes her eyes, and folds her hands in a deep prayer. Then she spins around, and now her hands are holding/floating her heart between them, and it appears to be on fire. She flings her heart at her obstacle, and if it holds evil in it's heart, or soul, it will be destroyed. 



"A Mending Heart"

It was late, the alleys of Tokyo were nearly deserted, except for one girl, Kayla. She walked down the sidewalk, humming as she went along. Kayla had stayed after school, detention as usual. Why did the teachers act this way? So I didn't do my homework, she thought to herself as she hopped along. And I guess I've been a little late for the past few months, but hey, never more than an hour. She was trying to convince herself that she hadn't done anything wrong, but she knew that her attempts would be futile. Deep inside she really knew that he had to get better academically. If only there were someway... she thought- "OOPS!" suddenly she had found her self falling head over heals onto the concrete. "OUCH!" "heh heh, I guess I was thinking a little to hard, couldn't watch were you were going could ya Kayla," she scolded herself Then she looked down at her knee. Where a big scab should have been, it was starting fade, until there wasn't a sign that she had even fallen. She stood up and didn't even ackknowledge the fact that her injury had just healed miraculously. Well I better start running, she thought as she yawned, don't want to fall asleep on the way home either. So she picked up the pace.

The next morning, Ami, Serena, and Niamh, came by extra early to make sure that Kayla would get to school on time.
"Oh come on in!" Kayla's mom welcomed them, "she still sleeping I'm afraid, but be my guest to wake her up." They all shuffled upstairs into Kayla's bedroom.


"Wake up!" shouted Serena. "I had to wake up this early just to come over here and make sure you'd get to school on time, and if you don't, oooh, am I going to be so steamed!"
Kayla jumped up with a start, half because Serena had just yelled into her ear, and half because she had caught a glimpse of her friends.
"What happend to you!" she asked them all. They looked like they had gone through a really tough battle. Ami was the first to answer.
"Im sorry to be the one to point this out to you Kayla, but you really have to work on not getting detention so often, yesterday we were almost toast." "How?" kayla inquired.
"Well we were all just comming out of the arcade," said Serena, " and we turned the corner and BAM! Arkonight standing right there. We all transformed and then started to battle, but there were too many." "Every one got trapped in this big ball and it was draining all of our energy, but Dark Star kept throwing her Dark Stone Smash, until finally it destroyed the big ball."
"But then," continued Ami, "Arkonight sent these dementors at us. Venus, Jupiter, Mars and Dark Star were unconscious and then Serena used her tiara to kill the rest. We all got really beat up though."
"I'm so sorry!" Kayla cried. She felt a hole in her stomach begin to form. Why wasn't she there for her friends? Just then Rei stepped through the door. She had a black eye.
Everyone rushed over to her and started to comfort her.
"Hey!" Serena wailed. "Don't give her ALL the attention. I broke a nail!"
"Like that's as big a deal meatball brain!" Rei shouted back. "It is too!" yelled Serena.

Here we go again everyone thought. Then Serena turned to Kayla.
"Hey uh,Kayla, you um, wouldn't mind, maybe fixing up my arm would you? I kinda fell on it yesterday."
"Hey! don't be asking her to do that!" screamed Rei, "you know it drains her out! And you shouldn't use her powers for your own sake."
"No it's fine Rei, really!" Kayla told her. She stepped towards Serena and rolled up the sleeve. There was a big bruise right on the elbow. Kayla held her hand to it, and almost immediatly the arm had healed.
"here, I should've been there for you guys when you needed me, so I'm going to fix you up all right now." "Where's Mina, and Lita?" Almost as if on que the two stepped into the room at that moment. Kayla went to each person and healed them with her healing touch. Then they all held her shoulders so that she could sit down. All of the healing had made her extremly weak.
"I'm okay," she said. "Next time we'll be ready for them, Ami, would you help me study?"
"Sure," ami replied, startled by the question, as if it hadn't been asked by Serena only every other day. The rest piled out of the room while Ami and Kayla studied.
The next day, Kayla got up bright and early, like she always did on Saturdays. She sat up in her bed, wondering what this weekend would bring to her. But she still fet very exhausted, so she layed her head back down on her pillow and dozed off.
* * *
"Ritoru we must leave immediatly!" "why?" "Something horrible is about to happen, come on dear we must leave!" "No, please mother! I must take my locket!" Ritoru ran up a flight of stairs and into her bedroom. She scrambled around to find the precious locket her father had given her the night of his death. "Ritoru, we must leave now!" she could hear her mother's urgent, and shaking voice behind her. "Oh no! They're coming!" Her mother grabbed Ritoru's arm, right when she found the locket. She moved a hidden door in the room aside and pushed her daughter into it. "Stay in here, until it is safe to come out!" with that her mother slide the door back to where it was.
Ritoru could here footsteps clanging up into the room, men's voices... "where is she! where is your daughter!" "I have sent her away please, leave my home!" she heard her mother plead. "We do not answer to begging woman!" "Now where is your daughter, reveal her whereabouts now or I will be forced to kill you." " swear my daughter is not here, please s-" the ground started to quake, Ritaru was very afraid now, not for herself, but for her mother. She could hear her screams, screams, screams, screams. . . . . . .
* * *
Kayla woke with a start, and checked her clock, it was almost noon. Should she believe what she had just heard, just experienced. Was it something she remembered, or just a bad dream. A chill ran up and down her back, as she heard the screams of her mother, or whoever that lady was, echoing in her mind. She didn't know exactly what it was, but she had the strangest feeling, she had heard those screams before.
She tried to stand out of bed, but there was a mysterious weight pulling her down. Was she tired? Or was she still afraid, afraid that whatever was after her was going to come through her door any second. Whatever was after her. Why was it after HER? The woman in her dream had died because she was trying to save Ritoru.
Kayla got dressed, and walked over to Niamh's house. When she found that Niamh and the other's had gone to the arcade, she headed in that direction. By now she was sure that it had all just been a nightmare, merely a figment of her imagination. But still, there was that one aching feeling deep inside her, screaming that it had been a figment of her memory.

The doors to the arcade opened infront of Kayla, and she stepped inside. Serena was at her usual post, playing Sailor V, and losing horribly. Mina, was standing behind her, coaching her on which way to go, what to shoot, and pretty much loosing at her own game. Haruka was having sundeas. Ami was sitting at a table, reading a book, Niamh right beside her, and Rei and Lita where both sitting in a booth with Andrew, gawking with wide, dreamy, eyes.
Mina looked up from the Sailor V game long enough to know who had just walked in. She walked over to Kayla with her usual smile, "How's it going? You really slept in this morning!"

"NOOOOOOO! This game is so UN-FAIR!!!!!" Serena wailed. "I lost again! Mina why'd you make this game so complicated?"
"My fans created it not me," she called back to Serena, as Serena was pounding her head on the game. Just then, Darien stepped into the arcade.
"Hey Serena!" he called.
"Hi Darien," Serena seemed to have forgotten all about Sailor V video games. "Would you like to do something really great for your sweet girlfriend, huh Darien???" Serena nagged.
"Sure, what did you have in mind?"
"Well you could start," Serena said, "by bagging a cute stuffed animal in that game machine over there for me." They walked over to the game machine and Darien put in some change. Kayla just stood, watching them.
"Serena looks so happy with Darien," she said to Mina.
"Yeah, but just think about how Darien must feel," replied Mina, and they both laughed. Then they went to join everyone else who was sitting in the booth's. Andrew had to go back to working, and Rei and Lita looked a little depressed that his break had been over so soon. Luna and Artemis were on the table, Artemis napping, Luna telling Rei and Lita not to get so googly eyed because she had Sailor business to talk about.
Luna scratched Artemis to wake him up, and then jumped off the table to go and fetch Serena and Darien.
"Luna, look what Darien just won me!" Serena glowed with pride as she held out a stuffed cat, that looked just like Luna, for her to see. There's something familiar about that cat. Luna thought.
"Come on Serena, this is very important, we all need to talk right now," Luna urged.
"But I wanna play some more, how about it Darien, got any more cash?" Darien showed her his empty pockets, and Serena admitted defeat with a loud sigh.
When they were all finally sitting down in one place, Luna began. "Now listen up scouts, that attack the other day wasn't just like any other. They were really trying to put us out that time." Already Kayla was starting to feel guilty, but there was something else on her mind.
"Arkonight is planning something, big, and we need to stop him before anything happens."
"How do we know what he's planning though? I mean we don't know what he's found, besides, he wouldn't try to pull something with all of us up against him, would he?" Asked Lita.
"Well, he did the other day, didn't he? And he almost got away with it too!" said Luna.
"We've got a head start on him though," said Artemis, "at least this time, we know what he's after. It's called the 'pure cure crystal' and it's a talisman, hidden inside the pure heart crystal of a human. Arkonight attacked us yesterday because he knows that the crystal is inside one the Sailor's hearts, but he doesn't know which, and neither do we. That is our problem. We need to find out who it is, before Arkonight, so we can protect them as much as possible."
"So why don't we just check everyone's heart?" asked Serena.
"Oooh Serena," said Luna, "it's not that easy, the heart must be removed for you to get the crystal, the person who has it must die for it to be received."
"Well then it's definatly not my heart," Serena quickly proclaimed, "and how are we going to find it then?"
"That is something we have yet to find out," said Artemis.
Kayla wasn't paying much attention to Artemis, she was thinking about her dream. Could it have been her memory of her past life? Now that she thought about it, she had never asked Luna about her past before, and she had not been told of it either. She decided that she would ask Luna, but not now. She didn't want the other scouts to worry. It was almost odd, how everyone seemed to care so much about her. Everyone she had ever met (except nega sludge) had automatically been her friend. Sure, she was frail, and Serena stood up for her when the bullies would pick on her. But even the bullies at school were nicer to her than was expected.
Serena snapped Kayla out of her trance with a hard pat on the back, "Watcha day-dreamin' bout Ritaru??" Serena teased.
"Nothing too important," Kayla quickly replied.
"Hey, um, Luna?" Serena asked, afraid Luna was going to freak out on her any second, "What's so important about this crystal, do you know?"
"The 'Pure Cure Crystal' is very powerful. If the Negaforce should ever capture it then they would have the power to destroy our world, and rule the Universe. Their armies would be indestructable because the heart can bring people back from the dead, and heal severe wounds. This heart is also said to be the purest in the Galaxy, but too much nega-energy would turn it evil. Right now it is with it's keeper, and we MUST keep it that way, for the sake of our Universe." Luna concluded.
"Boy, we've got our work cut out for us," Lita commented.
"Yeah, that battle was really tough, we almost didn't pull through, and if he's after what you think he is Luna... we have a lot more harder battles to look forward to," said Mina
"Right!" they all said.
Kayla was lost in thought again.
* * *
"Luna, do you know anything about my past life in the Silver Millenium, I mean," Kayla questioned Luna as they walked alone down the dark alley.
"I'm sorry Kayla, but I have very little memory of yours or Dark Stars' past lives," Kayla turned her head down, looked somewhat disappointed, but mostly let-down.
"But I can tell you what I do know. You were apart of Princess Serena's court, and Princess of you own Galaxy. But for some reason you and your mother were forced to flea to the moon, your father, disappeared." Luna continued, "when the Negaforce attacked you were given your own Sailor powers and sent to be reborn on Earth."
"What about my mother, what happened to her?" Luna seemed set back and sorrowfully replied, "I do not know anything beyond what I have just told you. Now Kayla, I ask that you don't be too worried about it. Queen Serenity sent you to Earth for you to be happy, and be a defender of love and justice!"
Kayla nodded in agreement. BEEP BEEP!! The Sailor contactor was going off! Kayla answered it and Mercury appeared on the mini screen.
"What's up?" Kayla asked.
"We need you over here right now!" Ami said, "Arkonight is attacking again, and there are four Demons!"
"This calls for Sailor Bubbles!" Luna said.
"BUBBLES GALAXY POWER!" Sailor Bubbles and Luna ran to the battle.

Mercury, Mars, Uranus, Sailor Moon, and Dark Star were fighting as hard as they could, but they were up against four Demons and Arkonight... it was too much.
"MARS FLAME SNIPER!" Mars threw a flaming arrow at the Demons, but it backfired and the arrow went spiraling at the scouts. They all fell back, badly injured. A Demon approached Sailor Moon, "Surrendor your Heart to Arkonight now!" hissed the Demon.
"Never!" she screamed, where are the other scouts and Tuxedo Kamen?
"Then I will take it by force," the Demon lifted Sailor Moon up to take her heart crystal...

"BUBBLE ETERNAL WATERFALL!!" Balls of water hurled at the Demon, it dropped Sailor Moon as the water engulfed it.
"You are taking the pure hearts of my friends for evil use, I shall not forgive you!" Bubbles shouted, "In the name of the Blue Heart Galaxy I am Sailor Bubbles, and I will punish you!"
The Demon was destroyed, but there were three more to deal with, plus Arkonight. Bubbles knew she must take out the leader, so she aimed her next attack at Arkonight.
"BUBBLES ETERNAL WATERFALL!" Arkonight dogded the attack just in time.
"Haha! You think you can defeat me with mere bubbling hearts? How likely of a Sailor Scout!" Fire shot out of Arkonight's hand at Bubbles. Water came spiraling out of Bubbles hands and hit the fire midway. The two forces battled eachother.
Then Bubbles water started to overcome the falmes, and push the back toward Arkonight, she was using all of her strength. Hmmmm.... this girl is stonger then I thought, this will have to be taken under consideration.
Arkonight stopped his fire and moved out of the of Bubbles water.
"Demons attack!" he ordered. Bubbles would have
no chance against three Demons.
Two more Demons were down.
"In the name of Venus,"
"And in the name of Jupiter!"
"We stand for love and justice against nega creeps, and that means you!"
"Well ladies, you're just in time, I was about to get rid of your friend Bubbles here, but maybe I'll go after one of you!" Arkonight faded and then reappeared next to Sailor Venus.
"You are the defender of Love, yes, a heart defending love would hold the 'Pure Cure Crystal'" all of the other Sailors were slowly climbing to their feat. He grabbed Venus and started to remove her heart crystal, she screamed and Jupiter attacked Arkonight.
"If you want to steal our friends' heart, you'll have to deal with us first." They were all on their feat now, protecting Venus in a circle.
"Ha ha, you think that you are all so strong! Pitiful, I could kill anyone of you any second."
"Then why don't you?" Bubbles asked, furious as ever.
"I have my orders," replied Arkonight, and with that he disappeared.
"WORLD SHAKING!" shouted Uranus, and she attacked the last Demon.
"STARLIGHT HONEY MOON THERAPY KISS!" shouted Sailor Moon, and the last of the Demons was gone.
They all un-transformed and went home, making sure to be very sharp about every sound that was made.
* * *
"Ritoru we must leave!"
"No mother, my locket!" She could feel herself walking up the stairs, she was dreaming again. She grabbed her locket, she got a good lok at it this time. It was heart-shaped, bubblish, and glossed to a finish. Her mother pushed her through the hidden door. Soon the screams would follow,
"Where is the girl!" She heard men's voices pounding into her ears like hammers.
"Please she's not here!"
"Stop your pleading! Where is your daughter?"
"Our Queen Serenity and Princess Serena will not forgive you for what you have done! The Prince Darien will come to protect his Princess's kingdom and you will be banished!"
"The Princess Serena and her Prince Darien are both DEAD! This is old knews! The Queen and you are soon to follow!"
Ritaru gasped. The princess, dead? No! our our kingdom is doomed!
"Now that there is no hope for you tell me where I can find your daughter, the one they call 'the healer?'"
"How do you-,"
"The nega-force knows all, now where is she!"
"You do not know where she is and never will!"
Then the screams started. They were loud and piercing. Ritaru wanted to help her mother, but she knew she must stay hidden, safely inside the dark closet.
As suddenly as they had come, the screams stopped, and the men retreated. Here mother was dead, Ritaru knew this. Was she next? Ritaru opened her clenched fist to reveal her locket. She opened it, and beautiful music befan to fill her ears. Her father had sung this song to her many times before he disappeared. The music gave her some comfort, she was all alone now. She began to sing to the melody, "Past the moon, over the stars, to the Heart of my Blue Galaxy..."
There were footsteps coming up the stairs, but Ritaru continues to sing. The Princess and Darien were gone, she had no family left, what was there for her to live for? The footsteps continued on, closer..., "We will live on, until the dawn," Tears started streaming down her face, as the gootsteps grew closer, "always brave, never afraid..." the hidden door began to creak open, "Bubbles love will save the day, far away... far away..."
* * *

Kayla woke up with a start, cold sweat streamed down her face. It was a dream, another dream. They had to mean something! She checked her clock, 2:54am. She crawled out of bed and headed towards the bathroom. She splashed some water on her face and dried it. 2:59am, read her clock. She knew she couldn't go back to sleep, she couldn't dream, but part of her was screaming to know more.
She had to figure this out. The locket, in her dream, it was given to her by her father. What did it look like? Kayla strained to remeber. It was a bubble, a blue, heart, bubble! Could that stand for the Blue heart Galaxy from which she came? And the song she sang, was about Sailor Bubbles! Her father knew she was destined to be Sailor Bubbles, why else would he give her a locket and song about the Sailor? Now Kayla was sure the dream had been real at one point.
Kayla began to stand up, but then remembered somthing else from her dream. When the man had demanded Rotary, he had called her 'the healer' What did he mean? did he also know of Ritaru's powers? And who had found her? Someone had opened the door to the hidden closet.
Kayla's head was starting to hurt. She was never very good at thinking too hard.
She decided not to go back to sleep. The screams were still ringing in her ears. She got ready and went outside for an early morning walk. She checked her clock. . . 4:37am. A very early morning walk.
She stepped down the stars and outside. The cool, morning breeze kissed her cheeks as she strolled down the sidewalk. She became lost in thought and it took her a half hour before she realized she had been walking in circles around just one block. So she turned onto antoher street walking head-long into Darien.
"OH! Sorry Darien!" she said.
"No, it's okay, I should have been looking where I was going."
"Why are you out so early Darien?"
"My morning jog, I take one every morning," he replied, "how about you?"
"Ummmm.....just a bad dream, that's all."
"Really! must've been bad, for you of all people to get up this early to go for a walk!" Kayla punched him, and headed back toward her house. She needed to make a phone call.

"Uggg!" Serena wailed as she crawled out of bed and down the steps to the phone.
"Who's calling me so early in the morning? Oooooh am I gonna sue!" she answered.
"hey, Serena? it's Kayla,"
"what's up Kayla, is this Sailor business, because then you should've called me on the com-,"
"No, it's not," she said it bluntly, and Serena knew this must be major important, "could you and Niamh come over, now? I need to talk to you. Kayla sounded really nervous, like she wasn't sure of what she was doing.
"Um, sure, Kayla, we'll b right over," Serena hung up and rushed over to Naimh's.

Naimh and Serena knocked on Kayla's door at about 5:30am.
"Come in," they heard a soft voice answer. The room was very dark, even though all of the window were open. And it was still, lifeless.
Kayla was slumped in a corner, motionless, all except for the silent tears rolling down her face. Serena and Naimh approached her cautiously.
"Kayla, what's wrong?" Serena asked, concerned.
"The screams w-won't go away," she managed to choke beneath her tears.
"Whos screams?" Naimh asked.
"My mothers,"
"But we just saw you mother yesterday, she was fine! Has something ahppened between-"
"No, I mean my past mother!" Serena and Niamh were very startled.
"How do you know about your past life? I thought you had no memory of it?" Serena asked.
"That's what I thought too, until I started to have these dreams."
"Dreams?" Niamh asked. They both sat down, and Kayla told them about her dreams. About the screaming, the locket, and the hidden door, opening and she woke up.
"WOW!" said Niamh. Serena and her both wide-eyed with fear and concern for their friend.
"I wonder what was coming in that door. If it was evil they would have found what they wer looking for, so it must have been something good and pure," Niamh said. Kayla still looked like a wreck.
"Kayla, it doesn't look like you got much sleep, you should rest," Serena implied.
"No, I'll dream again, the screams...," Kayla pulled her eyes tight shut.
"Well, then we'll find out the rest of your dream!"
Kayla finally gave in. She lay down on her bed and was lost in sleep.
"We should stay her and see what happens," said Niamh.
"In her dream the man called her 'the healer', could that have something to do with the 'Pure Cure Talisman?'" Serena wondered.
* * *
"No please!" The screams began, the men retreated. Once again Ritaru was alone. She opened her locket and began to sing her beloved melody.
"Past the moon... to my Blue Galaxy, where love waits too peacefully..." The gootsteps began. "Always brave, never afraid..." the footsteps were growing closer, the hidden door was opened and there was a bright flash of light. Kneeling in front of the door was Queen Serenity!

The Queen looked very sad, Ritaru could tell she had shed some tears.
"The Princess Serena and Prince Darien are gone!" Ritaru shouted.
"I know," the Queen said, another tear escaping her. "I'm so sorry child, they are looking for you, the negaforce, and you must remain hidden from them!"
"Why is everyone telling me this? Why is the negaforce after me!"
"I'm sorry, but you cannot know the answer now," Serenity said.
"I'm sorry my dear child, this is the only way for you to remain safe," Serenity took out her Silver Emperium Crystal, and held it up to Ritoru.
"I'm sorry," she wispered again.
Ritaru's whole body felt cold and tigly. What was happening? A bright light engulfed her, and she became trapped in a bubble. It felt as if she were floating away, her eyes drooping, the room getting smaller and smaller. In her ears, rang a tiny voice, that of Queen Serenity.
"Bubble's love will save the day, far away....far away...."
* * *
"Kayla, wake up!" She heard Serena screaming. Kayla opened her eyes to see Serena, her eyes filled with tears.
"What gives?" Kayla asked, she was momentarily disoriented.
"Niamh and I stayed here to see what happened in your dream, but just now you started to thrash around and were ice cold I mean like freezing!"
"I saw Queen Serenity," Kayla said.
"WHAT!?" Serena asked. Kayla told them both of her third dream, about the weird white light that took over her body, and how she floated away in a bubble.
"Kayla?" Niamh asked, "why don't you tell the other scouts, and Luna bout this?"
"They have a lot to deal with right now," Kayla replied.
"And I don't!?" Serena wailed, "I'm Sailor Moon! The Leader! I have a lot to deal with too ya know!"
"Yeah, but you guys are my best friends, and besides, Serena your the Moon Princess! Your mom was the Queen I thought you might know something."
"OF COURSE!" Serena yelled, "that's it!" Serena grabbed Kayla's arm ad dragged her out of the room. Next thing she knew, they were cruising down the street to Serena's house, Niamh trailing befind them.
They ran through the door and into Serena's room.
"What - are - you doing?" Kayla gasped for breath.
"Where is it.... sum dee dum.... ah her it is!" Serena pulled out her locket.
"The only person who can explain your dreams would be Queen Serenity! So we're going to have her appear in your dreams!" Serena looked very proud of herself.
" She can tell you what happened."
"And how are you going to do that?" Niamh appeared at the door.
"Well I'll play my locket while she sleeps and Serenity should appear." Serena held up her locket.
"Have you done this before?"
"No, but it's bound to work," Serena played the locket and Kayla was lulled off to sleep.
* * *
This time her dream began with her body being covered in the light. She was gloating away, and she could hear Queen Serenity singing, "Bubble's love will save the day, far away... far away..."
Suddenly, Ritoru could see the other scouts, all inside bubbles! Princess Serena and Prince Darien among them. Ritoru's vision was gading, and darkness swarm over her.

* * *
Kayla sat up straight.
"Did it work? did it work?" she heard Serena.
"No, but I saw more of what happened. We were all sent in bubbles, Darien too, to what I think would be Earth."
Serena looked very disappointed that her plan didn't work.
There was a sharp rap on Serena's door. Kayla shot up out of the bed.
Standing in the doorway, was Colin. He had short brown hair, and kind of resembled Darien. He was Kayla's boyfriend.
"I went over to your house Kayla, but you weren't there so this was the next place to look."
Serena was just about to say something, but Kayla pinched her arm warning her not to.
"What's up Colin?" Niamh asked.
"I was-," BEEP BEEP! The Sailor communicator was going off!!
"What's that?" he asked.
"Oh nothing!" Serena replied and gave Kayla a look. Kayla tugged Colin out of the room, he still didn't know anything about their identities.
After a few moments Kayla burst back into the room.
"Whats happened?"
"Arkonight's attacked again. Only he brought 10 Demons this time!" Maren said.
"We need to get over there right away!"
All three dashed out of the house. Colin, right behind them, where are they going in such a hurry?

They arrived at the battle, ten demons still fully charged, but Mercury and Mars were sprawled on the ground.
Colin's mouth dropped open. They're Sailor Scouts! Kayla is Sailor Bubbles!
"Look at us, we're Sailor Scouts of goodness! " they shouted.
Boy are those nega-creepes gonna get it! Colin thought
"And you're nega-history!" they finished.
Dark Star totally wasted a Demon. Bubbles rushed to help Mercury and Mars.
Three more Demons were down. But the remaining six gathered a humongous firebal and hurled it at Uranus, Jupiter, and Venus. Sailor Moon ran to help her friends. The Demons aimed their next attack at the remaining three scouts.
Sailor Moons tiara was useless!
Colin saw what was going to happen and jumped in the way of the fireball, and then collapsed onto Sailor Bubbles.
"No! Colin!" Sailor Bubbles stood up.
"You've hurt the people I love! In the name of the Blue Heart Galaxy, I will not forgive you!"
The six final Daimons had been destroyed. Whoa! That came from me?
Arkonight vanished. His suspicions growing...

Arkonight reappeared in a dark fortress. A giant ball of fire in the middle. Arkonight appeared to speak to the fire.
"My leader, my suspicions of Sailor Bubbles are growing. She may be the one." The fire spoke back,
"Maybe so, but you go after Sailor Moon first!"
"Very well my leader."

"Colin! Colin! wake up! please!" Sailor Bubbles was kneeling over Colin. The rest of the scouts circled around them. Venus leaned forward to check his pulse.
"He's alive, but very weak, I don't know if he has enought time to make it to a doctor."
"Then we'll give him sometime," Bubbles said, tears in her eyes.
The scouts un-transformed and Kayla leaned over Colin and lightly kissed him on the forehead, converting some of her energy to him. Her healing powers had worked! Colin opened his eyes.
"Wha- What happened?"
"You were so brave Colin!"
Suddenly he remebered what had happened.
"Kayla, you alright?"
" 'Course I'm all right, why wouldn't I be?"
Colin stuttered, "those dragons.. a fire-ball was coming right at you and Serena...,"
Kayla was speechless. Did he know her true identity? Kayla began to question him, "How did you get the idea that me and Serena could have possible been there?"
Colin struggled to sit up," I saw you transform," he looked at everyone around him
"So you're all Sailor Scouts," he stated.
Everyone was shocked that he had found out the one thing they'd all been so carefull to keep in. Kayla just stared at him in disbelief.

Colin was resting comfortably in his own bed now. Kayla closed the door behind her. She shook her head at herself as she recalled the unbelievable stupid excuse for Colin's injuries.
"Colin put too much gasoline in the grill, and lit a match," Kayla remembered telling his mother.
"He had always been a good cook, so we decided to have a barbeque. Instead he turned into the barbeque."
Couldn't I have though up a better excuse? She thought to herself.
She let the dorr to Colin's house close hehind her, and started toward the temple. The scouts still had a lot to figure out. Suddenly she heard a voice from behind.
"Hello, Kayla," she knew that voice, Arkonight. He still did not know her identity, so innocently, as not to arouse suspician, kayla replied.
"Who are you?" He floated down to the ground, and took a step toward her. A chill ran up her spine as she was expecting an attack.
"My name is Arkonight and I am from the Negaverse. You have information I need."
"I will never serve evil," she replied coldly, and took a step back. Arkonight looked agitated.
"I hear that you know how to contact Sailor Bubbles, I would like you to do this for me," he said calmly. He's after me now? Could I be the one holding the 'Pure Cure Crystal'?
"I've already given you my answer! I will not help evil like you!"
"I'm warning you..." he began. Shots of lightning flew from his hand at her.
Just then a rose flew between the two, stopping Arkonights evil (gimme a break a rose could do that?!).
Tuxedo Mask was standing a top a light post.
"Questioning innocent girls to provide you with more evil quests is sinister. I will punish you!"
Tuxedo Mask jumped infront of Kayla, shielding her with his cape. (tuxedo mask music playing proudly in the background) She couldn't help, but be amazed at how he was always able to show up, just in time.
"Get out of my way Tuxedo Mask!" Arkonight roared, and bounded at Tuxedo Mask, but missed. Tuxedo Mask had lept our of the way, Kayla in his arms, and landed safely facing Arkonight's back.
"I will not let you hurt an innocent girl!" Tuxedo Mask was determined as ever.
"Then you will be the one to hurt!" Arkonight said, as lightning came from his hands. This time Tuxedo Mask could not react quick enought and was consumed by lightning. He could not move out of the way of fire. Kayla fell back, terrified, not for herself, but for Tuxedo Mask. If she transformed to save her friend, Arkonight would know her identity, but if she didn't, Tuxedo Mask would be history...
Many hearts went spiraling through the air at Arkonight, and he was forced to duck, and stop firing. This was enough for Tuxedo Mask to roll out of the way.
"You should know that when you mess with my friends, you mess with me! I will not forgive you, I am Sailor Moon! On behalf of the Moon, I will right wrongs and triumph over evil, and that means you!"
"I will not put up with you kids! AAARRGG!" Arkonight shot lightning at Sailor Moon, and like Tuxedo Mask before her, she was now fighting against electricity.
Kayla was as steamed as ever.
"That's it ARkonight! You're going down!"
Arkonight stopped suddenly, astonished that this has come from such a small girl.
Sailor Bubbles now stood in place of the fragile girl. Her eyes filled with the uttermost hate.
"You hurt my friends and attacked my peace. In the name of the Blue Heart Galaxy I will not forgive you! That's right! Sailor Bubbles is here, and that means I'm gonna whip your butt!"
Arkonight couldn't believe this F minus ditz was a Sailor Scout!
Many bubbles went spiraling at Arkonight, and before he had the time to react, he was being pelted.
Still, he managed to get up, and choke out,
"Your puny bubbles don't stand a chance! Now that I know your identity I can get you any time, any where.
And with that he faded away.
The other Sailor Scouts arrived, and Bubbles explained what had happened.
"Now he knows your identity! You should've just waited for us to get here!" Mars yelled in her usual 'I'm always right' tone.
"Actually," Ami started, "judging by how much power Arkonight has, we might've been too late to help any of them. I think Bubbles made the best possible decision."
"For once," Mars said under her breath.
"Hey guys, we need to know why Arkonight's after Bubbles! What if her thinks she might have the 'Pure Cure Talisman?'" Venus implied.
Bubbles walked over to Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask. Both lying helplessy on the ground. She put her hand to Tuxedo Mask's forehead, and almost immediatly his eyes flew open.
"Hey Bubbles," he sounded as if he was in a lot of pain.
"Sshhh," she quieted him, " you got hurt really bad, I need to heal you, now lay still." One by one his bruises and cuts began to fade away. He turned his head to see Sailor Moon, lifeless on the ground. He shot up and grabbed her in his arms.
"Is she alright?" A tear started to form at the corner of his eye.
"She will be," Bubbles said. She put her hand to Sailor Moon's forehead, again giving away her own energy. Sailor Moon slowly opened her eyes and smiled at her friends. Her cuts and bruises were fading away.
Bubbles removed her hand, and fell back in a faint. She was very weak. It had been too much to heal for one day.
She awoke in her own room, to see Darien leaning over her.
"She's awake!" He said to everyone. Kayla struggled to sit up.
"Why is everybody here?" she asked.
"Waiting for you," Haruka replied.
"Ami found an entrance," Lita told her.
"Entrance to what?" Kayla asked.
"Entrance to Arkonight's lair of course! Where have you been!" Mars shouted at her.
"Well excuse me, but I've been unconscious recently!"
"Guys stop fighting, we have to end Arkonight's game now!" Ami yelled at them.
"Right, let's go!" they all shouted.
Kayla was still very weak, but somehow she managed to drag herself behind the other Scouts. Soon, they found themselves standing at the back door to the arcade, a massive, black hole in front of them.
No way it could be that easy, was it a trap? Right now the Scouts didn't care. They were ready to take on Arkonight.
One by one, they each jumped into the hole. They flew through a twisted dimension and landed in a desolate area. It looked as if an evil had plowed away any signs of life.
There was one thing withstanding. A giant castle in the distance, with a reddish aura to it. Could it be the negaforce's lair? The Scouts headed for the castle.
They stood before the giant doors in awe at the massive construction.
"Now listen guys, we need to stick together. no telling what's in for us in there,"
Bubbles could feel her knees begin to shake. She didn't think she would have the strength to stand up against Arkonight again, especially if there was something more powerful controlin him. That, they would also have to face. She felt a strong hand on her shoulder.
"Don't worry," Jupiter said," we're protecting you 100%"
they all made their way to the doors. Suddenly Arkonight appeared.
"Ah! ah! ah! didn't you're mommies ever teach you to knock?"
"We whipped you before and we'll do it again!" Sailor Moon shouted.
"I'm afraid you have won the battle's, but not the war!" Arkonight spit.
"Daimon's attack!" he ordered. 20 Demons surrounded the Scouts. Bubbles, in the center of the Scouts, was out of the line of fire. But the Demons were closing in, fast.
A giant discuss of lightning blew away three daimons.
Two more Demons were down. Things were looking good for the Scouts, but something unexpected happened. The remaining fifteen Demons gathered in a small circle.
"What's happening?" Sailor Moon asked, terrified. All of the Scouts circled even more protectively around Bubbles.
The Demons started twirling in a tornado-like motion. So fast that it was impossible to tell the apart. Then they stopped, only they weren't a 'they' anymore, they were an 'it.' One giant Demon towered above the Scouts. And if that wasn't enough, the Demon started to split, into seven Demons of equal size.
"Uh Oh!" Sailor Moon said.
"Super Demons attack!" ordered Arkonight.
All seven Demons began to close in on the Scouts.
Venus aimed her attack at one of the Demons. The big monster wasn't quick enough to dodge, so it hit him head on, but the attack didn't seem to effect it at all!
Two Demons blew a swirling ball of fire and flung it at the Scouts.
A ball of high pressure water hit the fireball, but only lessened to half of its origonal size. The Scouts were forced to dodge out of the way.
"This looks bad," Uranus said. Sailor Moon befan to wail. Bubbles felt like she could use a good sob too.
"mercury, can you locate a weakness on these guys?" Venus asked.
"I can try," Mercury replied. The scouts all protected both Bubbles and Mercury now. Mercury squeezed her right ear and a blue visor slid over her eyes, then she took out her somputer and started to analyze the Daimon's.
Another billowing ball of fire flew at the Scouts.
"We'll fight fire with fire," Mars said.
A flaming bird swiftly swallowed the fire and charged toward the Demon. It struck him right in the face, the Demon took a step back, but was un-damaged.
"Find that weakness yet Mercury?" Mars asked.
"Almost got it," Just then a blast aimed right at Mercury.
Uranus blocked the attack.
"I got it!" Aim for their left shoulder!" Mercury told them.
Three attacks combined and went spiraling at a Demans left shoulder. It was gone in an instant, but there wer six more to deal with.
Three Demons gather a thunderbolt together and shot it at Sailor Mars. She was unable to dodge, and got hit, hard. She fell back, badly injured. Bubbles rushed to help her friend , but the scouts held her back. She couldn't risk her safety!
"Oooooh!" Mars groaned in pain. Bubble didn't care, she dodged beneath the Scouts, and grabbed Mars arm. Slowly, but effectively Mars started to recover. She didn't entirely heal, but her strength was back.
"I call upon the power of Mars! FIRE BALLS CHARGE!"
an anti-evil ofuda pinned on a Demon and it crumbled to dust.
And Tuxedo Mask threw as many roses as he could.
There were two more Demons left. The remaining two aimed their final attack at Mercury. She was down in a flash, and there was no use helping her, because it was too late. A bright, silver circle formed on the ground around her, and she sank into it like it was an endless puddle.
The last Demons were gone, but so was Mercury. The Scouts mourned over the spot where their friend had so valiantly laid down her life.
"You may have won this fight, but there is much more ahead! If you do not want to lose another, surrender now!" Arkonight cried.
"We will never surrender to you!" Mars cried.
"I don't want you, just hand over Sailor Moon and Sailor Bubbles now!"
"You'll have to fight us first!"
"Fine enter at will," Arkonight bellowed.
The doors to the castle opened, warningly.
"Becareful everyone, we don't know what powers they have, or where they took mercury," Sailor Moon warned. Where could her friend be?
They all cautiously crept inside, evil could be lurking in any corner, they needed to be very alert.
"Venus what the...." A giant axe now lay in ruins as a result of the attack. It had just about swiped the scouts in two!
"Very good Venus... you're my next target!" they heard Arkonight's voice echo throughout the walls of the casle, but couldn't locate it.
Slowly the Scouts kept going. They heard a giant thump...another...another. A figure appeared, a giant, at least twenty foot tall Demon!
"Aim for the shoulder!" Bubbles shouted
The monster was destroyed. that was easy enough, they all thought, but they must've thought too soon.
In the next corridor fire strands errupted from tiny holes, inside the entire hall. It would be impossible to get to the room on the other side! Without Mercury's water to extinguish the flames the scouts would be doomed!
They heard a tiny voice shout, and water wooshed through the hall. But Bubbles was very week, so it only knocked ou the flames for a short while, and the hole where starting to erupt quickly.
The Scouts had to run through now, or never again. As a team they sped down the hall. Sailor Moon tripped and was almost devoured by the flames, but Tuxedo Mask grabbed her, and she was safe. Sailor Uranus however, was not so lucky, last in line, she didn't make it to the room. The scouts saw the silver liquid that had devoured Mercury spread like a wall across the passage, cutting it in two. Uranus had been trapped on the other side.
Next was a white stale room, and as soon as they entered the doors disappeared from the it.
This time the attack was aimed at Arkonight, but it missed. Arkonight took Venus and removed her heart crystal.
"This is not the talisman!" he screamed, and threw the crystal to the ground.
"No!" the silver circle appeared and now Venus was gone too.
Dark Star grabbed Bubble's shoulder,
"You must be protected," she said. Just like her dream, Bubbles was to remain safe from the negaforce.
Mars arrow stabbed Arkonight, but didn't kill him.
"AAARRRGGG!" he yelled, "you're next!" A lightning ball surrounded Mars, removed her heart crystal, and flew it to Arkonight.
"This is not the talisman either," he screamed and flung it after Mars as they both disappeared.
The Sailors were growing grim. Four companions were lost to Arkonight's evil.
A door appeared and they stepped through it. Windows were in rows all around the room. The blood red skies were visible through their arcs. This was the Scouts last obstacle.
The room had an evil stench, consuming it.
Arkonight apparated in the middle of the room.
Dark Star's attack slammed Arkonight against the wall, fifty ft. away.
"You are strong," he said, reappearing infront of her.
Dark star yelled, but Arkonight disappeard, then, surprising her from the back he stole her crystal. Again it was no the talisman. There was someting odd about this heart, but Arkonight tossed it aside.
But Arkonight was able to steal Jupiter's crystal too. Again, it was not the 'Pure Cure Crystal!' Now there were only three left. Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Mask, and Sailor Bubbles.
This is going very well, Arkonight thought. He flung nega-energy at Sailor Moon.
Sailor Moon used a counter-attack and the two forces battled. The nega-energy began to over come the good. Sailor Moon's attack was not strong enough! Blackness engulfed her and she fell silently to the ground.
"NOOOO!" Tuxedo Mask cried. He gathered her in his arms before the circle appeared, tears were streaming down his face.
"Usagi come back!" he sobbed.
"Your beloved Princess is dead once again!" Arkonight laughed. Tuxedo Mask looked down at Sailor Moon and knew what he must do. He set her down and lay beside her, suddenly Sailor Moon sat up straight! Tuxedo Mask had laid down his life for her! When she saw this she stood up and scowled at Arkonight.
"You will pay for this!" she screamed. But Arkonight got his attack out first, and sent nega-energy at Sailor Moon. It was all to clear that she wasn't going to be able to counter attack in time. All Bubbles could do was stand by and watch, she knew she was too weak to do any good.
Why did it have to end like this?


A glowing beam blocked Arkonight's attack. The attack had come from a window. Sailor Moon and Sailor Bubbles looked toward the window and saw the sillhoute of another Scout. But who could it be? All of the others had been killed!
They couldn't worry about this now. The mystery attack had given Sailor Moon a chance.
Sailor Moon turned into Princess Serena. Negaforce came from Arkonight, but he was weak, and Serena's Crystal was strong. She overpowered him, but was very weak and dropped to the floor.
"He was not strong enough anyhow," a deep, voice rumbled.
A tall, darkened, cloaked figure appeared.
"My power is at it's peak!" it said.
The evil attacked Sailor Moon, but even with the help of the Silver Imperium Crystal, Sailor Moon was defeated instantly.
The creature removed her heart crystal.
"This is different than the others, so pure...."it said. Bubbles swore she could recognize the voice, so many times, it had tought her so many lessons, but that couldn't be. She would never take lessons from evil.
It turned to Bubbles.
"Just surrender your heart crystal now, there is no use fighting me," it said proudly.
Sailor Bubbles stared down at her hands, hand that had let all of her friends have their lives stolen away from then, in trying to protect hers. She wasn't going to let them die in vain. She straightened up.
"I am Sailor Bubbles, defender of love and justice," a look of determination upon her face, "you have taken away the people that mean the most to me, in the name of the Blue Heart Galaxy, I will not forgive you.... you're goin' down!"
At the realization, of the goodness her friends had showed her she could feel her strength returning and anger rising.
"You are not strong enough to defeat me!" the creature was apparantly aggitated.
"Today I am!"
the creature shot magnificant beams of nega-energy at Bubbles. She jumped out of the way.
It hit the creature, but bounced off.
"DOOM GLOOM!" the creature shouted.
Darkness overcame Sailor Bubbles and when it cleared she was kneeling on the ground, cut, bruised, and just barely hanging on to life.
"Are we finnished yet?"
"N-n-not q-q-quite!" Bubbles answered.
Bubbles folded her hand in a prayer, then spun around and was holding a flaming heart in her hands, her heart! She threw the heart at the creature, and a brilliant light filled the room. The light shown through the windows and cracks of the ancient building, and the castle exploded.
Bubbles found herself floating in whiteness. A bright object was inching toward her, a locket, it was the Blue Heart locket from her dream! Bubbles knew that this must be the 'Pure Cure Talisman'
Sailor Bubbles grabbed it from the air. She opened it, and played it's soothing melody. Her friends appeard all around her, lying on the white floor, motionless. Bubbles felt the tears well up in her eyes. They had all given their lives for her... it was too much.
She broke down into a sob.
"Rotaro don't cry," she heard a soft voice say. Sailor Bubbles looked up to see Queen Serenity!
"Is this another dream?" Bubbles asked.
"No, it is not," the Queen replied.
"Am- am I dead?"
"Far from it, and your friends are not either. Because of your bravery they will live, their heart crystals will be returned." Bubbles looked overjoyed.
"But I am her for another reason, to explain your dreams." Bubbles eyes widened, this means that her dreams had been real!
"The recent occurances triggered you memory. Now I will tell you of your past, only a fraction of it mind you, for more things are to come, and they will reveal everything," Serenity lead Bubbles to the past.
"In the time of the Silver Millenium, your home was the Blue Heart Galaxy. The negaforce attacked your home, but you were not yet trained as a scout to protect the Galaxy. Your father was killed in battle, and your family was forced to retreat to the moon. It was now known to the negaforce, you were a 'healer' as Sailor Saturn is, and they wanted your power. It was thought you and your family would be safe on the Moon, but the nega-force attacked our kingdom too. I banished them back to where they had come from, and with the last of my power I sent you all to Earth to be re-born. When I had to do this, you were still alive and were killed so you could be re-born. Please forgive me, dear child."
Bubble was speechless. Serenity had given everything for her kingdom. Why would she ask forgiveness?
"I'm afraid this is all I can tell you, and I must leave you now, Rotaru," the Queen said.
The whiteness disappeared and Bubbles was left sitting on the ground behind the arcade, her friends sprawled around her. Each, slowly began to awaken.
"Bubbles w-what happened?" Sailor Moon asked. The locket dropped right in front of Bubbles.
"That's the talisman isn't it! You were the 'Pure Cure" carrier!" Dark star exclaimed.
Sailor Bubbles picked up the locket and put it around her neck. It made her whole body glow, and she slowly rose to her feet. The locket began to play, and Bubbles fell over, exhausted. It had been a long day!

That's the end of the story! Hope you enjoyed it!



The song playing is " Truly, Madly, Deeply"