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This is the Fan Fiction page. Sorry, but right now I only have my very own fan fiction, so i'd really appreciate it if you would donate some of your fan fiction to this page! Once I get enough fan fictions, I'll get a different look for this page. Thanx! ^_^

e-mail me any of your fan fics to

So far, all the fan fiction that I wrote involves the Sailor Team getting a new Scout. You kinda have to read them in order. When I started writting the fan fic. i started like the scouts already had two new scouts, so two of the stories are just about them, so you can get to know them. You can click on their stories individually. Another one, is kinda one LONG story involving a lot of new Scouts and a main plot. I broke it up into chapters, and in each chapter, they discover a new scout. I'm not entirely finished with that story, but that's what builds the suspense. Happy reading! ^_^


Sailor Bubbles

Dark Star

 The Blue heart saga