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Welcome to Baldo Villegas' Bugs and Roses Home Page. The reason for the name is because of my interests and expertise in entomology (bugs) and in roses. Consequently, I plan for this website to be the most complete resource for pest, diseases, weeds, and problems encountered in growing roses. If you expect to see beautiful roses here, forget it. You better go to Fantasyland or to another website. Every rose illustrated in this website will have a problem. In some cases there is no solution but in most cases I will try to come up with the culprit that could have caused the problem and hopefully help you avoid the problem in the future. Please look around and see if you can diagnose your rose problems with the help of this website. If you don't find what you are looking for, please send me a message at and I most likely have that information tucked away somewhere in my files.
Pests and Diseases of the Rose Garden This is the master page page of all rose pests and diseases in this website. It has been organized by damage site or where the pest/disease is likely to be found on the roses. The website is designed for browsing or for slow computers that cannot handle many pictures downloading at one time.
Insects, Mites, Mollusks and Animal Pests of the Rose Garden This page is devoted for insects, mites, mollusks and other animal pests of the rose garden.
Rose Diseases or Disease-like Problems
This page is my plant pathology page. It includes both rose diseases caused by disease organisms and disease-like problems caused by pesticides, nutritional elements, and environmental factors.
Abiotic Disorders in Roses This page is devoted to disease-like or insect-like problems that I have seen in many rose gardens that I have visited.
Weeds of Baldo's Garden This is the lattest addition to the Baldo's Buggy Pages. This page is designed to identify the most common weeds encountered in a typical rose garden in northern California.
Hawaiian Bugs & Diseases This page is devoted to insects and diseases seen while visiting my rosarian friends in Hawaii.
The Good Guys This page is devoted to the beneficial organisms or the good guys/ladies of the rose garden.
Help! Rose IPM This page is devoted to resources in Integrated Pest Management. There will be lots of information on IPM resources and tips for dealing with rose pests. If you have a pest (besides your spouse, boyfriend/girlfriend, etc) this page give you some suggestions on how to identify it or have experts identify it for you. Remember that correct identification is the key to control practices.
Links to Horticultural Sites A listing of Baldo's favorite web sites on roses, horticulture, gardening, entomology, IPM, agriculture, rose societies, etc.

If you have any questions or constructive comments, I would love to hear from you, please send e-mail to Baldo Villegas

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