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If you are an artist in any media and would like to have your art considered for viewing
on this page, please E Mail and include digital images in JPEG format no larger than 600 pixels

We invite you to view the artist's work shown below.
For purchase information on any of these Fine Art Pieces,
please follow the link provided.

In Harm's Way
By Rosemary Claus-Gray
Size: 33" Horizontal x 23" Vertical.

Artist's Statement
The quilt was difficult to make due to the powerful emotions within me in my reaction to the terrorists attacks. These feelings roiled and changed in the weeks and months following September 11, 2001.  It was difficult to find a focus to the thoughts I was experiencing. I kept returning to the innocent victims, and their families. I kept thinking of how profoundly they were affected by these cruel acts, and how innocent they were, how unaware they were In Harm's Way. Creating this quilt was a healing process for me.
We are proud to present our Featured Artist
Rosemary Claus-Gray

The availability of these pieces is dependent upon Upcoming Exhibit Commitments!
I used many different fabrics in this piece. Some are hand dyed or
discharged.  Some are sheer. There is a 3-D quality about the piece, as some
of the sheer silk stands out from the flatter surface. The quilting
reflects the shock and violence in the environment. The reverse of this
quilt is dramatic. I chose a strongly colored hand-dyed fabric to continue the theme of darkness and violence on the back. This quilt took several weeks to create, and has been included in a special exhibit, America: From the Heart, at the International Quilt Festival in Houston, Texas, in November of 2001.  It will be included in a book about this exhibit by C&T publishers.  Publication date will be in the spring of 2002.

Price $1,000
Cone Flower, Queen of the Prairie
By Rosemary Claus-Gray
Size:  25 1/2" Horizontal By 31" Vertical.
Artist's Statement

The inspiration for this quilt came from my husband, who loves the prairie.  I made a photo of a purple cone flower, then sketched it. The sketch became the design for this quilt. When I see something in nature that is as exquisitely beautiful as a cone flower, I know, that all is right with God.

The quilt uses hundreds of different fabrics, and has embroidery on the
blades of grass, petals, and cone head. It is extensively quilted, creating
a line drawing of the cone flower on the reverse of the quilt. I tried to
capture the flowing quality of the petals as they twist in the breeze.
This quilt was featured on the cover of the Missouri Prairie Journal
in the summer of 2001.
This piece has exhibited in quilt shows, galleries, and a cultural arts center.

Price $1800
Organic Shapes II
By Rosemary Claus-Gray
Size is 15 3/4" Horizontal x 13" Vertical.
Artist's Statement

Organic Shapes II is one of several pieces exploring abstract design. This
one is created from hand marbled silk in the various colors of beige; from
pinky beige to very light tan. It is stitched with a variety of threads,
and pieced, creating abstract shapes that are intriguing.  This piece has been archivally framed, with a custom double matt and frame that enhances the composition and color of the piece. This piece has a serene feeling to it, and is very easy to be around.
The other pieces in this series vary in color, the particular abstract
design, and how they are framed.  Pictures are available.

Hakiu 1, Happiness Bag
By Rosemary Claus-Gray
Size: 14" High x 10" Wide

Artist's Statement

This tote bag, with several small abstract compositions that incorporate a
variety of fabrics and textures, is a visual Haiku. Color, fabric and
composition relate to one another as in a simple, elegant poem. The minimal
design is enhanced by sashiko style quilting. The total composition creates
a pleasurable response in the artist; thus the title, "Happiness Bag".
This quilted bag is part of the artist's
 Haiku series of small, abstract compositions.

Recently juried at the International Quilt Festival in
Tokyo, Japan,  Japan Grand Prix.

Price: $300

By Rosemary Claus-Gray
Size: 19" Horizontal x 20" Vertical

Artist's Statement

Yearning represents all those interruptions one has when trying to do something that you enjoy. While interrupted, one's yearning to complete the project is achieved by continuing to take it up again, and again, and

The beaded trails show continuity from one moment to another.  This piece uses sheer polyester fabric, shibori dyed cotton fabric, beads and quilting to maintain the surface design. The reverse side has similar design, and is also beaded. This piece is best seen when backlit, and when one can see all sides of it.

Price: $600
By Rosemary Claus-Gray
Framed wall hanging approximately 9" Horizontal  By 21" Vertical.
Artist's Statement

This group of abstract compositions, which incorporate a variety of
fabrics and textures, is a visual Haiku.  Color, fabric and composition
relate to one another as in a simple, elegant poem. The minimal design is
enhanced by sashiko style quilting.  The background fabric is antique kimono fabric, over-dyed to deepen the tones. The composition is custom framed and matted with a sueded matt, using archival materials.  It has no glass
covering in order to preserve the tactile quality of the quilted fiber compositions.  There are other pieces in the Haiku series, with photos available.

Price $400

Rosemary welcomes questions about her art work.
For purchase Information or to send an E Mail to the artist
19" x 27" Pastel on velour paper
Title: "Hostas"

Artist: Cindy Schave
$1200.00 matted & framed

Title: Hope
Artist: Barbara Peery
14"  x  18"
Canvas Board

Title: Iris in the Mist
Artist: Barbara Peery
16" x 20"
Stretch Canvas

       Gourd Art
               Wolfs Robe

Drums Flutes

Wolf's Robe is a contemporary Native/Eastern artist

 He creates fine quality craftsmanship Gourd Art, Native Drums and Flutes.  

Wolf also performs live flute and native concerts.  Visit his web site for dates and information

When your in St. Genevieve, Missouri stop by and visit with
Wolf and his lovely wife Georgia.
Or order your piece by contacting
by phone @ 573 883-1053  You will be glad you did.

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