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Welcome to our Bakeware page
This pieces on this page are all made of stoneware.  Stoneware is durable and an excellent surface for baking.  All of these pieces are hand thrown individually and wood fired.  Each piece is hand signed, dated and numbered.  All of our functional pottery is oven proof, microwave and dishwasher safe.

Note of caution:
Never place a hot piece on to a cold surface or visa versa.
Never place a cold piece directly into the oven or microwave, please allow time to warm to room temperature.  
 Cobbler Crock

Be sure to try my favorite

I have baked many cobblers in my crock and can personally say, it bakes wonderfully.   This one is glazed with Ken's own cobalt design and has a crackly clear overglaze.

8 1/2 " Wide by 3 " Deep

Quantity Available: 1
Price  $30.00

This crock has the same nice feel and natural beauty.  It is glazed with temmoku and drizzled with lung chung.  It has a Matt finish on the inside.  Same size as above
8 1/2" Wide by 3 " Deep

These pots can double as a casserole or baking dish, lightweight, nice server

Quantity Available: 1

Price  $30.00 (Sold)
Ken's Fluted  pie plates are one of our customer's favorites

Ken usually throws about 5 plates in each firing.  Normally he will produce approximately 40 pie plates annually.

This style has a hand painted cobalt design with cobalt trim and overglazed with crackly clear

Approximate size 8 - 9 inch
Deep dish

Bakes beautiful crusts !

Quantity Available: Sold
Price 25.00 each
 Quiche Dish!

Smaller version of the fluted plates.  This piece was especially designed for smaller dishes.  Ideal for quiche, casseroles, Cornish hens.  Looks beautiful on the table.  Stoneware clay chills nicely.  

This piece has a hand painted cobalt design, cobalt trimmed rim, crackly clear overglaze and was wood fired.  Signed, dated and numbered.

Dimensions: 7 " by 2"

Quantity Available: 2

Price: 20.00
Even smaller,  Individual tart plates!

Great for individual dishes, pies, cheesecakes, tarts, small casseroles.

As with any of the pieces in Ken's collection, this piece is ideal for serving and accents any decor when used for decorating.  This plate can also double as a soap dish.

It too was hand painted with cobalt and overglazed with crackly clear.  

Hand signed, dated and numbered

Dimensions:  5 1/2 " by 1 1/2 "

Quantity available: 4
Price: 10.00
Ken's lidded cheesecake casseroles are excellent for preparing, chilling and serving beautiful cheesecakes.  Stoneware clay chills very evenly and serves nicely.  The lid was thrown to help ensure freshness.  These pots can also double as a casserole dish.
Hand painted, another of Ken's limited Serenity Series pieces, this is a one of a kind.  

This pot has a Matt finish on the inside and the entire pot was overglazed with clear.   Fired with wood to cone 9.

Perfect cheesecake size: 8 " by 2"
Hand signed on the front and bottom, dated and numbered.

Quantity Available: 1

Price: $40.00

This is a double lidded casserole.  Ken will only throw about 12 of these a year.  They are wonderful stoneware pieces to add to your Bakeware collection.  This piece was designed for multi purpose use.  Bakes a medium to large size chicken, bake in both ends.  Bakes pies and cobblers too.

Dimensions: As a single piece:   8 1/2 " wide by 5" tall
  Single casserole sizes:      8 " by 2 " and  8 1/2 " by 3"

Very nice lightweight and easy to handle.  Hand formed handles.   Glazed with Matt on the inside and rich temmoku.  Wood fired.  Signed, dated and numbered.  

Only one available:
Price: $55.00 (Sold)
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