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Table of Contents

  1. What is BenfordWiz?
  2. Who should use BenfordWiz?
  3. Why we have developed such a software?
  4. What does it perform in general?
  5. Other sites involved in Benfords Law?
  6. What kind of files are used in the software ?
  7. Requirements

What is benfordWiz ?

    BenfordWiz is a software that produces Benford numbers which obey "Benford's Law". There are some softwares in the market which analyzes the number sets from this point of view. Now this is the "counter-software" that Produces those data sets, so the companies which are involved in producing such "Digital Analysis tests" should be warned that their softwares may be outwitted. Although it is a "Benford set" producing software, it can also analyze the sets it has produced OR analyze some other kind of natural data taken from outside sources. It can also produce Hex or Octal number data and analyze them. 

The software works upon the laws of probability and  two consecutive sets obtained with exactly the same parameters, never give identical  Benford sets. There are duplications generated just like any other natural data. 

You cannot be able to differentiate between "the real datas taken from a company" and "the generated datas by Benfordwiz" . 

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Who should use benfordWiz?

    Mathematicians,   Accountants,   Analysts,   Shop keepers,   Executives,   Managers,   Economy professors,   Producers of data analyzing software,   IRS  of  USA,   CIA and  FBI  of  USA.

Warning !

In the future, some people may utilize this software for tax evasing or fraudster which we did not intended while developing this program. The security units for such a case should be ready to develop new techniques to detect the misuse of this software. We advice strongly to use this software to develop counter measures to the foundations who rely upon such digital data analysis.

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Why have we developed such a software?

    There are some data "analyzing" software, so why  there shouldn't be any data "producing" software, It is the dialectical attitude of the philosophical ideas or opinions, that when a certain fact or idea is thrown in a scientific community, there will always be some contra ideas or facts to that system.  

    It is just like producing tank armors; When a new armor is developed, There will always be somebody who will produce new antitank rockets which will pierce these armors, and this race continues on to the point that some equilibrium is reached at last (the tanks can't carry the weight of the armors anymore).

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What does it perform in general?

It makes;

A-  Custom distributed sets

B-  Normal distributed sets

C-  Generate Hex numbers

D-  Generate Octal numbers

E-  Make analysis without writing to a file

F-  Generate numbers and write it to a file

G-  Count digits

H-  Draw charts

I-    Make analysis on outside data

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Other sites involved in Benford's Law?


Benford's Law - The audit technology is now known as Digital Analysis (DA). It tests for abnormalities in the digit patterns and abnormal number duplication in corporate data.


Benford's Law and Zipf's Law. - With the view to the eerie but uniform distribution of digits of randomly selected numbers, it comes as a great surprise that, if the numbers under investigation are not entirely random but somehow socially or naturally related, the distribution of the first digit is not uniform.


Digital Analysis Tests and Statistics - Richard B. Lanza's site: Includes ACL, Digital Analysis, Benford's Law, DATAS, DATAS for ACL, DATAS for IDEA, DATAS for Excel, and more


Following Benford's Law, or Looking Out for No. - Dr.Theodore P. Hill asks his mathematics students at the Georgia Institute of Technology to go home and either flip a coin 200 times and record the results, or merely pretend to flip a coin and fake 200 results.


Geometrical interpretation and generation of Benford Sets - A new approach to Benford 's Law. At last , there is a (published method of generation , for Benford Sets).


Generalized  law of  first digit distributions - A recently found law which states that; Data sets; generated by mathematical functions,  have a unique first digit distribution

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What kind of files are used in the software?

There are five kinds of files (file extensions) used ;


1- Bmp files are used for saving of chart files.

2- Txt  files are used for  information such as digital analysis..


3- Dec files are used for exporting and importing   Benford sets of decimal    numbers

4- Hex files are used for exporting and importing   Benford sets of hex numbers.

5- Oct  files are used for exporting and importing   Benford sets of octal  numbers.


The dec, oct and hex numbers are new in computer literature. They are file types which are only used in BenfordWiz, may be imported to excel data sheets without any conversion,  may also be converted to txt or dat  type of files while they are kept in Windows explorer.

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Memory 32 Mb
Disk Space 4 Mb
Operating System Win95, Win98, Win2000 NT(server)


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