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Free download

Theory and algorithm by M. Oktay Haracci

Software by G. Bahar Haracci

Free Download BenfordWiz; (No Charge)


    site1         From WinSite

    site2         From Simtel


    (Takes approximately 25 minutes with a 28.8 Modem)

    To install: After Downloading and clicking "benford.exe" The program will be automatically  installed  on  your  hard  disk  by asking some few questions,  it will also cast an icon on your active desktop, please don't delete this icon, you may execute the main program by clicking on this icon on active desktop.

    To uninstall: Uninstall may be performed from "Add/Remove Programs" found in control panel. This operation will be done automatically after asking some few questions. The program directory will also be removed.

    After setup: Please investigate the "help files" provided within the program subdirectory OR click to online help files  and  try to pass over the tutorial sections. Before executing the main program please read "Read Me 1st.txt" in the BenfordWiz directory.

    Any software: (including the most famous and tried ones) may contain some bugs, Please report any detected software bug to;  You may also obtain some additional information from this address.

  Thank you for Free downloading of  Benfordwiz  software.