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News 2
Rula's Latest CD "Positivity" to be released
Positivity “Positivity is what we want, positvity is wha we haffi get, positivity is what we need oh lord, my sweet lord”……. The lyrics and title of this amazingly wicked CD from the versatile RULA BROWN of BEE CAT RECORDS is a must for your music collection. The 18 cuts are a variety of some smooth lovers rock, strong message, crucial Studio One riddims and even a Curtis Mayfield classic, “I Wanna Talk About My Baby”, the legendary all time hits “The World Is A Ghetto” and “DECK Of Cards”. Two great duets with the popular JACK RADICS , “Keep In Touch” and the talented FELICIA singing a Winans hit “Love Has No Color”. Not to forget a wicked Bob Marleys “Rock My Boat” riddim singing “Got To Give Her Love”. Rula’s cover version of the smash hit from Savage Garden “I Knew I Love You” is a gem. Overall, a well rounded CD comes after five (5) previously well produced CDs by this talented artist. The product was put together after RulaBrown got involved with the GRANNY-Icy Academic Scholarship, which he founded and sponsored for high school students in eastern Kingston, JAMAICA who want to go on to college for higher learning in Jamaica or abroad.
 So far Rula Brown has donated over JA $525,000.00 in scholarships, computer equipment, SAT practice books & Spelling Bee competition prize money since September 1999. All the sales proceed from this CD will be donated to the GRANNY-Icy ACADEMIC Scholarship for high school students in Jamaica who would like to go to College. Remember, love conquers all… This CD is dedicated to my mother Ms. Icilda Malcolm who died September 13, 1999 and my grandmother Ms. Adeline Smith who died February 16, 1994. Artist : Rula Brown CD Title : Positivity Recording Label : Bee Cat Records Tele: 732-972-8148 & Fax : 732-972-0543 Email : Web site:
Positivity Rula Brown 1. Give A Helping Hand 3:15 2. Brandy 3:10 3. If I Give My Heart To Your 3:55 4. I Knew I Loved You Before I Met You 4:01 5. Keep In Touch 3:55 (Duet Jack Radics) 6. Merry Go Round 3:32 7. Positivity 3:20 8. Deeply Concerned 3:50 9. Stop Giving Away Your Life 3:48 (Duet Victor Ranking) 10. You Are So Lovely 3:19 11. Talking About My Baby 3:40 12. Ain’t Nobody 3:19 13. Deck Of Cards 4:32 14. Love Has No Colour 4:42 (Duet Felicia) 15. The World Is A Ghetto 4:15 16. Got To Give Her Love 3:45 17. There’s Nothing Better Than Love 3:45 18. Faith 3:25 All Tracks Arranged & Produced by Rula Brown for Bee Cat Records. Tracks 4, 7 & 11 Arranged by Raphael. Musicians : Firehouse Crew, Raphael, Lamar Mitchell , Beeperman & Lew Chang Background Vocals : Rapahel, Rula Brown, Felicia, Kim Miller, Cheryl McDonald, Laurel Brown Recording & Mixing Studios : HCF Recording, Shore Fire Recording, Mixing Lab, Music Palace, Penthouse & Music Works Recording & Mix Engineers : Philip Smart, Snakie, Tootie Wayne, Michael McDonald, Joey Demaio, Mike Buono, Bobby Konders, Dave Kelly Track # 5 Duet with JACK RADICS, Track # 14 Duet with Felicia, Track # 15 feat. RAPHAEL, Track # 8 kids’ voice Kayla Dunn Mastered & Edited At VP Records by Paul Shields CD Cover concepts and Photography by John Smith A BEE CAT RECORD PRODUCTION 732-972-8148 (Tel)/ 732-972-0543 (fax)