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News 3
Urgent plea to help needy kids in Jamaica further their Education

The new CD "Positivy" by Rula Brown is now available on sale to all
members. The cost of the CD is $10.00. The CD has 18 new tunes. All the
sales goes towards the GRANNY-Icy Academic Scholarship for high
school students in Kingston, Jamaica who plan to attend college in
Jamaica or abroad.

I just returned from Jamaica 8/17/00 where I gave out JA $110,000.00 in
3 new scholarships. A total of 4 scholarships was awarded. Since 9/99 I
have awarded JA $821,000.00 (~ US $20,500.00) in scholarships,
computers, spelling bee prize moneys, certificates, printers, SAT books,
build computer room at a church in JA. 85% of these funds are out of my

A new program I started while I was there is "Adopt A Student Program"
for students 10-13 years old who just passed their common entrance and
their parent cannot afford to pay their high school tuition, which runs
anywhere from JA $15,000.00-20,000.00/yr. I adopted 1 student, her name
is Kijana McIntyre (11) who just passed her common entrance to St. Hugh's
High School. I donated JA $ 12,000.00 (US300.00). I am still looking
for volunteers if anyone is interested. Please contact me at
732-949-7085 (w) or 732-972-8148 (h). You can also post a message on my message board or E-mail me at
 for more info. I will be posting some
photos of some of the kids using the computers that I sent and Kijana
on a radio interview with BABA TUNDE.

Please Note:
If any organization is looking to discard unused computers I could
use them in Jamaica at the various community centers or churches
for some of the kids that are going to college in JA or abroad. One
of the scholarship I gave while in Jamaica is to Hensley Marsch who
is doing Medicine at UWI and is tuition is JA $300,000.00/yr. I was
only able to give him JA $50,000.00 in scholarship.

1 US $ = 42 JA $

One Love
Rula Brown