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Remember With Me

The small plane's engine purrs
with the same contentment I feel
as it slowly descends to the town
I remember so well.

Looks different, more modern,
a lot of steel glistening in the sun.
But, hey, there’s the seashore,
that never changes.
Oh, the memories are starting to flow,
tugging at my heart.


Growing up at the shore in the late 50’s.
Yes, the music still sings in my mind,
in my heart.

Fifties Music

Anyone who visited the shore,
you know what that is.
The positive message, good dancing music.
We still listen to it.
Walking down the boardwalk,

There it is,
the majestic Warner Theatre - abandoned now,
but I worked there as an usher.


I smile as I remember the bow tie,
the scarlet uniform.
But I saw some great shows.
And the people, lined up
waiting for the doors to open,
beautiful gowns for the ladies
and tuxes for the men,

Slowly I walk on,
there’s the White House Sub Shop.
Oh the cheese steaks and chips.
Big, juicy, and $1.49 if we had it;
if we didn't, then we could bus tables
for an hour to pay for it.

Ah! but there is Bayshores, it’s still here.
I rush right up, heart beating faster
and walk in the door.

There are new tables,
not the ones we sat at so many nights.
New booths, but somehow,

I can still feel the atmosphere
of "the old days".
Sitting down at the bar,
I order a Rolling Rock,
and it still tastes
just as good.




I stick a quarter
in the jukebox,
And I couldn’t
count the times
I danced to
Up on the Roof.

I look at the man
in the mirror.
No, not as much hair,
and to be very honest,

maybe I have put on a few pounds,
but inside I am still the same.
Wiser, not as full of dreams, but the same.
I've worked, raised a family,
and know I have done the best
I could do with my life.
So I finish my beer,
throw money on the bar
and go back to my car.

A convertible at the shore,
the salt air breeze in your face.
Blueberry Hill
playing on the radio.
I slowly drive to the beach,
seeing things changed along the way,
yet many things still the same,
the buildings still there,
older and some even abandoned.

I park, begin to walk,
Savoring the sounds,
The smell, and the gentle
breeze as it cools my skin.
Smile, as I remember
the hot summer days gone by.

Running in the sand, laying in the warm sun,
letting its rays turn my skin
a deep golden bronze,
listening to Little Darlin'.

And I can almost feel the pain of the "sunburn"
when I dozed off and laid too long,
because the sound of the surf
or the music lulled me to sleep.

And I smile,
as I remember the girl
I met here on the beach.
Long brunette hair, big blue eyes,
a smile full of promise.

We played here, ran through the sand,
bathed in the surf,
then when we got too hot and tired,
walked up to Bayshores and shared a beer
and listened to the music and danced.
I thought she was perfect in every way.
I was afraid to ask her on a real date,
afraid she would say no
and spoil the fun we had as friends.

But I still, at times like this,
wonder what would have happened.
Would she have said yes?
Maybe we would have had a "summer" fling.
Or would she have said no,
and walked away?

Memories fade it's true.
But always here,
Rock 'n Roll Is Here to Stay

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