Bat'leth Wielding Furby's Voyager    Worshipping Chapel!
Welcome to the Voyager Worshipping Chapel, I am the Grand High Priest Bat'leth Wielding Furby.
On this site will be my all knowledge (baring that in mind, don't expect it to be that big), mainly that of the most wondrous programme,
Anything could appear on this site. Mainly it will appear if I find it funny! (I take no responsibility for my sense of humour!)

24/10/04 - Was bored, made a new banner. On links page. Will think of something new to do with site soon...*thinks*
21/10/04 - Me again, the one of the occasional update. No more content (what do you mean "No surprise there then?") but an ikkle wikkle button thing I made in photoshop for my shiny new Deviant Art account. Nab it if you want to link to me. It is considerably smaller than all the others...yes I will get around to re-doing those. At some point. Yes. ^_^
10/09/04 - Hoorah, an update! Ever wondered who I am? What do you mean no! I've added an "about this furby" page, just for fun! Mostly my fun ;) Click on the furby graphic on this page to go to it.
15/08/04 - Two things for you today. Firstly, I have discovered photoshop O_O It is SOOO cool! I can't believe I haven't used it before now (well, I tried, but went AAAAARRRGH, wtf?!?!) Now, I have decided to learn it properly, due to my internet friends being so good I look really bad! So, on the links page is my 1st proper effort with a banner. I'm actually rather proud of it ;) Now graphics should pop up over the site as I practice s'more ^_^
And the 2nd thing, sadly I didn't win or come runner up in the PPP fanfic competition, but as all the entries were great, I don't feel too bad. My stories can now be found on my fanfic page.
Also, random thought. Apparently, it is impossible to lick your elbow. Try it...;)
07/08/04 - At long, long last, the winners of my Fanfic Competition are up!! Thank you for all your votes. It was a very close competition! ^_^
26/07/04 - At long last it is reading/voting time for my shore leave competition (and you all thought i had forgotten ;) Check out the competition page to read the entries and vote for your favourite.
23/07/04 - Added a flashing, button, banner thingy ^_^
22/07/04 - Spent a large part of my day at work creating banners for this site! Amazing how much you can get away with if your back is to a wall MUHAAHAHAHAA! They are at the top of the links page. Any feedback as to which is liked best is very welcome ^_^
19/07/04 - Got a blog! Everyone seems to have one at the i gave in. I have no clue how really to work it as yet and the format is still yucky, but i give you....My Blog!
15/07/04 - 4.52pm, England, still - OK, i never left the airport!!! OMG, i couldn't get a flight! So, I have had a week off at home instead. With any luck, we will get to Antigua in October. Woohoo, get to go back to work a week early! *groan* Oh my haste to update at...<_<... O_O, 5.40am!! Wow, that time exists?!, i messed up the button links, so have fixed them now. Also, the PPP Comp entries are actually up now, despite me saying they were ages ago! I have an entry in two of the categories. So go vote! Also, i have been awarded Sticky Site of the Month!!! How cool is that! Thanks Internet Bumper Stickers!
09/07/04 - 5.40am, England - Off to Antigua today for 2 weeks ^_^ Keep sending those fanfics in for the competition, but you won't get a reply from me for 2 week. Also, added a new button for the Lesley & Anton All Stars ^_^ See you when I get back!!
20/06/04 - Also, I have given the Captain Proton page a face lift! Added a few pics there and re-jiggled the gallery. Enjoy.
20/06/04 - Greetings. I am shortly off on holiday (HOORAY!) so I am planning to open up the competition for entries again to coincide. Check the new dates on the competition page! Also, added a couple of new quizzes, and I have been given another award ^_^ This site, according to The Bridge, is nice and average! They also said my Furby was amusing...I'm glad I occsionally amuse someone other than myself ^_^
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This is the USS.Voyager. The crew of Voyager were stranded in the Delta quadrant by an entity known as the caretaker. Commanded by Captain Kathryn Janeway, their primary mission is to get home.

Of course, this doesn't stop them investigating a bit on the way!      


To clarify some legal thingamibobs about this site: Paramount are the owners of all the Voyager stuff. You can tell that it's not mine because of the many spelling mistakes that are undoubtedly scattered all over the site. I own the stuff from my brain, however, even if you look very hard, you'll probably not find much of that!!!! Most of the pics weren't mine in the first place, so if I pinched them it would be dumb for me to tell you not to. Steal what you like! The pics were taken from various sites, hopefully none are copyrighted! If any are I'm very sorry and I didn't mean it, and don't sue me because I have no money anyway!
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