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Tim at home in Stanley Mission

The rugged terrain of Northern Canada's Pre-Cambrian Shield and the wildlife that exists in its beautiful surroundings are what inspires Tim Tkach to create such unique works of art.   Tim gets his inspiration from the north as a result of living there for twenty years.  Tim lives and works from his home in Stanley Mission, Saskatchewan.  His house and studio are nestled snugly on the banks of the mighty Churchill River.

Tim's love of the creative process and awareness of the unspoiled beauty around him have helped Tim develop his own unique style of drawing, carving and scrimshanding.  Tim works in various mediums and often incorporates many of them into the creation of one piece.

Tim's works of art are very detailed and refined yet they retain a certain rustic quality.  It is these qualities that make Tim's works of art much sought after by collectors in Canada and the U.S. as well as western Europe.


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See Miscellaneous Artwork for Tim's new28.gif (1055 bytes) painting,

"Northern Nights"


Here are some pictures of Tim's past work,
and some photos of the area around his home.


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