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Trees and the Celts

The ancient Celts used to give their newborn babies the sign of a tree. 

What’s your tree, and are you like it ? 

Find out below….

Dec 23 to Jan 01 Apples

Jan 02 to Jan 11 Fir

Jan 12 to Jan 24 Elm

Jan 25 to Feb 03 Cypress

Feb 04 to Feb 08 Poplar

Feb 09 to Feb 18 Cedar

Feb 19 to Feb 28 Pine

Mar 01 to Mar 10 Willow

Mar 11 to Mar 20 Limes

Mar 21 Oak

Mar 22 to Mar 31Hazelnut

Apr 01 to Apr 10 Rowan

Apr 11 to Apr 20 Maple

Apr 21 to Apr 30 Walnut

May 01 to May 14 Poplar

May 15 to May 24 Chestnut

May 25 to Jun 03 Ash

Jun 04 to Jun 13Hornbeam

Jun 14 to Jun 23 Fig

Jun 24 Birch

Jun 25 to Jul 04 Apples

Jul 05 to Jul 14 Fir

Jul 15 to Jul 25 Elm

Jul 26 to Aug 04 Cypress

Aug 05 to Aug 14 Poplar

Aug 15 to Aug 23 Cedar

Aug 24 to Sep 02 Pine

Sep 03 to Sep 12Willow

Sep 13 to Sep 22 Limes

Sep 23 Olive

Sep 24 to Oct 03 Hazelnut

Oct 04 to Oct 13 Rowan

Oct 14 to Oct 23 Maple

Oct 24 to Nov 11 Walnut

Nov 12 to Nov 21 Chestnut

Nov 22 to Dec 01 Ash

Dec 02 to Dec 11 Hornbeam

Dec 12 to Dec 21Fig

Dec 22 Beech


Down-to-earth and sensible, the Fig is a strong, self-willed and 

independent person who does not allow contradiction or arguments

 into their life. A lover of family, children and animals, the 

Fig is wonderful to have around at Christmas time. 

With the tendency to be a bit of a butterfly, they have a good 

sense of humor and are practical and intelligent. 

They love spending idle and lazy hours.

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Strong and unchanging, the Oak is very courageous and robust.

 Not keen on variety, they are unrelenting, independent and sensible.

 A person of action, the Oak always has their feet on the ground.

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Plagued with self-doubt, the Lime tree is a passive type and will often 

make sacrifices for their friends. 

They are also multi-talented, but lack 

drive and often tend towards laziness and idleness. 

They avoid arguments, stress and hard work.

 Likely to accept life’s lot without a whimper, they are soft and relenting. 

They like to complain and have a very jealous streak, 

although they can be very loyal partners.

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An air of uncertainty marks the Poplar tree. 

They may look very decorative, but they rarely possess confident 

behavior and are only courageous if absolutely necessary. 

They also require a pleasant home and work environment and 

are often artistic by nature with good organizational skills. 

Choosy and sometimes lonely, they can harbor great animosity.

 Poplars love to philosophies and are reliable in any situation. 

When they choose a partner, they choose them seriously.

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Passionate and unrelenting, the Walnut is strange and full of contrasts.

 Equipped with big egos, they are aggressive, spontaneous and

 can have unexpected reactions. 

They see the big picture and have broad horizons coupled 

with unlimited ambition. 

Ingenious strategists, they are inflexible and not always liked, 

but are often admired. 

They can be difficult partners because of their jealousy, 

but they are usually passionate lovers, too.

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Ambitious and enterprising, the Ash tree is energetic and impulsive. 

Tending towards vanity, they are often uncommonly 

attractive and don’t care for criticism.

 Exacting, intellectual and skilful, they like to play with their fate. 

They are very faithful and trustworthy, 

and are devoted and discreet lovers,

 although sometimes their brains rule over their hearts.

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The Maple is independent of mind and is very hard to 

categorise because they are out of the ordinary. 

Filled with imagination and originality, they can be shy and 

reserved about their ideas, but still maintain their ambition.

 Proud and full of self-respect, 

the Maple hungers for new experiences and wants 

to impress those important to them. 

They can be nervous and display many complexes. 

They have a good memory which can make for a complicated


They also make money easily.

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They stand out in the crowd and know how to make an impression. 

Extraordinarily charming, the Hazelnut is undemanding and very tolerant. 

They stand up for what they believe and for the rights

 of others and are often active fighting social causes. 

A good sense of judgment accompanies the Hazelnut’s

 choice of lover and they are an honest and tolerant partner,

 although they can be demanding and changeable in the bedroom.

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Noble-minded and generous, the Elm tree loves a laugh and

 enjoys making other people happy. 

They usually have nice bodies and like to wear tasteful clothes,

 although they don’t care too much for material possessions on the whole. 

They forgive mistakes easily and are cheerful and practical. 

Faithful and honest in their partnerships, 

the Elm likes to take the lead, but is not as skilled at obeying authority. 

With their know-it-all attitude, they also like to make decisions for others.

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Melancholy and often sad, the Willow is one of the most beautiful trees. 

A dreamer, who has a taste for anything exquisite and elegant, 

they love to travel and are often restless if they can’t escape. 

They are difficult to live with and are mostly demanding 

and sometimes frivolous.

 But they are honest and care about people’s problems 

and have good intuition. Love can be elusive for them.

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Honest to the very end, the Chestnut is of unusual beauty. 

Vivacious and full of life, they can often act superior, 

but this may be a cover for a lack of confidence and a feeling 

of being misunderstood.

 Displaying a well-developed sense of justice, 

the Chestnut is a diplomat, but can be irritable and sensitive in others’ company. 

They love only once and have difficulty in finding a partner.

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An individual, the Pine tree revels in keeping good company. 

They are strong and very robust and know how to live life comfortably. 

Always on the go, they like natural pursuits and a good companion. 

Not known for their friendly nature, Pines do fall in love easily, but the passion

 is brief probably because, as in other parts of their lives, they give up too easily. 

There are many disappointments for the Pine until they find their ideal partner,

 but in a relationship they will be trustworthy and practical.

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There are many attributes for the lucky Rowan, 

who is sensitive and brimming with charm, cheerfulness and gifts. 

Lacking an ego they do, however, like to draw attention to themselves. 

They love life and are not fussed when complications set in. 

They are always on the move and are calm amidst any commotion.

 Both dependent and independent, they have good taste and an artistic bent. 

They are passionate and emotional and are always good company. 

But watch out—they don’t forgive easily !

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Marked by their cool beauty and tasteful clothes, the 

Hornbeam takes pride in their looks and state of health. 

They exhibit very good taste and they know it ! 

The Hornbeam likes life to be comfortable, 

but they also like to be disciplined with an early-to-bed,

 early-to-rise mentality. 

Unsure of themselves and rarely happy with their state of mind,

 Hornbeams look for kindness, acknowledgment and emotion from a partner,

 but they mistrust most people. 

They like to dream of unusual lovers.

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Confident and adaptable, the Cedar often displays a very rare beauty. 

They are also quick-thinking, self-confident and determined. 

They like to live in the lap of luxury and are mostly fit and healthy. Never shy,

 the Cedar will make judgments and be quick to look down on others. 

Quick-tempered and impatient, their desire is to impress others 

with their many talents.

 Cedars are very hard workers. 

They retain an optimism for life and are forever waiting for that one true love.

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The Beech is the creative tree. 

They also have good taste and can be on the materialistic side. 

They care about how they look and take a pride in what they wear. 

They are good at organising  and managing their life and can be

 frugal when necessary. They rarely take risks and are good with a budget.

 A born leader, they are usually reasonable logical and measured individuals.

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They are usually small people with a big love of life. 

They are always in love, want to give love and desire to be loved.

 Apples exude a lot of charm and have plenty of appeal and imagination.

 Ready to tackle any adventure, they are carefree and live for today. 

A flirt at any party, they are devoted and affectionate at home. 

Many Apples work in scientific pursuits—a career often at odds with their philosophical nature.

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Displaying immaculate style and taste, 

Fir trees are ones to adore the beautiful things in life. 

They like to be dignified and mysterious and can often be aloof. 

They can also be moody, stubborn and egotistical, 

but always care deeply for those who are close to them. 

In their professional lives, they are talented, ambitious and reliable,

 and make many friends—and enemies—along the way. 

The Fir is not often happy with the way their partner performs in the bedroom.

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Faithful to the end, the Cypress is strong and muscular.

 They are good at coping with life’s ups and downs and are also very 

adaptable and optimistic. 

Mostly happy and content, they are passionate lovers 

who can rarely cope with loneliness. 

They need money and praise for their actions and can be insecure. 

The Cypress tree is also quick-tempered, wild, academic and reckless.

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The Olive is wise and tolerant. 

They are also known to be impartial, reasonable and balanced. 

They bask in the warmth of the sun and of the feelings of those they love. 

The Olive avoids aggression and disorder and instead prefers to be calm and merry. 

They have an inbuilt sense of justice and are sensitive and emphatic to others. 

They are never the jealous type. 

The Olive tree loves to read and spend time in the company of sophisticate people.

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