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..... Hey there my love...

It is the season for rains - it comes in varied patterns of sound and fury. And with many mood swings.

There are daybreaks when the world awakens to its insistent dripping. On rooftops, on treetops - unceasing, but not impatient nor hurried. Filling the lakes to overflowing. Beating in regular tempo, it lulls me into a kind of peace. Finally it fades into the recesses of my mind. The tapping goes on and on - like a half-forgotten melody humming in my head.

Was it only a lifetime ago that I looked forward with eager anticipation to long, slow walks in the rain? Sharing one umbrella with one kindred soul. Two heads snuggled close as one under its shelter. And time became motionless, meaningless - as the soothing, steady sound of rain continued to fall. The world outside was just a far-off place that could not touch us.

But.....HEY THERE MY LOVE, where have you gone to now?
(Today, this kind of rain is here - and now I dread the thought of sloshing through the streets alone. No one walks with me. I am a solitary singer singing sad songs. Nobody listens and the audience walks out one by one. The feeling of peace does not come so easy.)

Then there is a kind of rain that cannot make up its mind what it wants. One moment a PERFECT STORM - large raindrops bearing strong winds. My face feels it's being slapped black and blue. This is a wounded wild animal striking out in every direction - insensitive and without mercy. I want to close my doors and windows. I do not wish to get in its way.

And it STOPS. As suddenly as it came. Like a bawling kid at the sight of a lost toy. There is a stillness in the air. I hold my breath - hushed and expectant - a pause before curtain call. I want to believe the storm is all over. I shut my eyes to the havoc around me - flowers in disarray, trees looking forlorn and bare sans leaves and branches.

So, HEY THERE MY LOVE.....have you scarred my heart for life and for good?
(First you were here - we run through the entire gamut of emotions - the passion of a storm, the peace and quiet in its aftermath , the laughter and the tears - then NOTHING. And I set you free. Hoping that like a pigeon, you would come homing back to me....)

It rained gently all night last night.... I love this kind of rain.... I wake up feeling cool, like I had just gone out for a dip in the sea. All things look new in mornings like these - the garden, the world, and ME. If there was once pain, who knows it was just all in the mind?

And, HEY THERE MY LOVE, you can go and leave me be. Be happy where you are. I am where I am. Enjoy...:-)

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