.....thin wire nail with barrel head
.....thin nail, tapering in width

Jagged edges of wood.
Traces of a small girl's dollhouse.
Broken. Discarded. Lying in a heap.
Once beloved plaything. Cuddled and hugged.
Now dusty and forgotten in the attic.
What would you give to bring that smile back into her face?

Broken fences. Splintered and torn down.
Memories of past friendships...
...of sharing warmth beside a fireplace.
...of intimate talks far into the night.
...of caring beyond bounds.
Now severed. Shattered. Gone bitter and sour.
What would you need to mend these fences?

Not the king's horses nor the king's men;
Nor Merlin's magic....
But simple stuff like brads and hammers -
A lot of faith - a heart that grieves and forgives,
A longing to make peace...be one in the other's pain.

Good friends are hard to find.
(It takes only one such friend, one BRAD)
And you'll know in your heart -
"God's in His heaven;
All's right with the world."

-----------------------© Jotte: September, 1998

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