........ a break or gap in continuity
........ an interruption or break in normal activity

An alarm sounds off. Your body clock tells you it's not yet time to get up. You have this wonderful dream and you want it to go on and on...

But your favorite wake-up song keeps on playing - intruding, insisting, plucking at your mind. Someone in your dream is now even singing it! Won't anyone let you dream in peace and bliss? Is there a conspiracy here - even in your own dreamworld?

Someone has said you feel more rested if you dream in your sleep. NOW you are having a dream -why let some cuckoo alarm clock rob you of that luxury? For days now you never dreamed in sleep. After hours of exhausting work, falling asleep was being like a log floating in a river current - mindless, inanimate, DREAMLESS.

You give up - the clock wins! Reluctantly, you shut the door to that place where you lived a dream. You open your eyes and find the room in darkness. Has the world forgotten to let the sun come in?

It must be that alarm clock gone really cuckoo! It has screwed itself up again. With a relieved sigh you lie down once more. But as your mind groped to recapture that vanished dream, SUDDENLY you remember!

You have to catch a 4:00 a.m. flight out of town! You are going somewhere AWAY FROM YOUR EVERDAY WORKPLACE! Today was the day you won't see familiar ogres and not so dear faces. You're not going to miss them today! That meeting and that report can wait !

You rush through the morning routine. You run through your traveling bag and your carry-on luggage to see if everything's there. Coffee and toast and dreams can wait - you have to catch that plane!

You let the wind rush through your face as you roll down the car window. Oh, but that feels good - better than a nice dream! Only the city lights are on - the starless dawn still gives you the feeling that night was not yet over. Who cares that you were not able to finish your night dream - there might be a new one coming beyond the sky. The thought of your plane touching down in an island where you've never been before was enough to fill your mind with GREAT EXPECTATIONS.

You are going to be in HIATUS.

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