Your Dwelling Place

Stay my Lord.
Make my heart Your dwelling place.
It looks poor and bereft right now.
The dust of earthly glitter has settled on it,
erasing the glow from Your grace.
And I forget You are my King.

Don't go my Lord.
Help me build a worthy dwelling place for You.
Let Your love become a mighty sword,
to slay my inner beasts and demons.
By myself, I am powerless and weak.
with You in me, I can conquer all.

Once this heart was Your abode -
like a house filled with children's laughter
and the patter of running feet at play.
My furnace was kept burning.
I felt Your smile warming my soul,
music that makes me dance for joy.

It is time to weed this garden
sweep out the clutter of decaying leaves.
clear the ugly undergrowth of depressing chaos.
stir my senses and bring them to life.
embrace the sun I once tucked away.
Make way for the coming of the Lord.

My Lord, my King, transform my heart
into Your dwelling place.

-----------------------© Jotte: November 19, 1998
edited: Aug. 23, 2001

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