Lead Me Lord

Let Your face be the sun
that shines on me as I awake.
Let Your hand be the hand
that pulls me up to start my day.
I may dread the thought of what lies
ahead for me today.
The trials, the pain, the failures -
I may not have the strength to face all these.
But if You stand beside me,
If You lead me, Lord -
I am at peace.

I look forward, as an eager child does -
To the joys and happy moments I 'll find today.
I may reach the peak of that insurmountable mountain.
Gain glory and power too.
But if You are not with me, Lord -
All these are hollow and empty.
So wherever my feet takes me
Lord, lead me.

There are times when I know not where to turn.
I travel in a long and winding road.
But when I see You standing at the end of it -
Your image luminous as day,
Your hand beckoning to me,
I am unafraid. Lord, lead me on.

The storms in my life rock my ship.
I cry out in fear and trembling.
But there You are sleeping calmly on deck.
Why have I been of little faith?
I really don't need to wake You up.
Lord, steady my ship.
Bring me safely to harbor.
Lead me on to You.

.................©Jotte: October 10, 1998

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