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The methanol process scheme shown above incorporates prereformer, autohotermal and oxygen supply from ASU.

CEC is developing its own patentable synthesis gas reactor designs, which will be part of new generation methanol
and ammonia technologies. CEC will soon be in the position to offer a full engineering design package.
Anticipated advantages of CEC's new technology:

Lower Atmospheric Emissions,

Less Plot Plan Area Requirements,

Lower Maintenance Costs and Simpler Operation,

Lower Plant Capital Costs by 20%,

Higher Plant Efficiency by 10%,

Lower Production Costs.


CEC is in a better position to offer proven conventional technologies also. CEC will review the client's requirements and make
recommendations for the best technology selection for either new generation or conventional technologies applicable to the
specifics of each project.

Primary driving force for improving the process design technology is the reduction in the cost of production in these
energy intensive processes. Cost of energy input could range between 60 to 80%. It is important to be the lowest cost producer
for any CEC client, with such narrow margins and the cyclic nature of the supply and demand balance in petrochemicals.
The process design decisions and process selection shall impact the project profitability.

Working with client teams, CEC has helped clients by incorporating new design features to minimize
the cost of production by achieving higher thermal efficiencies than 7.0 Gcal/tonne (27.8 MMBTU/tonne) technologies.

Many years of design and engineering experience, know-how and the attention to detail ensures efficiency,
safety, reliability and robust process designs and differentiates CEC from the competitors.

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