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NightviewFeasibility & Due Diligence

Combining the project knowledge with engineering skills, CEC offers a range of consulting services including the management,
engineering, O&M, project services. Our service can make a difference to the viability by participating at the onset
to ensure all the directions comply with the project economic criteria and the timely, on-budget completion.

Corporate Strategies

Evaluation and Selection of Process Technologies and Control Schemes

Explore Alternative Feedstock and Product Options for Petrochemicals

Optimization Studies

Capital Cost Reduction Features and Justification

Economics, cost sensitivity analysis, definition of an envelope of profitability and the strategies to maintain it

Third Party Due Diligence for a Project or in the Plant Acquisitions

Assessment of current asset value and its full potential for improvements

Plant safety issues

Environmental and Economic Impact Definition of the Project

Feedstock Availability, Terms and Conditions, Impact on the Economics

Infrastructure Considerations and Site Selection for a new project

B Market Trends, Capacity Utilization and Projections

b Marketing Studies to Identify Potential Clients, Project and Product Logistics

b Supply and Demand Scenario


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