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I walked in the burying-yard, and viewed the granite tombestones erected over the graves of my ancestors ... four generations, of whom very little more is known than is recorded upon these stones. There are three succeeding generations of us now living. Pass another century, and we shall all be mouldering in the same dust or resolved into the same elements. Who of our posterity shall then visit this yard? And what shall be read engraved upon the stone?

John Quincy Adams
September 20, 1823

Our journey back through our Gunn line will take us back as far as the Vikings

Radford Gunn was born on October 20, 1777 in Brunswick County, Virginia. He was the son of William Gunn Sr., and Hannah White. Radford Gunn married Sylvia Read, daughter of Peter Read, on the 13th day of September in the year of 1797, in Brunswick County, Virginia. Radford and Sylvia left the State of Virginia a few years after the death of Radford's father and moved on to Rutherford County, Tennessee, where their son, Silas Lundy Gunn was born on February 2, 1812 and son Radford Madison Gunn was born on the 2nd of October 1814. Some time between late 1814 and November of 1817 they migrated to Tuscaloosa County, Alabama, where their youngest daughter, Louisa Olive Hannah Gunn was born on the 1st day of November in 1817. Radford and Sylvia then moved on to the fertile lands in North East Mississippi and set up their family on a large plantation. Radford Gunn was a quite well-to-do plantation owner of good wealth. Radford Gunn died in Monroe County, Mississippi on the 27th of August in the year of 1848. His wife, Sylvia, who was born August 22, 1776 in Virginia, died on the 27th of August in 1849 and is buried next to her husband in a family plot near Muldon, Monroe County, Mississippi. C

Children born to Sylvia and Radford Gunn were:

Hannah White Gunn ~ born 17 July 1798, died 30 August 1881, Hannah married Benjamin H. Fuller in 1818 in the State of Tennessee

William Boatright Gunn ~ married Cyntha Hester in 1827 in Tuscaloosa County, Alabama

Peter Reid Gunn, married Mahala Hill in 1827 in Tuscaloosa County, Alabama

Robert Bowling (Parson) Gunn, born 12 June 1805 in Virginia, died 4 October 1880, married Frances Norris Greene in 1835 in Sumter County, Alabama

Richard Gunn, never married

Silas Lundy Gunn, born 2 February 1812 in Rutherford, Tennessee, married Lucinda Norris 22 April 1835, died 1 September 1835 in Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Radford Madison Gunn, born 10 February 1814, married Stacey Floyd Greene in Sumter County, Alabama in 1837

Louisa Olive Hannah Gunn, born 1 November 1817, married James Lyon in Tuscaloosa County, Alabama on December 17, 1834. She died 20 May 1852 at Aberdeen, Mississippi and is buried in Aberdeen, Mississippi in the Odd Fellows Rest Cemetery.

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