Abraham Marion Foley

The Patriot ~ June 20, 1907

Carrollton, Illinois

Abraham Marion Foley was born May 18, 1837 in Lincoln County, Kentucky, where his boy-hood days were spent.  His mother died when he was small and his father died in 1855.  Abraham then came to Greene County, Illinois and was married here in 1858 to Margaret Ann Pointer.  Eight girls and two boys were born to them, of whom four daughters are living.  They are Mrs. John Gano, near Carrollton; Mrs. Thomas Saunders of Springfield; Mrs. Glenn Cousins of Deuel, Colorado; and Miss Sadie Foley of Denver, Colorado.

Abraham died on June 16, 1907 at the home of his daughter, Susan Gano in Carrollton, Illinois.  The funeral was from her residence and he was buried at the Tunnell Cemetery, just west of the Carter Cemetery, 2 1/2 miles south of Carrollton.  Abraham was a devout Baptist having found Christianity at an early age.

The family was reared and educated in Greene County, where Mr. Foley made his home until April 1903, when he went to Alamosa, Colorado, accompanied by three of his daughters.  He was suffering with asthma which had been contracted thirty years ago, after an attack of lung fever, and hoped the Western climate might restore his health.  In February, 1906, he went from Alamosa to Denver, where he made his home with his daughter, Mrs. Saunders, until her removal to Illinois in September of last year.  After that he lived with another daughter, Mrs. Cousins, at Deuel, Colorado.

His health was steadily failing, and realizing that he had but a short time to live, he wanted to see once more the place he had called home for so many years.  On Sunday, June 9, he and his daughter Sadie started for Carrollton arriving here the following Tuesday.  Abraham Foley passed away on the 17th of June, 1907 at the home of his daughter, Mrs. John Gano.

Other children born to Abraham and Margaret:
 Mary Jane Foley, born in 1859 in Greene County, Illinois, married Eli Reynolds on September 6, 1883.  She died in 1893 in Greene County, Illinois.
 Annie Elizabeth Foley, born on May 30, 1863 in Greene County, Illinois, married James Thomas Carter on September 13, 1883, in Greene County, Illinois.  She died July 27, 1895 in Greene County and is buried in Tunnell cemetery, just west of the Carter Cemetery, south of Carrollton, Illinois.

Annie Elizabeth Foley

Susan Frances Foley, born August 6, 1865, just south of Carrollton, Greene County, Illinois.  Susan Foley married John Gano.  Susan died on Sunday, May 7, 1916 at her home in Clarendon, Texas.  She was buried in the Baptist Church Cemetery at Claude, Texas.

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