Mitsubishi Montero

 Interesting Links

SUVParts for EverythingSUVParts...Best prices for JAOS and other SUV parts

Montero Owner's Forum - where I go to get answers to Montero questions.

Montero Club - More pictures of the Montero in its natural habitat

Texas 4wd Info - Good link for Texans

Montero King of the Desert- Paris to Dakar Road Race coverage

Montero Club Rally Pictures- Cool pictures of a rally in Arizona - Texas 4wd I-zine (Internet Magazine)

4X4 Wire - New Offroad Website

Dougies Beat on the Montero Page - Cool pictures of what a Montero can do

Mitsubishi Parts - Not much of an online catalog, but an 800 number

Suspension Parts - Airlift suspension and bushings

Australia Pajero Club - Cool pictures of Montero (Pajero) in Australia

New Zealand Niva Club - Cool pictures of Nivas in New Zealand

Ty's Raider Page - Two Door Dodge Raider page

Pajero Japan Site - Monteros are made in Japan so this site has lots of Montero info

Kelly's Blue Book - Find out what your car is worth

Overlander - Montero accessories

Surco Roof Racks - Not listed for Monteros but will fit

Roof Racks - Roof Racks, Bike Racks, etc.

ARP Saves Body Parts - Body parts for Montero

Radiators - New Radiators for Montero

John Baker - Main Montero Accessories supplier

SUV Parts - JAOS dealer - Cool Montero Racks and accessories

Motorcare 4wd Store - Montero and 4wd accessories from Australia (check out the chuckwagon, and shower)

Con-Ferr Manufacturing - Roof Racks and Jeep accessories

Garvin Industries - Nice Roof Racks

Desert Sports - Big Bend weather report and park report

Big Bend Map - Where I do most of my 4-wheeling

Padre Island National Seashore, Texas - 60 miles of 4wd only beach

South Padre, Texas - Southmost beach park in Texas and 18 miles of 4wd only beach

Texas Hummer Page - OK I know it's a Hummer, but it still has cool pictures.

Russian Offroad Pictures - Text in Russian but the pictures speak for themselves.

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