This device introduces a new kind of hydraulic clutch. It's applied to automatic gears changes as automatic clutch. Three pistons compose this clutch and three valves piloted by eccentric force, and provide an elastic and progressive coupling with no power loss. The coupling is produced in function of the speeds of the conducting and led shaft. This mechanism is simple, strong and reduced. With some dimensions very tight is capable of transmitting a high torque in both senses. Cylinders and hydraulic channels make a locked circuit completely sealed.

The engineers of an important world company car manufacturer have informed as follows:

"We appreciate the inventors initiative in this direction. Introducing a new kind of hydraulic coupling and solving torsional disturbances at the flywheel / clutch interface are still one of the greatest challenges to improving powertrain NHV behaviour.
Additional to existing mechanical start-up clutches and split mass flywheel systems, the inventor introduces a hydraulic coupling with permanent slip providing speed-dependent start-up slip and necessary damping rates to smoothen torsional irregularities.
...We believe there is potential in this proposal. Following the Company strategy for increased supplier involvement, we suggest the inventor approaches clutch suppliers for them to pursue the development work necessary."


Antonio Sánchez 1997-2007. Málaga (Spain).