Back in the old days, farmers out in the Wild West used to send away for "mail-order brides".

One of these farmers got himself a mail order bride and went to the train station to pick her up. He pulled up to the station on his horse, leading a pack mule for her stuff. He got her stuff onto the mule and put her on the back of his horse.

They started back to the farmer's place and a few miles out of town, the horse spooked and threw the farmer and his new bride to the ground. The farmer got up and made sure she was okay and then grabbed the horse by the reins and looked the horse in the eye. "That's one," said the farmer.

They started on their way again. Again the horse spooked and threw the couple to the ground. After making sure that his lady was okay, he grabbed the horsed reins again, looked it in the eye and said, "That's two."

The couple started on their way again. Just as they came to the gate to the farmer's house, the horse spooke again. The farmer made sure that his wife was okay. He then got out his gun, grabbed the horses reins and looked the horse in the eye. "That's three!!" He then shot the horse.

His new bride, shocked at this horrible thing done right before her eyes proceeded to rant and rave about how cruel the farmer was. The farmer let her go on and on about his shortcomings. Finally, she ran out of things to say. The farmer looked up and asked "Are you finished?" "Yes." "That's one."



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