Little ole' Lady
A little old blue-haired lady entered the lingerie shop and asked in a quavering voice "Young man, d-d-do y-y-you s-s-sell s-sexual aids h-here in th-this sh-shop?"

The salesman was quite surprised by this grandmotherly lady's question but was able to reply "Well, uh, yes Ma'am, we do."   The little old lady, holding her quivering hands about 10" apart asked

"D-do y-y-you have an-ny ab-about th-this s-size" and, forming a circle with her trembling fingers, "ab-about this b-b-big ar-around?"   "Yes, Ma'am, we do" said the blushing young man. "They're called dildos."  

"Y-yes, and d-do an-ny of th-them have v-v-vi-brators?"   "Yes, they do", replied the saleman.

   "W-well, h-how d-do y-y-you t-turn th-them off?"



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