Baba's Magic Touch

Dr. Sushila Gaur, MD


Dr. Sushila Gaur is an Associate Professor in the department of Physiology at the Gandhi Medical College, Bhopal. She did her MBBS from Gandhi Medical College in 1971 and followed it up with MD in 1975. She has been serving at the Gandhi Medical College, Bhopal since 1971 with the exception of a brief period of about 4 years during 1990-1994 when she was posted at the Rewa (MP India) Medical College. She considers her transfer to Rewa as Baba's "leela" because it was at Rewa that she came in contact with Baba lovers and came to know about Beloved Baba. Dr. Gaur recounts below how Baba brought her to Him through a remarkable 'Darshan'.


Some incidents in life are so thrilling that they change the course of one's life completely. Such things happen only when God Almighty showers His blessings. I had the honour of experiencing one such blissful moment.

This was the time when I was posted in Rewa (MP, India) Medical College. Those were
difficult times. My family could not accompany me and all of us were depressed on being apart. I was given a government accommodation on the first floor. On the ground floor lived Dr. G P Shrivastava and his family, all of whom were ardent Baba lovers. As I was alone, I started spending time with them and thus came to know about Baba and His Avataric manifestation.

Gradually I started getting more and more involved with Baba. What started as a strategy to pass time slowly started occupying an important place in my life. Although I had started having faith in Baba but somehow I remained apprehensive about Him due to my skeptical thinking. Inspite of all the blessings that Baba showered on me, I could not accept his being completely.

Then came the day of an out of the world experience. A college picnic had been organized to a nearby waterfall. I was to accompany a bunch of enthusiastic young students as in-charge of the group being the senior most faculty member amongst the accompanying college staff. My daughter Divya was also with me. No sooner than we reached the picnic spot, some students started swimming in the river at a spot close to the waterfall. Suddenly some of them got stuck and sucked in a whirlpool and were swept by an underwater current. We all tried our best to help them but could not save all of them. Tragically, one staff member and one student died in the accident leaving all of us shattered and stunned.

I saw the terror of death on people's faces as they were drowning and got very scared. Facing utter helplessness during those moments, I closed my eyes and prayed to beloved Baba to save them. I was, at that moment, as if transported to another world. A movie ran in front of my eyes and I saw myself in it. I saw an old hut with an open door in front of me. I was later told that this was the same hut located at Hamirpur, which I had never seen before in my life. I was standing on the door with my hands outstretched and looking inside. Beloved Baba was sitting inside on a chair, with the usual glorious and serene smile on his face. He wore his Sadra (cloak like garment) and kept his feet on a wooden footrest. It was truly a marvelous sight, a moment to behold in ones eyes forever.

Then I saw Baba get up and walk towards me. He walked as if He was floating in the air. I was embarrassed to realize that my beloved was coming to me. But after a few steps He turned back. And almost as suddenly as it happened, everything vanished in a flash as I saw Baba walking towards infinity. It seemed like a gesture for me to follow Him. At this moment, I was awakened by the numerous voices around me and was suddenly brought back into reality of the tragic surroundings. Amidst gloom we boarded the bus and went to the nearest Primary Health Center from where the authorities were contacted and formalities done.

Although the events of the day left me totally shattered, I kept remembering my experience and kept trembling out of emotion. My state of mind was such that it cannot be explained in words. I was as if crying and laughing at the same time. It was really astonishing that Baba gave me such a remarkable 'Darshan' and helped me to overcome my shock and grief in such a remarkable way. I felt chosen by Him for a very special blessing feeling His divine presence all through. The impact of the day's events was so severe that on my return, Dr. Shrivastava's family and my daughter had to look after me all through the night.

My experience was nothing less than a miracle. I pray to Almighty that He shower His love and blessings on all of us.


Dr. Gaur stays in Bhopal with her family. She can be contacted by post at F-2, Doctor's Colony, Idgah Hills,Bhopal-462001 , MP , India or through email on the site administrators email (messages to her will be forwarded) .


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