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The original Demimonde Slumber Party: Kim, Melissa and Liz. circa 1994
Us again!
Our first (and only) record. Released in 1996, believe it or not large quantities of these still exist. They make terrific coasters! Sherri took over bass playing duties when Liz left the band.
When we parted ways with Sherri, we got Tim to play bass. ...but "Dag Namit" if Tim didn't up and move to Seattle!
(Space Needle shown here is not the actual size)
If you were naked you'd see a picture of Eugene, OR. right here. In 1998, Kim and Melissa moved to Eugene, OR. Why, is still a mystery to this very day.
Every once and a while they get together with Tim and play. Like here in October 2000 playing a benefit for the Greenhill Humane Society.
In September 2003, Kathy Moore started playing bass guitar with us. Here we are after playing at LESBOPALOOZA 2004!
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