When Good Animals Go Bad
A social commentary by Rev. Gene

When under the influence of their particular vices, animals will openly show defiance and destructive behavior, particularly when it comes to matters of urination and/or defecation.

This is a perfect example of a well-behaved cat, one who uses a toilet as any proper Christian feline would.

It is the kind of cat you would bring home to meet Mom.

This reprehensible creature is a whole other matter. He brazenly relieves himself in his owner's cookware.

Note well the defiant look he gives when confronted.

The complete lack of shame and the loss of dignity are the most common results of binge-drinking.

This creature, after a long night of binge-drinking, is now cooling his heels in the local drunk-tank.

Note well the glazed look in his eyes, as well as the complete lack of shame at finding himself exposed -- genitalia flapping in the breeze -- despite a camera being trained upon him..

He probably doesn't even know where he is.

Behold the perils of smoking and drinking.

If he was home, he would likely have set his bed on fire, burned down his home, and killed everyone within.

It all starts innocently enough, being seduced by the Devil's Nectar.

It almost looks "cute", doesn't it?

But lo! This is the inevitable result. Passed out in a drunken stupor, rolling in his own vomit, wasting his life away, waiting for death.

Not so "cute" anymore, is it?

Others will indulge in sexual revelry with pure abandon, fornicating in public without an ounce of shame.

Here is the result of such drinking: unbridled debauchery and lasciviousness, an orgy of heathen Sodomites in full public view, all of them without a care in the world.

This creature, obviously a heathen Sodomite, is driven to a sexual frenzy by his drinking-induced madness, and even resorts to the attempted rape of another male creature.

Surely he will burn in Hell.

Another shameless display of wantonness and lust.

Throw another soul on the barbie, for here comes another one to the eternal fires of Gehenna.

More fornicators caught in the act.

Note the look of defiance in their eyes.

Sometimes the signs of the influence of drugs are more subtle.

Witness the feats of superhuman (or supercanine) strength, a sure sign of the influence of drugs.

This creature has smoked himself into a drug-induced stupor.

Note well the glazed-over look in his eyes, and complete non-caring attitude.

Another soul on the Road to Hell...