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  • Recommended Software:

    Araneae by Mark McIntyre (Freeware)

    This is a very fast loading and well designed text-based HTML Editor. Features include syntax highlighting, MDI interface, multi-language support, some quick tags and many other useful helpers. A first choice editor for the do-it-yourself webmaster. Recommended to be used as the default HTML editor for HTML Helpy.

    IrfanView by Irfan Skiljan (Freeware)
    This program is a real all-in-one wonder when it comes to image viewing and editing. There would be too many features to list. Irfan View also comes in handy for creating images for your HTML Help projects.

    WinHex by Stefan Fleischmann (Shareware)
    Not directly related to HTML Help Authoring, but one of the best power tools around. Access every single byte on your computer with this excellent HEX/RAM/Disk editor.


  • HTML Help Links:

    Helpful Solutions by Paul O'Rear, one of the HTML Help MVPs (Most Valuable Professionals) acknowledged by Microsoft

    HTML Help Center by David Liske (MVP)

    Helpmaster.de by Josef Becker (German MVP)

    More links to come.

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