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 Bill O’Farrell of the National Archives of Canada for all support, assistance and being a friend. Ditto for Ken Weissman of the Library of Congress Motion Picture Conservation Center. Also thanks to Ken for the Gallery photos. Also Madeline Matz of the Motion Picture, Picture, Broadcasting, Recorded Sound Division of the Library of Congress. Carl Girod of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers. Jane Dunbar Johnson of the UCLA Film and Television Archive. Lee Shoulders of Archive Films. John Hiller of the Smithsonian Institution. Special thanks go to Kevin Brownlow, and Tony Slide, as others have said anyone who has interest in early film history and enjoys Silent Film owes them a large debt of gratitude. I also want to thank them both for their suggestions and encouragement they have both given me. I also owe a debt of gratitude to the following: Frank Wylie, James Cozart, David Pierce, Paul Spehr, Allen Katelle, Susan Dalton, members of the alt.movies.silent ng. Also thanks goes to Carl Hattenburg for help in putting this page together. A special thanks goes to Thom Shepard for assistance above and beyond the call of duty , me hats off to you.

Last but not least thanks to my Wife Karen, my children Charlie, Cheryl, Michael, Stephen, Joseph, and William Grimm.


If I have left anyone out, I apologize and it doesn’t change the fact I owe you big time.