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   Riding the Enochian WebRing is the fastest way to explore the many and varied flavors of Enochian Magick. You may also post to the Coffee House's messageboard, or see the Enochian White Pages for names, email addresses and ICQ listings of others with an interest in Enochian Magick.
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   If this is your first visit and you wish to know what Enochian Magick is, check out ENOCHIAN 101: An Introduction to Enochian Magick. Text of a brief lecture by Christeos Pir given at Ecumenicon/Sacred Space VIII, (an occult/pagan-oriented ecumenical conference that took place July 13 - 16, 1995 e.v. in Herndon, VA, USA).
   Thank you for visiting, and I hope you enjoy riding the Enochian WebRing. Before you go, please let me know what you think by signing the Coffee House Journal.

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