ISPF is IBM's standard program development environment for MVS. REXX can be used to invoke ISPF services. You need to run these samples in an ISPF environment.

Sample REXX Code

This EXEC browses the dataset allocated to the specified DDNAME.
return the value currently assigned to an ISPF variable.
demonstrate use of ISPF DSINFO service.
a simple EDIT macro to return information about EDIT environment.

We are currently running z/OS 1.6. These samples work in our environment, but they may need to be reworked for a different environment. These samples are provided "as is". No warranty or support is expressed or implied.

Comments or suggestions can be sent to the author.

Debugging Edit Macros

IBM provides the ISREMSPY which can be useful in debugging EDIT macros. For more information, see Debugging Edit Macros with ISREMSPY.

For More Information

Visit the REXX page here for more sources of REXX info.
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