IPCS is IBM's standard dump analysis tool. REXX can be used to extract information from a dump in the IPCS environment.

Sample REXX Code

This EXEC displays allocation information. It checks for contention for resources. It also displays jobs on internal allocation queues.
This EXEC takes a single parameter, the R1 value used as input to SVC 99, the dynalloc SVC. It extracts and formats the text unit keys and values. It does not attempt to interpret the dynamic allocation text units. "MVS Authorized Assembler Services Guide" has more information about SVC 99.
This EXEC reports on memory usage by the current address space. It reports the requested values, the region limit values, the maximum available and the high water marks at the time of the dump.
This EXEC reports on name-token pairs. See FINDNTTP on the REXX samples page for an example of doing this for the current address space.
This EXEC is an example of trapping command output under IPCS. This will not work when IPCS is running under ISPF.

We are currently running z/OS 1.6. These samples work in our environment, but they may need to be reworked for a different environment. These samples are provided "as is". No warranty or support is expressed or implied.

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For More Information

Visit the REXX page here for more sources of REXX info.
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