Rexx and Assembler Language

Sample REXX Code

displays OMVS processes "visible" to your uid. A "super-user" sees all processes. Other users only see processes with their own uid. Calls assembler routine ASMPS. Uses REXX subroutine TZSECS which returns time zone offset in seconds.
takes two parameters: a volume serial and a disk location in the format CCCCHHHHRR (cylinder/head/record) - hexadecimal. Calls assembler routine CHR. Some IBM components provide dataset location information in this format.
takes one parameter: a hexadecimal storage address - returns module information for any module loaded at that address. Calls assembler routine CSVWHERE.

Assembler routines are expected to be in dataset prefix.LOAD where prefix is your TSO prefix.

We are currently running z/OS 1.6. These samples work in our environment, but they may need to be reworked for a different environment. These samples are provided "as is". No warranty or support is expressed or implied.

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For More Information

Refer to the following books for more information: You can also visit the REXX page here.
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