Open MVSHelp Pages

The usual method of getting help in a UNIX environment is the man command. For example, to find out how to use the ls command, type
man ls
For help on using man, type
man man

In OMVS, help for standard commands is extracted from the Unix System Services Command Reference publication using the BookManager API.

In a standard UNIX environment, man pages are formatted using nroff. At the moment, nroff is not provided with OMVS. However, you can download "groff" which supports nroff functions from IBM's Tools and Toys page - groff is included with "Open Source software".

Once you have groff, you can format an unformatted man page with the command
nroff -man input_file | col -b >.output_file

For More Information

Use the OHELP command which allows you to access the Unix System Services bookshelf using BookManager.

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