Sharing Identities

You can specify that users who do not have an OMVS segment will be assigned a default OMVS segment, allowing OMVS processes to run on behalf of their userid. An OMVS segment is required to make use of TCP/IP services such as the FTP server on OS/390 V2R5 and up. An OMVS segment specifies the UID to be used, the home directory and the shell program name.

The following considerations apply whenever more than one user will be sharing an OMVS uid:

These considerations also apply to users making use of the default OMVS segment. Note that address spaces making use of TCP/IP functions may use the default OMVS segment if they have not been assigned their own OMVS segment.

One way to see who is using a default OMVS segment is to run the rexxps REXX from the OpenEdition REXX page using a user who does not have his own OMVS segment.

Refer to the documentation for your security product for more information about creating a default OMVS segment.
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