How is accounting information assigned to OMVS work?

If an OMVS process is started from a batch job, TSO session, started task or another OMVS process, then the accounting fields are propogated from those of the parent address space.

If the process is initiated by a daemon process, the initial accounting information comes from the WORKATTR profile for the userid; this happens when the user logs in to the Unix System Services environment directly from telnet or rlogin. If the WORKATTR profile does not exist or does not contain accounting information, then the accounting fields will not be present.

Accounting information can also be assigned using the _BPX_ACCT_DATA environment variable. The new accounting values take effect when a new process is creating using spawn or exec from the process where this variable has been set. It is also possible to set the accounting values when using the __spawn() service.

The IEFUAV or IEFUSI exits can be used to control the use of accounting data if necessary. Refer to "Unix System Services Planning" for more information. The accounting fields will appear in SMF type 30 records.

For more information, see OMVS Workloads or go to the main OMVS page here.
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