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LE Dumps

At OS/390 V2, LE provides an IPCS dump analysis verb. If you have a system dump or SYSMDUMP for a Language Environment application, you can enter the command VERBX LEDATA 'ALL' to get a dump of Language Environment (LE) control blocks. This includes a dump similar to the CEEDUMP from Language Environment including a traceback for active routines. If you have used the LE TRACE run-time option, you will get a trace of LE calls in the output from LEDATA. You may need to upgrade your LE PTF level to get usable results. Check the publication mentioned below for information on installing support for the LEDATA verb.

The output from LEDATA also includes

To force a SYSMDUMP, specify the run-time option TERMTHDACT(UADUMP) to force a dump for a severe Language Environment condition. Although it is not recommended, you can also specify TRAP(OFF) to force a dump for an abend condition.

LEDATA is described in Language Environment Debug and Messages. You can also visit the Language Environment page here.


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