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What is Big As TEXAS?

Big As TEXAS is an annual size acceptance assembly held in Texas. The cities vary each year, but always have access to a major airport. There are Saturday workshops with an emphasis on education and activism; Friday and Saturday dinners and Sunday brunch, programs each evening and on Sunday morning, a dance on Saturday night, and a swim.

At this time, Big As TEXAS only has a Spring event on the weekend closest to St. Patrick's Day in March. We have also taken a cruise and plan more in the future.

Big As TEXAS is an independent event. There is nothing to join.

How do I get on the Mailing List?

To get on the Big as TEXAS mailing list for next year, you would need to send me your name and street address or P. O. Box. All information goes out by mail starting about four months before the event.

Who comes to Big As TEXAS?

We are proud to have a higher than average incidence of established couples, but there are many single people who also attend. The ratio of men to women is about 45% to 55%

Is this just for activists, or just for social contact?

Neither. Or both. Actually, we have a pretty good balance. Many of the workshops have been activism-oriented, and all have been educational. Chances are you will be interested in most workshops, but there may be one you don't care about. For example, we have had a workshop on altering patterns to fit various body types. If you don't sew, that wouldn't interest you.

Can I choose what to attend piecemeal?

You can attend whatever you like, but the packages available are the entire event with meals, or the entire event without meals. We don't have packages that allow for some meals and not others. We feel that the cost of the event is kept low enough where money probably won't be a problem. We do allow someone to attend only the dance, however.

But I'm a vegetarian!

Our flyers allow for people to check if they require vegetarian meals. We also make arrangements for people who need to adhere to food restrictions during Lent, and people who keep Kosher.

What do people wear to the dance?

We are fairly informal, so you will see people in slacks. You will also see people all dressed up. However you want to dress is fine. We want you to be comfortable.

Sometimes we even have "theme" dances. For example, we have had a Mardi Gras masked ball, costume dances, et cetera.

Well, that all sounds good, but I'm really shy...

Guess what? We all start somewhere! The Friday night opening is geared to be very informal and conducive to making friends. We usually have an activity that allows us all to meet one another in an easy-going, no pressure atmosphere. There are also table hosts who help newcomers to get acquainted with others.

I've got some more questions ....

Great! If you have e-mail access, you can ask me directly by sending a note to .

My phone number is (409) 753-3451

Our address is Big As TEXAS, P. O. Box 363, Sour Lake, TX 77659

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