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Our sixteenth assembly, Big As TEXAS: The Celebration Continues, began on Friday evening, March 11, 2011.

Image: man at registration table.
Jay mans the registration table on opening night at Big As TEXAS: The Celebration Continues. This and all photos by Terry

We began with a Texas themed buffet dinner. For several years now each table has had a host or hostess who decorates the table and whose job it is to introduce any new people to old-time attendees. Because of this year's theme, the hosts decorated their tables for a party: a fiesta, a New Year's Eve party, and a birthday party.

Image: table set for a party.

The theme for the 2011 Big As TEXAS Assembly was "The Celebration Continues!" In keeping with that theme, the table hosts decorated the tables with party themes: a birthday party, . . .

Image: table set for a party.
. . . a fiesta, . . .
Image: table set for a party.

. . . and a New Year's Eve party!

At the Friday night opening welcome, we recognized the upcoming 20th International No Diet Day, gave away some door prizes, and followed the evening up with a dip in the hotel pool.

On Saturday, March 12th, there were a total of five workshops available for attendees.

We began the morning with Yoga, and then went into the following:

Image: woman.

Melissa W. leads the movement activity.

Image: woman showing craft items.

Sharon H. shows off examples for the Creative Workshop.

On Saturday evening we were served a plated dinner, following that up with a dance. This year, one of our most energetic dancers was only two years old!

Image: woman holding small child.

One of our youngest attendees, Katie, held by her mother Amanda. Katie was the life of the party and danced more than anyone else put together!

On Saturday, March 13th, we concluded with our traditional brunch and program. This year we had a men's panel that spoke eloquently on Everyday Activism: on the job, in the family, and even on vacation! The men making up the panel had a total of 60 years of Big As TEXAS experience! Between the panel participants' talks and the audience questions and ideas, we even came up with some great activism ideas for the next Big As TEXAS cruise, tentatively scheduled for 2013!

Image: men at panel discussion, leader in center, two men on either side.
The men participating in the closing panel, "Everyday Activism," included Jay (facilitator), Johnny, Michael, Bion, and Greg. The panel was very well-received, and even came up with some future activism ideas!
Image: two men at table, one standing.

Johnny, Michael, and Jay at mens' panel.

Image: two men.

Bion and Greg at mens' panel

If you want to get in on the fun and education next year, mark your calendars for March 16-18, 2012, when we will be in Houston Texas, for Big As TEXAS: Hoedown!

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