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2002 Spring Event

"Texas ain't big enough to hold all of us!"

Image: Diane Roscoe
The 2002 Big As TEXAS Assembly took place March 8th - 10th. The theme this year was "Texas ain't big enough to hold all of us!" A good theme, since people came from a lucky thirteen different states!

The evening began at 4:00 P.M. with the opening of registration and the Hospitality Suite. This year, Diane Roscoe was the host for the Suite, providing some home baked cookies and always ready for games or conversation.

Left: Diane ready for visitors to the Hospitality Suite. This and all photos by Jay Early unless otherwise noted.

At 7:00 P.M. we had a barbecued dinner, following that up with announcements, door prizes, and the fashion show. At 10:00 P.M., we hosted a private pool party for attendees.

Image: Two women on exercise balls
Saturday began with a movement activity. Melissa Taylor of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, led us in a workout that included warm up stretching, aerobic exercise, and some cooling down stretches.

Right: Terry Early (left) and leader Melissa Taylor perched atop exercise balls.

Image: Darlene Cates
This year's Hands-on Activism session was chaired by actress Darlene Cates (of What's Eating Gilbert Grape? fame). The subject this year was "Body Image in the Entertainment Industry."

Left: Darlene Cates leading the Hands-on Activism workshop.

Psychologist C. J. Schoenrock presented a workshop on self esteem entitled "Through the Looking Glass: Body Image and Self Concept."
Image: C. J. Schoenrock
C. J. Schoenrock, workshop facilitator for "Through the Looking Glass."

Image: Andra Lozzi
Dallas-area resident and activist Andra Lozzi gave two workshops this year. The first was a discussion of "Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome." The second was entitled "Supersize Nutrition: Delicious Ways to Nourish Yourself."

Right: Andra Lozzi, facilitator for the PCOS and Nutrition workshops.

Image:  Jay Early
We ended the workshops with Jay Early's "Fat-friendly Travel" session.

Left: Jay Early, facilitator for the travel session. (Yup, we'll tell the truth--this is a photo from the 1999 event.)

Following a plated, sit down dinner of roasted strip loin au poivre, our Keynote speaker for the weekend, Elizabeth Fisher of Baton Rouge, spoke eloquently about her fight with the NHTSA for seat belt extenders.

Following the keynote address, we danced the night away.

On Sunday morning we concluded with a brunch and a closing program where attendees were encouraged to lay to rest painful memories of the past. Each individual was given a piece of paper upon which to record whatever memory they wanted to bury, and then the papers were placed, one by one, into the "coffin," where they could be buried and forgotten.

There are a few unusual things that occurred this year:

And next year, we will be back in Houston for the third weekend in March. We hope to see you then.
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