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MicroProse News
Volume 3, Number 1
Spring, 1993

Battle The Legendary Phantom of the Opera!

The Phantom of the Opera is dead, or is he?
That's the question you must answer in MicroProse's new animated
graphic adventure, Return of the Phantom, a vivid, computer-driven
theater production drawn from the events of the classic novel by
Gaston Leroux first published
in 1911.

The story begins in the summer of 1993. You are Inspector Raoul
Montand, visiting the famed Paris Opera House to attend the premiere
of the legendary Don Juan Triumphant, supposedly composed by Erik, the
Phantom of the Opera. But a ghastly accident stops the production
before it starts, and all the evidence seems to indicate that the
Phantom himself is still alive!

Then things take a truly bizarre twist. While investigating the crime
you are pushed from a catwalk by an unseen assailant and plunged
backward in time to 1881! Suddenly, everyone believes you are Raoul de
Chagny, lover of the beautiful opera singer Christine Daae, and rival
to the real Phantom of the Opera.

What follows in Return of the Phantom is a brilliant blend of mystery,
suspense, and high drama. According to game designer Raymond Benson,
Return of the Phantom borrows a great deal from theatrical melodrama.
"It's very much like a theater piece. The story is very much character
oriented and the story unfolds mostly through dialogue you will have
with other characters. Conversations are not incidental in the game,
they are critical for moving the plot forward so you must be paying
attention at all times. The story is also told in scenes, and the
characters often make the kinds of dramatic gestures seen in theater

At the heart of the game's dramatic presentation is MADS, the
MicroProse Adventure Development System first used in Rex Nebular and
the Cosmic Gender Bender, MicroProse's first animated graphic
adventure game. The system features dazzling animation and rotoscoping
of actual human movement and motion to give characters the most
realistic look ever seen in an AGA, all set against a backdrop of
evocative, sensual art that fully captures the spirit (no pun
intended) of 19th Century Paris. Return of the Phantom expands MADS
with multi-plane scrolling rooms, character portraits in dialogue
boxes, and an enhanced conversation system more appropriate to the
plot, making the game even more realistic.

Unlike many AGAs, Return of the Phantom is designed for computer
gamers new to animated graphic adventures as well as veteran AGA
players. "There are lots of mysteries and clever puzzles to solve, but
the game is very accessible and would make a great introduction to
these kinds of games. There's lots of conflict and action, but there's
also lots of drama to keep players constantly entertained," Raymond

Having a strong theater background from which to draw inspiration for
a game such as this doesn't hurt, either. "I majored in Theatre and
have a degree in Directing, and spent 11 years working in New York on
various productions," Raymond explained. "I have an interest in film
and theatre and I look for story-based games that allow me to develop
characters. I tend to look for ways to tell a story with pictures as
well as dialogue."

Return of the Phantom
286/386/486 (12+ MHz) ù DOS 3.1+
Keyboard, mouse
MCGA or VGA graphics
Roland, Ad Lib, Soundblaster and Covox

From The Editor

A Kinder, Gentler Newsletter

Welcome to MicroProse News! Although this isn't the first issue of the
MicroProse News ever published, for some of you it may be the first
you've received. We've recently begun expanding our mailing list to
allow more MicroProse customers access to what we think is a useful,
entertaining publication.

Those of you who have received the MicroProse News before will no
doubt notice some changes in the newsletter's format and style. This
is part of an evolution that we hope will be largely completed by the
end of summer.

Most of the changes we'll be making are based on input we've received
from you, our readers, first in a small set of questions printed last
issue (Holiday, 1992), and more recently in a formal survey sent to a
random sampling of our newsletter readership. Thanks to all who
responded! Your comments gave us exactly the kind of feedback we

By and large, the thing we found most important was that we seem to
already be doing a good job. A large majority of respondents expressed
satisfaction with the newsletter and a continued interest in reading
it. Those types of articles we believe are most important were exactly
the ones you demanded to and ideas helped us to better define you,
our customers and readers, and our ongoing attempt to serve you. This
issue, and others that will follow, will be an ongoing attempt to
better meet your needs and make the experience of being a MicroProse
customer as enjoyable as possible.eet your needs and make the
experience of being a MicroProse customer as enjoyable as possible.
If there's anything this publication can do to better serve you,
please don't hesitate to write.
Gary T. Almes

From The Readers

In response to your request in Vol. 2 No. 2 for hints on Civilization,
here are a few that I have encountered:

* Custom make your worlds as large, temperate and arid, with 6 or 7
civilizations. Then, explore rapidly, make peace with any other
civilizations you meet, trade knowledge, and then attack. Instant
growth, for free!

* If you are a democracy but want to declare war on someone, you can
usually get them to declare war on you by bribing their units or
inciting revolts in their cities.

Grant Sigsworth
Sand Diego, CA

[Grant actually sent quite a few great hints for the game, but space
permitted us only to include these. Thanks for the input, Grant!
_ Ed.]

I have Gunship 2000 and I have never seen or played a better
helicopter simulation. I like having the option to fly several
different helicopters.

I do have a suggestion: it would be great to fly either side of the
simulation. I would like to fly the M-24W Hind-E, the Hip-E, the
Havoc, the Hokum, and the Gazelle. This would give the user an inside
look at the enemy helicopters and see the awesome power of the
American helicopters in a one on one attack. I have not seen a gunship
simulation that lets the player fly enemy ships.

Harry Stegall
Richlands, NC

[From Jim Day, designer of Gunship 2000: Thank you for your comments
on Gunship 2000. It is always gratifying to hear from a satisfied
customer. Your suggestion for a new upgrade is excellent. It would be
interesting to experience and compare the capabilities of foreign
helicopters against their American counterparts. Then we could
distinguish the real gunslingers from the pretenders. I can't say for
sure, but such an upgrade could be in the offing. Thanks again for
your support.]

Write to MicroProse News!

We want to know what you think about our company, our products, and
this newsletter. Send correspondence to: Newsletter Editor ù
MicroProse News ù 180 Lakefront Drive ù Hunt Valley, MD 21030-2245.
Submission guidelines are printed in the staff box at left. Shorter
letters have the best chance of being published.

Modem owners can save themselves a postage stamp by uploading a letter
to the editor to the MicroProse News folder of the MicroProse BBS,
(410) 785-1841. Letters left here are not answered online. They are
treated as other, mailed, submissions.

Notes From Customer Service/Technical Support

A few important facts about DOS 6.0:
All MicroProse DOS-based games will work fine under DOS 6.0 with no

In addition, games that previously required a boot disk under earlier
versions of DOS will no longer require such a boot disk as long as DOS
6.0 users use the MEMMAKER memory configuration utility.
MEMMAKER will create up to 621k of free conventional memory, which is
fine for all MicroProse games. However, some mouse drivers may be too
large to load into high memory via MEMMAKER, and will reduce the free
conventional memory to 605k, which is still enough free memory for
every MicroProse game except for version 1.x of F-15 Strike Eagle III.
Version 2 of that game, due soon, will fit under the 605k limit.

MicroProse Is Breaking Into Windows!

Just when you thought it was safe to work on your computer without
fear of gaming addiction, MicroProse has made normal life impossible
again with a zany collection of easy-to-play, habit-forming games for
users of the popular Microsoft Windows_ operating system.

The MicroProse Entertainment Pack Volume 1: Dr. Floyd's Desktop Toys,
is, according to project leader Jeff Johannigman, "for people who
don't play a lot of computer games_ yet."

Dr. Floyd's Desktop Toys should take care of that. It's a collection
of seven fascinating, often mind-bending games and utilities with some
very special design features. "These games have to be easy to get
into, and you have to be able to play them to some degree of
satisfaction in 15 minutes. But our games are not only easy and fun,
they're also addictive, and you can play them as long as you want."

In fact, Dr. Floyd's Desktop Toys makes the perfect gift for the
Windows user you love (or the Windows user whose productivity you wish
to destroy). The collection has something for everyone:
Cryptograms is a challenging collection of messages encrypted through
letter substitution.

Snark Hunt, filled with hilarious graphics and sounds, puts players on
the hunt for mischievous creatures called snarks on a game board where
they hide in amazingly clever ways.

Pentominoes is a professional puzzle building kit that gives you
scores of ready-made puzzles to solve and shows you how to create
puzzles of your own.

Wallop! is a stress-reliever of the highest order. Critters pop out
of holes in the ground. You smash as many of them as you can with a
mallet. Then you smash some more.
Webspinners is a fascinating derivative of artificial intelligence
experiments that lets you teach the computer how to make multi-colored
patterns of amazing complexity in only a few short steps.

Kye is an addictive import from England in the tradition of Loadrunner
and Lemmings. "It's a simple but devious arcade game that combines
fact action and logic" that contains 25 progressively harder levels.

Of course, the heart of the game pack is Dr. Floyd himself, described
by Jeff as "a combination of Albert Einstein, Sigmund Freud, Mark
Twain, Christopher Lloyd, and Groucho Marx." The Doctor can appear on
your screen spontaneously to speak to you on topics of total
irrelevance; and can also remind you of meetings and appointments. At
the designated time, Floyd appears and says whatever script you've
written for him. "I felt we needed to humanize computers," Jeff said.
"It's nice to feel that there's someone alive in there."

Dr. Floyd's Desktop Toys
386SX or greater rec. (16+ MHz) ù Windows 3.1 for sound or Windows 3.0
2 MB RAM ù 7 MB hard disk space
Mouse required
VGA graphics only
Roland, Ad Lib, PAS, Sound Master 2, SoundBlaster, SoundBlaster Pro

The Legacy: MicroProse's New Horror RPG That's Best Played With The
Lights On

Take gothic horror, mystery, suspense, and action and mix it all
together, add in some magic and a good dose of the supernatural, toss
in an insane asylum and a few demons from the outer planes, and you
have a recipe for terror that could only be MicroProse's new horror
role-playing game, The Legacy: Realm of Terror.

Making a computer game scary is no easy feat. No matter how realistic
computer games are, it's still difficult to achieve the true
suspension of disbelief that is the essence of terror. The Legacy
pulls it off through an ingenious combination of character
development, interface design, graphics and sounds.

Character Development

You get to control the attributes of the character you're sending into
the haunted Winthrop house. Your character can be strong physically
and capable of slugging it out with the poltergeists, or he (or she)
can be a thinker, capable of using logic against supernatural evil. Or
your character can have magical abilities just as potent as the forces
that attempt to make your residence in the house as brief as possible.
"The character generation system is easy and quick, but it's also
flexible, letting you create the kind of character you think has the
best chance of defeating the evil," said game designer Jim Bambra.
"When you're controlling a character you've personally created, it
makes the action more meaningful."

Interface Design

The Legacy also has a streamlined, efficient interface that lets
gamers concentrate on the game and not on how to get things done.
Windows can be resized and moved around, objects are easily examined
and seized. Combat is also intuitive and spellcasting is a matter of
clicking a button.

"We wanted an interface that would let the player define the way he
wants to play the game. It also had to be easy to understand and
unobtrusive. You don't want to have to stop in the middle of a scary
scene and wonder how to throw holy water. It should come naturally,"
Bambra said.

The game also maps the complex labyrinth of rooms on the many floors
of the Winthrop House for you, giving you more time to focus on what's
around the next corner.

Graphics and Sound

The real heart of the game, though, is the tremendous creativity of
the graphics and sound. Creatures literally appear from nowhere, and
always accompanied by some unexpected sound. "Sounds are such an
overlooked part of the horror experience," Bambra explained. "In many
ways, sounds convey much more emotion than graphics do. Virtually
every great horror scene in any movie has some kind of sound attached
to it, whether you notice it consciously or not. This game is the same

The Legacy promises to be one of MicroProse's most imaginative and
innovative games, and is already getting a lot of attention from
horror fans. One prominent horror film director has already placed an
advance order for the game. There is, after all, a definite lack of
truly scary games on the market. But The Legacy seems to be the first
sign that things are going to change.

The Legacy: Realm of Terror
Mouse recommended, keyboard
VGA graphics only
Roland, Ad Lib, SoundBlaster sound

Look For Legacy Hints, Among Others, On The MicroProse Hint Line

As soon as The Legacy: Realm of Terror hits the streets, gamers will
be able to find important hints and tips for handling the game's
myriad of puzzles and supernatural mysteries.
These hints and many more will be available on the MicroProse Hint
Line, one of the most valuable resources a MicroProse gamer can have.
The Hint Line also has sections for such mind-bogglers as Rex Nebular
and The Cosmic Gender Bender, Darklands, Civilization, and Twilight
2000. Hints will also become available for Return of the Phantom upon
its release.

Simulation fans might also want to check out the Hint Line's playing
tips for such titles as Gunship 2000 and F-117A Stealth Fighter 2.0.
And video game players will be delighted to see hints for F-15 Strike
Eagle for the NES and Super Strike Eagle for the SNES.

To call the MicroProse Hint Line, open 24 hours a day, dial
1-900-933-PLAY. The cost of the call is 95 per minute, and you must
be age 18 or older, or have your parents' permission, to call. A
touchtone phone is also required.

MicroProse Phone Numbers

Customer Service
(410) 771-1151
(Weekdays, 9am-5pm, EST)

Direct Ordering
(Weekdays, 9am-5pm, EST)

MicroProse BBS
(410) 785-1841
(7 Days; 24 hours)

MicroProse Hints
(7 Days; 24 hours)

A Survival Guide To The Legacy: Realm of Terror

The following gives some general playing tips for success in The
Legacy, as well as specific pointers. If you prefer to play without
the benefit of any aid, you're advised to skip this article.

In The Legacy: Realm of Terror, you'll encounter ghouls and zombies,
demons and artifacts, the undead and the insane. Surviving will be
tough enough. How in the world (or worlds, for that matter) can you
hope to win?

For starters, collect everything you can. On the entry level of the
Winthrop house you'll find a briefcase to help you carry additional
items. Also on this level you'll find a great many items to help keep
you alive during the early stages of the game. Explore as much as you
can, and in a case where you can't carry something, at least make a
note of where it is.

Pay attention to the notes you'll find left behind. These scraps of
articles, journal entries, and other family records will help you
gradually piece together what's going on in the house, and what you
need to do to stop the evil. You don't need to keep all the notes you
find, but reading them is vital.

Magic plays an important part of the game, and it's useful to pursue
it at every opportunity. Many of the creatures you'll encounter can be
defeated with conventional weaponry _ but some can't.

The Legacy is a horror role-playing game, but it also has quite a few
challenging puzzles and mysteries you need to solve in order to to
win. Understand that many solutions have multiple parts and that
you'll have to visit a great many places in order to gather all the
items you'll need to face the ultimate evil within the house.

Recent Releases

Jump Jet

Graphically-dazzling simulation of the remarkable jet fighter that can
hover in mid-air, perform vertical takeoffs and fly in reverse. Fast,
highly-detailed 3-D graphics.

Challenge of the Five Realms

A rich, fascinating epic adventure in a world ruled by magic and beset
by evil forces. From the designers of the popular MegaTraveller
role-playing computer games.

Super Strike Eagle
Super NES

Now all the thrills and challenge of the world's most popular combat
flight simulator packs 16-bit Nintendo power! Realistic missions
against top-flight enemy forces.

World Circuit

This critically-acclaimed auto racing simulation uses intricate 3-D
graphics to deliver the fastest, most intense Grand Prix racing
experience possible. Numerous playing options and modem play guarantee
constant variety.

To order, or for more information on any
MicroProse product, call
(weekdays, 9am to 5pm, EST)

Special Sneak Preview!

The Ultimate Strategic Test: The Infinite Realm of Space

What follows is an extended sneak preview of a work still very much in
progress. Game details are always subject to change.

The universe is a big place. Can you conquer all of it? That's the
goal in Star Masters (working title), MicroProse's new strategy game
that gives you complete control of an alien race in pursuit of living
space among the stars.

Competing against your race for the same planets and resources are
other alien species, each with distinct advantages of their own. Some
are shapeshifters and therefore make excellent spies, others are
superior pilots, still others are excellent researchers and develop
technologies quickly. When you start the game you can pick which alien
race you want to control.

"The races all have special abilities that make them unique. There's a
lot of diplomacy involved in making the aliens' advantages work for
you and not against you," said game designer Steve Barcia.
But aliens aren't the only fascinating part of Star Masters. As your
aliens discover technologies, they can apply them toward the
construction of starships. These ships can be any of several different
sizes, and can be equipped with technology that makes them versatile
and multi-faceted, or they can be designed quicker with a single
purpose in mind. As your technological achievement increases, you gain
the ability to miniaturize technological components, allowing you to
fit more features onto a ship.

Starships are useful for exploring new planets and locating valuable
resources. They also have one other, important use. "My favorite part
of the game is the combat," Steve said. "You're able to design ships
to perform certain tasks, and to fight certain types of battles well.
For virtually any situation you can design an appropriate ship, if you
have the resources and technology and manufacturing capabilities. The
amount of flexibility that you have is amazing."

This flexibility, Steve says, extends to everything in the game.
"There is no 'best option' for winning the game. Any number of
strategies can succeed, depending on how well you execute them. A lot
of time you're making tradeoffs, sacrificing something here to gain
something there. But technology does have a huge effect on

Win a Trip For Two To The Monte Carlo Grand Prix!

As part of our ongoing 10th Anniversary promotion, MicroProse, along
with Omni and Compute! magazines, is sponsoring an expense-paid trip
to the Grand Prix at Monte Carlo with an estimated value of over
$4,000 per person!

The trip includes round trip airfare, six nights first class hotel
accommodations, tickets to the Grand Prix, transportation to and from
the airport and hotel, all sales tax and services, and professional
tour coordination.

Also featured is a sightseeing tour of the French Riviera, including:
the Prince's Palace atop the Rock of Monaco and the sumptuously
decorated Monte Carlo Casino.
Entry forms for this unprec-edented event are available with any
specially-marked Micro-Prose game. The entry deadline is Sept. 30,
with the drawing to be held in mid-November.

Fight The Battle of Waterloo Up Close and Personal

Within a decade of seizing the French throne in 1804, the supreme
military strategist and gambler Napoleon Bonaparte won and then lost
control of Europe, from Spain in the west to Poland in the East.
He was exiled to a Mediterranean island, where he began planning his
last chance for glory. In 1815, he returned to France, rallied his
troops, and marched to the border of Belgium for 100 days of bloodshed
against the British and Prussian armies.

Across the "Fields of Glory," on the road to Waterloo, cannons raged
and cavalry charged amidst the smoke as hundreds of thousands of men
engaged in frenzied fighting for control of Europe.
In the past, such an epic battle would have made a great game, but it
would have been limited to turn-based action featuring symbols on a
two-dimensional map.

But dramatic advances in computer technology and game design have made
it possible to transform such a game into a visual delight as well as
a strategic challenge.

Fields of Glory represents the first in a potential series of colorful
action battle games utilizing a new "Close Quarters" troop system;
introducing atmosphere, personalities, and "against-the-clock"
decision-making to simulate the conditions and excitement of
battlefield leadership.

According to game designer Jim Bambra, Fields of Glory is a daring
attempt to break new ground while still remaining faithful to the
essence of real battle games. "We've focused on the visual color and
spectacle of battle, designing an easy-to-use interface that allows
you to issue orders and see their effects immediately through animated
action. You won't see the "Please Wait" messages that appear so often
in wargames while the computer processes the new moves. The extensive
AI calculations and combat data are kept firmly off-screen."

Instead of mundane icon movements, players will be treated to
thrilling real-time animations of soldiers fighting, muskets flaring,
and cannons booming amidst the smoke of battle over a vivid landscape
Fields of Glory will allow players to pit their skills against
Napoleon, Wellington, or Blucher in single battles or across an entire
campaign. The streamlined interface and on-line data system provides
instant information for the hardcore strategist and lets new wargamers
quickly grasp important game concepts. Increasing levels of realism
and six different battle scenarios (four historical, two fictional),
add to the variety.

"We aim to break the mold of traditional wargaming; to bring the
MicroProse attention-to-detail without the boredom of calculation,"
Jim said. "And the state-of-the-art graphics and sound will place the
player in the middle of the battle, where all good Generals should

Sneak Previews

Pirates! Gold

The MicroProse classic action/adventure game Pirates! is finally
updated with modern day technology and graphics power! Search for fame
and fortune along the dangerous cities and towns of the Spanish Main.


Finally, a cyberpunk role-playing game with some bite to it. Get ready
for life as a vampire in a jaded, faded future of high-technology and
ultra-powerful megacorporations where the only real action always
happens at night.

Sega Genesis

Now you can live the life of a daring buccaneer with your Sega
Genesis! Sail the turbulent waters of the 16th Century Spanish Main,
battling fearsome pirates and courting the favor of beautiful women in
every town.

Railroad Tycoon Deluxe

Sid Meier's smash hit Railroad Tycoon is updated and enhanced with
more trains and more regions in which to test your entreprenurial and
industrial skills. New regions include South America and Equatorial
Africa. New, high-res VGA graphics. Upgrades to Railroad Tycoon Deluxe
will be available for current Railroad Tycoon owners.

MicroProse Football (working title)

The masters of military simulation turn their talents toward the most
brutal behavior of all: competition in the National Football League.
Real players, real teams, real coaches. Real 3-D to let you direct,
participate in, and view the action from any angle, any time.
to order, or for more information on any MicroProse product, call
(weekdays, 9am to 5pm, EST)

"What If" Dogfights Become Real In Air Duel

Imagine taking on an F-16 Falcon in a World War I Sopwith Camel. Are
you so sure it would be no contest? Remember that the Sopwith Camel
would give off no radar signature, and the full-throttle jet would
have to rely on visual sighting. Now things get interesting_

That's the premise behind Air Duel, Micro-Prose's new dogfighting game
that lets you pit planes of different eras against each other in
scintillating battles that test your cunning in new, amazing ways. Air
Duel makes a great introductory combat flight simulator as well,
because it places a great deal more emphasis on fast action than on
the ultra-realism common to most simulations in the genre.

"Air Duel is designed for the flight simulation novice who wants to
learn the basics of dogfighting in a new, exciting, and challenging
way," said Product Manager Carl Knoch. "But it's also a fascinating
experience for even the most experienced simulation buffs."

Air Duel becomes even more exciting in its two-player (modem play)
mode. Now gamers can take on their friends in the aircraft of their
choice, in any of six different eras of aviation history: World War I,
World War II, Korea, Vietnam, The Falklands, and the Middle East.
Among the aircraft you can fly are the Sopwith Camel, the Spitfire,
the F-86, the F-4 Phantom, the Harrier Jump Jet, the F-16, the Fokker
DR1, and the MiG-23.

"The potential matchups aren't as lopsided as you would think," Carl
adds. "Planes from different eras each had different strengths,
including maneuverability, speed, or armament. Heat-seeking missiles,
for instance, do no good if they can't find the target.

"Air Duel is a simulation, but it's also suspends reality enough to
make for some memorable adventures. It's the ultimate 'what if' game
to a combat flight simulation fan and it doesn't waste time bogging
you down in the details a typical combat flight sim would find

Air Duel
386+ (33MHz +) ù DOS 5.0 rec.
1 MB RAM ù 6 MB hard disk space
Joystick recommended and mouse supp.
VGA graphics only
Roland, SoundBlaster, PAS sound

F-15 II Takes Off On Sega!

When it comes to non-stop, intense air combat action, computer gamers
have for years thought of F-15 Strike Eagle. Now, Sega gamers will,

The Sega Genesis version of the smash hit F-15 Strike Eagle II lets
you pilot an F-15 on dangerous missions in the Persian Gulf, where you
can locate and destroy chemical warfare plants, blast entrenched
positions, and dogfight through a sky swarming with bogies.
The game features full 3-D action, selectable missions, and the most
challenging enemy dogfighting logic ever developed for a video game,
guaranteeing plenty of intense action.

F-15 II for Sega takes full advantage of the machine's strong 16-bit
graphics technology with breathtaking explosions and dazzling combat
flight maneuvers. No other Sega Genesis video game so accurately and
realistically captures the thrill of air combat while still remaining
fun and addictive to play.

F-15 Strike Eagle II
Sega Genesis
Joystick recommended

F-15 III To Be Available On CD-ROM!

All the stuff MicroProse wanted to include with the original F-15
Strike Eagle III but couldn't because of time and disk space
constraints will be available in the F-15 III CD ($79.95).
Among the features:

* An enhanced introduction rendered with state-of-the-art CAD systems
* An on-disk history of the F-15
* An extensive on-disk radar and weapons tutorial

The CD will have all the features of the original F-15 III, including
a dazzling graphics system and two-player (modem) capability.

F-15 Strike Eagle III CD-ROM
386+ (33MHZ +) ù DOS 5.0 +
2 MB RAM ù CD-ROM drive required
Expanded memory supported
Joystick recommended; Thrustmaster and mouse supported
VGA graphics only
Ad Lib, Roland, SoundBlaster, PAS sound

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

* * * MicroProse Holiday Newsletter * * *

December-January 1993 Issue

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Modem Play Games: The Wave Of The Future?

You're flying 30,000 feet above the city of Baghdad inside an
F-15 Strike Eagle. Your objective Ä a scud missile battery Ä
is almost within range.

Without warning, you're attacked from behind by a MiG firing
a lethal Archer air-to-air missile! You pull into a sharp power
dive and bank right to dodge the missiles, but the MiG anticipates
that maneuver and matches you move for move. He's got radar
lock and he's about to fire again.

This scenario, and others very similar to it, has been enacted
millions of times by flight simulator fans through the years.
But in today's rapidly evolving world of computer entertainment,
even typical adventures such as these have an exciting new twist:
the enemy you're fighting isn't the AI of the computer, it's
another person.

Interactive gaming is what many industry observers feel to be
the next great gaming craze. Lots of games already support modem
and direct link play, but many more are likely to be available
within the next few years as game developers find new ways to
incorporate multi-player gaming into their designs.

MicroProse has supported interactive gaming for quite a while.
Knights of the Sky lets players re-live the danger and gallantry
of World War I dogfighting against computerized or human opponents.
David Leadbetter's Greens lets golfers tee off from separate
computers across the country. F-15 Strike Eagle III will support
both competitive (head-to-head) and cooperative (wingman or
co-pilot) missions via modem. And the acknowledged master of
multi-player gaming, Dan Bunten, has designed two classic
modem-supporting games under the MicroPlay label: Command HQ
and Global Conquest.

And more modem-play games are on the way Ä guaranteeing no
shortage of multi-player action.

Getting Started

Once you've got the right game, where do you go from there?
Well, your easiest and most convenient source of modem-play
competitors is among your friends. Beyond that, try any local
BBSs, or any of the major online services, such as CompuServe,
GEnie, America Online and Prodigy. Besides offering bulletin
boards where prospective gaming partners can meet, some services
offer online games of their own!

In fact, MicroProse has a BBS of its own where gamers can meet
and communicate. The BBS number is (410) 785-1841, and is free
except for phone charges. (See the article on the MicroProse
BBS, page 6.)

Keep in mind that almost all modem-play games require that you
purchase a separate version of the game for each player.
Modem-play is the wave of the future because it lets gamers have
the high-technology of computers and the spontaneity of human
interaction. It really is the best of both worlds.

Sneak Previews

Jump Jet. A fascinating simulation of the awesome Harrier Jump
Jet, the British-designed fighter jet capable of vertical
takeoffs, flying in reverse, hovering, and sudden mid-air stops!
Jump Jet features amazingly-detailed 3-D graphics and action-
packed missions. For IBM-PC/compatibles.

Across The Rhine. A no-holds barred 3-D simulation of the
greatest tank campaign ever waged: the stirring battles that
occured between D-Day and the fall of Berlin. Lead an armored
division of American or German forces. Modem play for head-to-
head or cooperative play. For IBM-PC/compatibles.

Animated Graphic Adventure

Return of the Phantom. The famed Paris Opera House is be-set
by crimes bearing a chilling resemblance to those committed by
the legendary Phantom of the Opera 100 years ago. As Inspector
Raoul Montand, you'll use all your wits and savvy to solve the
crimes and force an eventual confrontation with the criminal;
who just may be the Phantom himself! For IBM-PC/compatibles.

Pirates! Gold. Shiver me timbers! The MicroProse classic,
Pirates! is being updated for the 90s with all-new VGA graphics,
support for mouse and joystick, enhanced swordfighting, and more
opportunities for swashbuckling action on the Spanish Main! For

Cartridge Games

Super Strike Eagle. All the action-packed dogfighting of the
popular F-15 Strike Eagle PC games series comes to 16-bit NES.
256 colors and digitized stereo sound capability immerse you in
the world of modern day air combat; realistic 3-D flight against
real air and ground opponents keeps the excitement level high.
And the game features combat in major hot spots of the world,
including the Persian Gulf! For Super Nintendo.

F-15 Strike Eagle II. Now, Sega Genesis players can experience
the thrills of high-tech dogfighting in this full-featured combat
flight game. No other Sega flight game delivers as much intense
action. F-15 II features full 3-D action, including rolls, loops,
and target positioning; selectable missions; and the most
realistic enemy dogfighting logic available in a cartridge game.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Recent Releases


Flying Fortress. Experience all the thrills and dangers faced
by World War II's elite B-17 bomber crews in this electrifying
simulation. Can you complete 25 perilous daytime missions
against elite Axis forces? Flying Fortress gives you complete
control over all ten crew positions, including pilot, bombardier,
and turret gunner. For IBM-PC/compatibles.

Animated Graphics Adventure

Rex Nebular and the Cosmic Gender Bender. MicroProse enters
the animated graphics adventure arena with a bang with this
bawdy, irreverent outer space action farce. Interstellar super
stud Rex Nebular is marooned on a world populated entirely by
women. Can he escape? More importantly, does he want to? State-
of-the-art graphics and animation dazzle your senses while
outrageous humor tickles your funny bone. For IBM-PC/compatibles.


Darklands. Tired of hacking and slashing in unimaginative
fantasy worlds? Try testing your brains as well as your brawn
in medieval Germany, a time of chaos, superstition and corruption.
Lead a band of adventurers in a realm where the emperor is
powerless, the church corrupt, and the dark superstitions of
dragons, witches, and demonic forces are terrifyingly real.
For IBM-PC/compatibles.


Civilization (Macintosh version). Sid Meier's award-winning
classic of empire building through the ages takes full advantage
of Macintosh capabilities with menus, dialog boxes, command-key
shortcuts, resizable windows and more! Enhanced Macintosh
resolution makes the game's artwork even more impressive. For
Apple Macintosh (b&w and color).


Mantis. This action-packed outer space action extravaganza
is loaded with enough raw action, digitized graphics and
scintillating sounds to blow you away for months! Pilot an
experimental starfighter deemed to be the last hope against
the superior technology of an advanced, brutal alien race.
For IBM-PC/compatibles. Coming soon for CD-ROM (see page 6).


David Leadbetter's Greens. Computer golfing the way it should
be: with fast screen re-draws, dazzling 3-D graphics, and a
host of playing options. What's more, Greens helps improve
your real game with tips from pros' pro David Leadbetter himself!

Things Are Getting Scary At MicroProse With The Legacy

1992 has been a year of firsts for MicroProse. We released
our first fantasy role-playing game, Darklandst, and our first
animated graphics adventure, Rex Nebular and the Cosmic Gender
Bendert. Now, MicroProse hopes to close out the year with
another first: its first horror role-playing game.

Titled The Legacy: Realm of Terrort, the game will feature an
intuitive interface and an array of atmospheric graphics and
sounds guaranteed to chill the bones on a dark and stormy night.

In the game, the player can choose to be one of seven different
"personas." This character has inherited a historic mansion
from distant relatives, only to find out that the mansion isn't
the only thing that's been inherited. It turns out that the
mansion is haunted by a variety of evil spirits intent on
throwing an "unwelcoming" party to any new residents.

In The Legacy, all the action is seen from the perspective of
the player's character, through customizable windows that can
be sized to the player's preferences and to accomodate differing
monitor capabilities.

"Horror is a difficult concept to convey in a computer game,
but with The Legacy we've got a lot of material capable of
pulling it off," said Product Manager Monique Caron. "The
graphics are rendered in state of the art 3-D and animate with
chilling realism. The rooms that you explore are digitized,
for full atmospheric effect. And the sounds will tingle your
spine, especially in those instances when you're not expecting

Unexpected things happen quite often in The Legacy. The game
allows for non-linear progression through ten levels of the
house (above and below ground), with up to 40 rooms per level.
The game is also filled with mysteries and puzzles that need
to be solved before the player can get to the source of the

The Legacy, to be initially released for IBM-PC/compatibles,
should be in stores by Christmas. Don't play it in the dark.

Register For Your Darklands Revisions

The MicroProse Customer Service Department has received lots
of calls from Darklands owners who have heard of the release
of a new version of the innovative role-playing game. Virtually
all the questions are the same: How do I get the new version?
The answer is simple: By sending in your warranty registration
card. The warranty registration card not only protects your
game against defects in manufacturing, it also puts you on the
list to receive Darklands upgrades, free!
(For more information on the latest version of Darklands, see
the article on the MicroProse BBS.)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Task Force 1942 Ready To Sail Into Retail Stores

By the time you read this, Task Force 1942, MicroProse's
thrilling re-creation of the brutal World War II Solomons
Campaign, should be hitting store shelves.

Task Force 1942 depicts the intense surface naval action that
took place in the Pacific during the struggle to capture and
keep Guadalcanal. The game uses MicroProse's most sophisticated
and detailed 3-D polygon graphics yet for breathtaking visual

In the game, the player commands a fleet of battleships,
cruisers, and destroyers. Routine missions assignments must
be carried out regularly, and the player must remain vigiliant
for the start of the explosive firefights that often occurred
with little or no warning during the campaign.

"The battle for Guadalcanal was one of the most dramatic and
intense of any in U.S. history," explains game designer
Lawrence Schick. "The suddenness of combat and the fury that
went into the battles make for great computer gaming."

To be sure of complete accuracy, MicroProse recruited Vice
Admiral William P. Mack, who served as a Gunnery Officer
aboard the John D. Ford during the Solomons Campaign. "Vice
Admiral Mack has been a tremendous source of knowledge of not
only how things looked and sounded, but how they felt," said
Schick. "That's where Task Force 1942 really shines, in the
way that it captures the exhiliration and danger of that brutal

Look For MicroProse On Prodigy Through December!

MicroProse has joined the Prodigy Interactive Personal Service
Network and is providing special offers and discounts to
Prodigy members through December. To see the special offers,

Prodigy's retail store, Computer Express, has special offers
on three Fall releases: David Leadbetter's Greens, Ancient
Art of War in the Skies, and F-15 Strike Eagle III. In
December, look for Rex Nebular, Gunship 2000, Railroad
Tycoon, and Civilization.

MicroProse Hint Line Ready To Answer Frantic Questions

Can't get past Rhotunda, the carnivorous jungle woman on
Terra Androgena? Don't know what alchemical potions will
work against a fire-breathing dragon? Still getting shot
down by MiGs over the Kuwait/Iraq border?

The answers to these and other urgent gaming questions can
be found through the new MicroProse Hint Line. The hint line
features hints on popular games like Rex Nebular And The
Cosmic Gender Bender, Darklands, F-117A Stealth Fighter 2.0,
Gunship 2000, Twilight 2000, and Civilization.

The Hint Line is also updated periodically for newer games,
as well as to add new gaming tips for older products.

To call the MicroProse Hint Line, open 24 hours a day, dial
1-900-933-PLAY. The cost of the call is 95 per minute, and
you must be age 18 or older, or have your parents' permission,
to call. A touchtone phone is also required.

Have You Tried A Demo Disk?

Eager to get a look at a game before you buy it? Then demo
disks are the answer.

But MicroProse has taken the demo disk a step further than
most. Our demo disks are not only previews of upcoming games,
they're also entertaining all by themselves. Here's a sampling
of the demo disks you can look for at your local software
retailer store:

Dogfights, Sky Wars, and Chip Shots. Demos of F-15 Strike
Eagle III, Ancient Art of War in the Skies, and David
Leadbetter's Greens.

Demo disks are also available for F-117A Stealth Fighter 2.0,
Gunship 2000, and Rex Nebular and the Cosmic Gender Bender.
And coming this Spring will be The Sid Meier Demo Trilogy,
consisting of Railroad Tycoon, Civilization, and Pirates!

Prices for the demo disks may vary. Some of the demos carry
rebates effective when the actual game is purchased.

For information on purchases direct from MicroProse, call
1-800-879-PLAY (weekdays 9 am to 5 pm, EST).

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Hint Books Available For Darklands and Rex Nebular

The MicroProse games Darklands, a fantasy role-playing
adventure set in Medieval Germany, and Rex Nebular and the
Cosmic Gender Bender, an outrageous animated graphic adventure
set in outer space, have something in common, after all. Both
games now have hint books, written by MicroProse game
designers, dedicated to helping players increase their enjoyment.

The Darklands Clue Book is a comprehensive player's guide to
Darklands. It contains detailed statistics and charts on the
monsters and enemies found in the game, strategies for
character generation and combat, secrets for successful
alchemy and prayers to the saints, and a comprehensive list
of hints and answers for the game's many puzzles and riddles.

The Rex Nebular Hint Book, like the game, uses tongue-in-cheek
humor to help players solve the many mind-bending puzzles in
this madcap farce.

Both hint books come in two formats. The first, with a
suggested retail price of $17.95, packages the book with
an accessory disk containing additional programs to enhance
enjoyment of the game and can be purchased at retail stores.

The second format, with a suggested retail price of $12.95,
features just the hint book and can be ordered direct from
MicroProse (1-800-879-PLAY; weekdays 9 am to 5pm, EST).

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

For High Speed Thrills, Try Your Skill On The World Circuit

World Circuit, MicroProse's new Formula One racing game, is
proof that good simulations don't always have to feature combat.

World Circuit takes MicroProse's traditional excellence in 3-D
simulation technology and applies it to the high-stakes
world of Formula One racing. And the results are breathtaking.

The game's detailed graphics and fast action surpass anything
that's been done in the genre before.

What's more, the use of a sophisticated 3-D system allows World
Circuit to more accurately reflect actual car handling and
performance than other race games Ä even in a variety of weather
and track conditions.

"World Circuit is an excellent example of how 3-D technology
can be used in games other than combat simulations," said
Product Manager Monique Caron. "Like David Leadbetter's
Greens, this game gives the player thrills and action that's
not available in other games of this type."

World Circuit lets players compete against 25 drivers on all
16 of the premiere Grand Prix racetracks. The game provides
varying difficulty levels, three race options, and even lets
you design your own racing car! The game is also tentatively
scheduled to support modem play, so that racers from across
the country can compete.

Look for World Circuit, available for IBM-PC/compatibles and
Amiga personal computers, before Christmas in your favorite
software retail stores.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Notes From Customer Service/Tech Support

Flying Fortress will not boot if you're running the
Stacker disk compression utility. To get around this, you
should drop the /EMS command from the stacker command in the
config.sys file. The game will also not boot if you're
running QEMM memory management software in "stealth" mode.

This mode must be disabled in the config.sys file for the
game to run. For more information on either Stacker or QEMM,
contact the respective manufacturers.

Darklands requires 2MB of RAM in order to play, but
simply having 2MB of RAM won't necessarily guarantee success.
If you're receiving "insufficient memory" messages and have
the required RAM, check to be sure that you have at least
64k allocated as expanded Ä not extended Ä memory in the
config.sys file. You can have extended memory, but you must
still have at least 64k of expanded memory to play the game.

The Islands and Ice scenario disk for Gunship 2000
requires 586k of free memory to run. If you have the required
640k of RAM but cannot load the game, you probably have
insufficient free memory. Trying eliminating some TSR
(Terminate and Stay Resident) programs or "boot clean" from
a DOS disk before playing.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

MicroProse Online

MicroProse Online

MicroProse provides Upcoming News, Latest Versions, Updates,
and Technical Support on the following Online Services, all
staffed by Technical Representatives Quentin Chaney and
Brian Hellesen.

* America Online: Industry Connection, Keyword "MicroProse.
" Address: MicroProse

* CompuServe: Game Publishers Forum, "Go GAMPUB." Address:
MicroProse, 76004,2223

* Delphi: GameSIG. Address: MicroProse

* GEnie: Scorpia RT. Address: MicroProse

* MCI Mail: Address: MicroProse

* PC-Link: Computer Forum, Keyword "MicroProse."
Address: MicroProse

* Prodigy: Computer Club "Other Games." Address: XHFK15D

* Promenade: Industry Connection, Keyword "MicroProse."
Address: MicroProse

* Q-Link Computer Forum, MicroProse Section. Address: MPSLabs

* MicroProse BBS: 410-785-1841 (300/1200/2400/9600; N, 8, 1).
8 Lines Sysops: Quentin Chaney and Jim McConkey.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Upgrade Mantis To CD-ROM

When it comes to sound and graphics, floppy disks just can't
match CD-ROM. That's why Mantist, MicroPlay's outer-space
action-adventure game, will soon be available in a new CD-ROM
version that contains even more dazzling bit-mapped graphics
and explosive sounds.

The CD-ROM version of Mantis also contains all the original
missions plus 25 more, all of the PC Speech Pack voice and
sound features, an all-new alien race, an incredible extended
introduction sequence, and all-new, completely animated scenes.

It just might be worth the cost of the CD-ROM player itself.
And registered owners of the PC version of Mantis can get the
new CD-ROM version of the game at a special upgrade price of
$49.95. The CD-ROM Mantis costs $79.95.

For more information on the CD-ROM version of Mantis or the
upgrade from the PC version, call MicroProse Direct,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Check Out The MicroProse BBS!

The following files are among those available for downloading
from the MicroProse BBS (410-785-1841).


B-17 Flying Fortress Vers. 02
This new version of Flying Fortress adds many new features
including PAS sound support, better damage routines,
auto-landing, joystick calibration routines, and much more.


World Circuit PC VGA Demo
MicroProse's World Circuit Grand Prix Racing Demo. Features
a self-running tour around the track with the option to view
the action from different angles.


Ancient Art of War in Skies Demo
A self-running demo of Ancient Art of War in the Skies.
Requires PC/VGA and supports most soundcards.


Darklands Version 06
This is the complete Version 06 of Darklands for those not
knowing which version you have. Will bring versions 04, 05,
and 051 up to version 06. New version corrects all previous
version problems and adds new artwork. Highly recommended.
For those not wishing to download the Update(s), Customer
Service will mail the latest version on receipt of the
registration card.


F-15 Strike Eagle III VGA Slide Show Demo
Here it is! his one you have to see! Features screen shots
directly from the game.


Rex Nebular VGA Interactive Demo
The VGA Demo of Rex Nebular and the Cosmic Gender Bender.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Great Holiday Gifts!

Carry-All Bag
Send you old carry-ons packing. Our deluxe durable "Cordura"
nylon bag has a wide shoulder strap, inside padding and an
interior wet pocket. Handle wrap makes carrying a snap! Roomy
square end design and two end pockets let you pack it all in.
Measures 11" x 19" with embroidered Micro/Wings emblem. U.S.A.
#12104 $34.95

Wings Sweatshirt
Top off any outfit with our midweight fleece shirt, perfectly
balanced to be a force for fashion. Made of poly/cotton with
a solid white body and sleeves, trimmed with heather yoke and
panels. White/ash pencil stripe highlights sleeves. Two-color
navy knit trim at neck, cuffs, and waistband. Imported.
#12311 M, L, XL $44.95

Greens Golf Shirt
Score a hole-in-one for great looks. Step up to the tee with
our pure cotton white shirt trimmed in jade and navy on the
collar and cuffs. Stitched, 3-button double placket, single-
needle stitching on armholes and shoulders, plus extra long
side vent. Distinctive embroidered Greens logo. U.S.A.
#12208 M, L, XL $39.95

Top Gun Cap
This navy blue poplin hat lets you make a bold statement
without saying a word. Wear it year 'round and enjoy the
comfort of the adjustable strap. Whether you're playing
indoors or outdoors, the embroidered yellow and gold logo
says it all.
#12002 $9.95

Flight Jacket
Here's a top-grain genuine leather jacket that's bound for
glory! Now that you've earned your wings, it's your chance
to own an eye-catchingaccessory with a legacy of over 70 years
of practicality. Today, it still offers spacious pockets for
necessities, slip-in side pockets and a bi-swing pleated back
for unrestricted movement and layering. The leather exterior
is backed by a comfortable polyester lining. Designed with
shoulder epaulets, it sports an authentic Byron collar and
embroidered MicroProse wings. Dark brown.
#12413 M, L, XL $150.00

With every direct purchase, receive a free copy of The First
Decade In Computer Games, by Game Players Magazine and
MicroProse! The First Decade In Computer Games is a fascinating
look at the history of computer gaming, with special emphasis
on the people and games that shaped the industry in its formative

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

MicroProse Games Order Form

New Releases (Reg. Price)
Task Force 1942 69.95
Special Forces 49.95
Mantis 69.95
Rex Nebular 69.95
* F-15 Strike Eagle III 79.95
Ancient Art of War in Skies 59.95
Darklands 69.95
F-117A Stealth Fighter 2.0 79.95
B-17 Flying Fortress 69.95
David Leadbetter's Greens 59.95
* Gunship 2000 69.95
* Gunship 2000 Islands & Ice 19.95
Twilight 2000 59.95

Other Favorites (Discount Price)
Silent Service II 44.95
M-1 Tank Platoon 49.95
F-15 Strike Eagle II 29.95
F-15 II (w/Op. Desert Storm) 49.95
Railroad Tycoon 29.95
Knights of the Sky 29.95
Sea Rogue 29.95
Covert Action 29.95
Red Storm Rising 29.95
F-19 Stealth Fighter 29.95
Hyperspeed 29.95
Command HQ 29.95
Flames of Freedom 29.95
Millennium 29.95

Carry-All Bag 34.95
Wings Sweatshirt 44.95
Top Gun Cap 9.95
Greens Golf Shirt 39.95
Leather Bomber Jacket 150.00

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

MicroProse News Volume 2, Number 4
Publisher: Lindsay Riehl
Editor: Gary T. Ames
Online Edition Edited by Quentin Chaney, MPS Online Services.


December 8, 1992


F-15 Strike Eagle III has mastered and is at the duplicators!
The game should start showing up in stores late next week.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

On the 51st Anniversary of Pearl Harbor

HUNT VALLEY, MD - MicroProse, Inc. (NASDAQ: MPRS), worldwide
developer of entertainment software, introduces TASK FORCE 1942,
Surface Naval Action in the South Pacific, for IBM -PC
compatibles, on the anniversary of Pearl Harbor.

This spectacular WWII surface naval game will further bolster
MicroProse's position as a leader in strategy and combat
simulations. Focusing on the Solomons Campaign of 1942,
TASK FORCE 1942 enables the player to command a fleet of
destroyers, cruisers, and battleships against aggressive
enemy forces in the South Pacific.

No detail has been overlooked in this painstakingly researched
simulation. Your daily routine will include firing torpedoes
into enemy backsides, issuing commands to ships and convoys,
and confronting hostile ships head-on in explosive night battles.
In TASK FORCE 1942, the player may command either U.S. or
Japanese forces and battle enemies in single engagements or
comprehensive campaigns.

In its continued dedication to historical accuracy, MicroProse
received technical guidance from Vice Admiral William Mack,
Gunnery Officer aboard the John D. Ford in the World War II
Solomons Campaign. TASK FORCE 1942 will challenge and excite
the player through realistic night combat, blinding explosions,
burning and sinking ships, flares, torpedo wakes, and harsh
weather conditions. When a Long Lance torpedo rips through
the hull of your flagship and huge columns of water from enemy
gunfire surround your battleships, it's another exciting day
in TASK FORCE 1942.

TASK FORCE 1942 requires a 386 processor, expanded memory,
610K of RAM, and a hard disk drive. The game supports
Soundblaster, AdLib, Roland, and IBM sounds as well as
MCGA/VGA graphics. The suggested retail price is $69.95.
MicroProse, Inc., designs and markets entertainment software
worldwide for personal computers and video game systems.
Its products are available through major distributors, retailers,
and mass merchants.



The MPS*BBS is being updated at this time. We have the current
system running on a 486-66 with a 8-port Digiboard through five
14,400 and three 9600 Practical Peripherals Modems. Lined up
for the next few weeks is the transition to a PC/8i Digiboard
with an onboard processor and Wildcat! IM version software. The
IM System is designed to work with the intelligent Digiboard to
run the system at peak performance. Thanks for hanging in there
and please post us any problems you may have with the system so
we can address them.

Jim and Quentin
MicroProse BBS



MicroProse Software, Inc. has announced the availability of a
new 900 hint line. The number, 1-900-933-PLAY, is available
24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year at a cost
of $.95 per minute. You must have a Touch Tone Phone and be
18 years of age.

This new MicroProse service will have six game categories to
choose from; Strategy, Role playing, Animated Graphic Adventure,
Simulation, Nintendo and Sports. By calling 1-900-933-PLAY, the
customer will be offered hints on the following games:

Darklands Rex Nebular
F-15 Strike Eagle II Gunship 2000
F117A Stealth Fighter Gunship 2000 Scenario
B-17 Flying Fortress Challenge of the Five Realms
Civilization Twilight 2000
Railroad Tycoon Global Conquest
Command HQ Ancient Art of War in the Skies
Mantis F117A Nintendo

Information regarding new game releases will be available as
well as the option to have a call transferred, at no charge, to the
MicroProse information desk for inquiries about product availability
at retail or to place orders for the new MicroProse Gift Shop, logo

Microprose Software, Inc. designs and markets a full line of
entertainment software for personal computers and video game
systems. Its products are available nationally and internationally
through major distributors, retailers and mass merchants.


Jim and I have added four new nodes to help ease the pain of
connecting to the MPS*BBS. We will be tweaking the system to
speed it up this week for faster screen writes. We will be
updating to a 486-66 which with the current 386-33 should also
help the speed factor. Enjoy, -Jim and Quentin/MPS*BBS


Note on the new version of Flying Fortress B17 now available
in the File Section: You need to use the "PKUNZIP -d"
command to re-create the directories for the new version
to install correctly. Best, -Quentin/MPS*BBS


Hi All:

As I sit here next to the MPS*BBS during the day, and many
times at night, I've noticed that many of you are still
downloading with "X" modem. I strongly suggest everybody
download from the FILE SECTION the files T315-1.ZIP,
T315-2.ZIP, and T315-3.ZIP which is the fine Communication
Program TELIX. This is a SHAREWARE Program which is fully
enabled and provides "Z" modem protocol which will allow
much faster download times. This translates into less time
for you online which will save you time and money. Jim and I
have implemented a new "Z" modem protocol called PZC which
will significantly improve "Z" downloads. Thanks, Quentin.

BTW: TELIX should be available on most local BBS's so you
can save on the download.


The Darklands Update is now available in the FILE Section.
There are two versions available for downloading depending
on the version of the game you have.

For those having Version 04, you need to download file:


For those having Version 05-051, you need to download file:


The Updates are fairly large at 800k plus. If you prefer to
receive the Update by US Mail please return your Darklands
Registration Card. Registered owners will be sent the latest
version automatically within two-four weeks after receipt by
Customer Service. Thanks!

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =



Gunship 2000 Scenario Disk, "Islands and Ice"
is available to by calling (800) 879-PLAY for
$19.95. Details of the game are available for
viewing in the Bulletin Section under GAMES.

* * * NOW PLAYING in the FILE SECTION * * *

New F-15 Strike Eagle III PC/VGA Slide Show Demo!

New Rex Nebular PC/VGA Playable Demo!

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =



HUNT VALLEY, MARYLAND - MicroProse Software, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary
of MicroProse, Inc., (NASDAQ: MPRS) a leading developer of entertainment
software for personal computers and video game systems, has signed David
Leadbetter, coach of the 1992 British Open winner Nick Faldo, to endorse
GREENS, due to release this fall.

David Leadbetter is generally regarded as one of the best golf instructors
in the world. He became internationally prominent in the late 1980's when
one of his top students, Nick Faldo, won his first British Open Championship.
Since then, Faldo has twice been British Open and Masters Champion. In
addition to Faldo, Leadbetter has coached Tom Watson, David Frost, Nick
Price, and Bob Tway.

As Leadbetter's reputation as a golf instructor grew, so did MicroProse's
desire to develop a golf game with his name and knowledge of the game.
The popularity and instruction methods of Leadbetter and the state-of-the
-art development efforts at MicroProse have resulted in the most
entertaining and expansive golf simulation on the market.

"DAVID LEADBETTER'S GREENS offers the greatest number of features and most
accurate presentation of the complexities of golf of any game yet released,
" said MicroProse Chairman and CEO, Bill Stealey. "Computer golfers will
find an intense and highly entertaining challenge in DAVID LEADBETTER'S
GREENS." Highlights of this simulation include several different courses,
3-D graphics, ten different game types, full handicap system, and a
complete player profile.

DAVID LEADBETTER'S GREENS will be available for the IBM-PC/compatible at a
suggested retail price of $59.95. The game will require 1 MB of RAM and a
hard disk, and will support MCGA/VGA graphics, and Roland, Adlib, and Sound
Blaster sounds. A mouse is recommended.

MicroProse, Inc., designs and markets a full line of interactive
entertainment software for personal computers and video game systems. Its
products are available worldwide through major distributors, retailers,
and mass merchants.

HUNT VALLEY, MARYLAND, July 27, 1992 - MicroProse, Inc. (NASDAQ: MPRS) today
announced its purchase of Paragon Software Corporation, an independent
computer game development group in Greensburg, Pennsylvania.

MicroProse has been marketing Paragon's computer entertainment products
exclusively in the United States since 1988. This acquisition entitles
MicroProse to sell Paragon games worldwide. The addition of Paragon products
to the European sales and distribution channels should increase the revenues
and profitability of MicroProse, Ltd., in Europe, as well as lower the costs
of distributing Paragon's products domestically.

Additionally, the Paragon acquisition will provide MicroProse with design
tools to strengthen its production of fantasy role-playing games. This
acquisition establishes a satellite development group outside of MicroProse's
primary U.S. operation in Hunt Valley, Maryland, and is consistent with the
Company's strategy of strengthening its development efforts. MicroProse's
product development organization has over 220 people working in the United
States, Europe, and Japan.

Paragon has several products under development which will be released by
MicroProse this year, including "Mantis," the first game designed for CD-ROM,
as well as for IBM-PC's and compatibles. "We are delighted to be entering
the CD-ROM market," said Bill Stealey, chairman and chief executive officer
of MicroProse, Inc. " 'Mantis' is a welcome addition to our exciting line-up
of products."

Stealey added, "Paragon has developed some technologies that will facilitate
our production of fantasy role-playing games, a category we are entering with
'Darklands.' We can also share with them our comprehensive technology base.
Both parties will benefit from this union. We are really excited about
joining forces with the Paragon team." Paragon employs 19 people who now
will be producing games for sale under the MicroProse label.

MicroProse, Inc., designs and markets interactive entertainment software for
personal computers and videogame systems. Its products are distributed
worldwide through retailers, distributors, and mass merchants.

June 10, 1992

* Just added is the O-Club Conference for Game Talk. Please use
the O-Club Conference for discussion of strategies, hints, tactics,
help, etc, between players. The O-Club will be unsupervised as far
as questions being answered by Jim or I.

* The Premier Players Club is also available as a Conference for
those who have requested to join and/or order games online. PPC
information will be posted to the Con as it becomes available.

* New in the File Section are demos of ATAC, Challenge of the
Five Realms, and Mantis.

May 20, 1992

MicroProse is celebrating it's 10th anniversary and invites you to
take advantage of Special Offers and Charter Membership in the
* * * MicroProse Premier Player's Club! * * *

Right now, we're busy putting the finishing touches on Darklands
but we will be releasing it at the end of June.soon. If you order
now, you'll not only save $10.00 OFF, you will be among the first
to receive Darklands, the first authentic computer role-playing game.

*** Order now by calling (800) 879-PLAY, ***
Monday - Friday, 8:30am - 8:00pm EST.

You may also sign up for the MicroProse Premier Player's Club. The
Premier Player's Club preferred customer program puts you on
the cutting edge of what's happening at MicroProse, and saves you
money in the process. Here's a few great benefits you will receive
when you join the club, and remember membership is FREE and there
is no obligation to buy anything!

Be the first to get behind-the-scenes reports on MicroProse games
currently in the works.

Get advance copies of MicroProse hint books, game upgrades, special
offers and more.

Save up to 50% on best-selling MicroProse games!

For more information please post care of SysOp on the Message
Board or call MicroProse Direct at (800) 879-PLAY.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * NOTICE * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

MicroProse Software, publisher of F-15 Strike Eagle, Gunship,
Railroad Tycoon, Civilization, and many more award-winning
games, is expanding its development staff. We need your help
in creating the next generation of interactive entertainment.

We are currently looking for highly creative MS-DOS
programmers fluent in C. Experience with games, high speed
graphics, assembly language, object-oriented programming,
mathematical modeling, and/or MS Windows is a plus. We offer
a fun, high energy environment, plus competitive salary and

If you'd like to join us, please send a resume and cover
letter to:

Dan Huber
MicroProse Software
180 Lakefront Drive
Hunt Valley, MD 21030

* * * * * * * * * * * Customer Service * * * * * * * * * * *

Customer Service is available from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm EST
Monday thru Friday. Their number is (410) 771-1151.

* * * * * * * * F-19SF to F-117A Update Offer * * * * * * * *

Registered owners of F-19 can purchase F-117A--with a suggested
retail price of $79.95--direct from MicroProse for only $39.95.
If you are a registered owner of F-19 Stealth Fighter, just mail
in your Title Page from the F-19SF Manual and the upgrade fee to:

MPS Customer Service
180 Lakefront Drive
Hunt Valley, MD 21030

* * * * * * * * Lightspeed to Hyperspeed Upgrade * * * * * * *

Customer Service is providing a upgrade path for current
Lightspeed owners to upgrade to Hyperspeed. To upgrade, send in
your Lightspeed Title Page and $25.00 to Customer Service c/o
the address listed in the manual.

* * * * * * * * * * Fast Modem Support * * * * * * * * * * * *

9600 BPS Now SUPPORTED on all 4-nodes !!!

* * * * * * * * * Mail Door Now Available! * * * * * * * * * *

We have just added support for offline mail, bulletin and
file lists downloading thru the TQM [D]oor. An offline mail
reader is required. Currently, two are available in the FILES
section: SLMR20.ZIP and D2-120.ZIP.

* * * * * * * * * * Daily Maintenance * * * * * * * * * * * *

This BBS now shuts down briefly at 5:00 AM (eastern time)
for daily maintenance. This should not be a problem for most
people, since this is the least busy time of day. Be warned,
however, that if you log on after 4:30 AM or so, you may not
have enough time to download, even if your daily allocation
is still high enough.

* * * * * * * * * * * * News Flash * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

* GUNSHIP 2000 VGA Version 06 is now available under
the File Name GS2V06.ZIP in the NEW Section under FILES.

* Sid Meier's Civilization Version 03 is available in the
FILES Section as CIVV03.ZIP.

* Twilight 2000 Updates are now available!

* F-117A Nighthawk Ver.03 is now available
in the File Section. F11703.ZIP, Speech Included!!

* Millennium from Paragon is now available.

For more release dates choose (B)ulletins at the Main Menu
and then select (N)ews.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * NOTICE * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

* F-117A has been mis-labeled stating a 386-16 is "required"
to run the game. The Label should have stated "recommended".
The game will run fine on a 286-10.

* Millennium is mis-labeled on the box in regard to Sound
Support. The Game does not support Roland or Ablib as labeled.
The game does support SoundBlaster, Covox and PC Speaker.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Available in the File Section are the New VGA Demos of









* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Uploaded to the Library in the MISC Section is TELIX Comm
Program. Telix provides a Procomm interface and supports
Z-Modem for fast downloading of files. Telix is available
in the Library in three Zip Files. All must be downloaded
and Unzipped to a new directory.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * PKUNZIP * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

All Files are compressed with PKZIP and must be unzipped.
PKZ110.EXE can be found in the FILES Area under the UTIL
Library. The file is a executable that should be copied
to a new, empty directory. Documentation is included after