Metro Transit Index

Metro Transit is located in King County Washington. This county includes Seattle, Bellevue, Federal Way, Enumclaw, and Duvall. Click below to see pictures and discriptions of the buses metro operates, and the only COMPLETE fleet roster on the web!

Metro Fleet Roster
Complete Roster
900-series coaches
AMG trolleys.
1400-series coaches
1979 MAN artics
1600-series coaches
Flyer D900s
2000-series coaches
1982 MAN artics
2300-series coaches
1999 NFI D60 artics
3000-series coaches
1986 MAN Americanas
3200-series coaches
1996-1999 Gillig Phantoms
4000-series coaches
1986 MAN artic trolleys
5000-series coaches
1990 Breda Dual Mode artics
5600-series coaches
1996-1998 Ford/Champion Vans HOME