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The UNIMOG 404 is considered to be one of the finest all terrain vehicles in the world. The S series was originally developed for the military, where rough country operation and dependability are a necessity for an army. From the frame to the drivetrain and to the wheels, the UNIMOG was designed to negotiate the extremes of terrain and troops that war produces.

The UNIMOG 404.1 is powered by the Mercedes Benz M-180 engine. The engine is a gasoline fueled, vertical in-line six cylinder,with a displacement of 2.2 liters.
The induction system is a single Pallas-Zenith cross-country carburetor on the NATO version.
Four wheel drive and 100% differential-locks can be engaged and disengaged while on the move.
The transmission is a six speed (six forward, two reverse), fully synchronized unit with full time rear axle drive and shift on the fly front axle. Control of the locking differential is accomplished by a single lever in the cab, pull up on the lever for four-wheel drive and pull up again for locked operation. The unit can, in addition to these features, be locked or unlocked at any speed.
Large diameter wheels and portal axles are used for high ground clearance. (Instead of a direct line out to the wheel from the differential, the axle is offset to the top and uses a gear cluster to drive the wheel.)
Low center of gravity low, the drive train is mounted as low as possible.
The backbone of the Unimog consists of a flexible ladder frame with tubular torque cross-members.
A highly flexible suspension system of coil springs and tubes allows impressive axle articulation and ensures driver comfort both on- and off-the-road.
The Unimog is fitted with low-pressure single tires that provide maximum traction in all situations.
Large angles of approach and departure characterize the cross-country aptitude of the Unimog.
The small turning radius allows the Unimog a high degree of maneuverability.
The electrical system is a standard NATO 24 volt, with two batteries, and a generator putting out 900 watts.
Soft tops are fully removable, with fold down windshields and removable doors.
The most common military option for the rear is a simple flatbed, used for either cargo or troops. 
Other optional features for the S series are various PTO devices, with possible drives coming off the front (low speed), rear (high speed), sides and straight down.
The most common applications are front mounted winches and rear mounted water pumps for the fire fighting trucks. Crawler gears are also a possibility and will give you an incredibly low final drive ratio.


Wheelbase                                           9.5 feet
Track, front                                          5.3 feet
Track, rear                                           5.3 feet
Turning circle (outer wheel)             50.8 feet
Max. length                                         16.41 feet
Max width                                            7.0 feet
Max unloaded height                         8.6 feet
Weight, empty                                    5,720 pounds
Max weight                                          10,450 pounds
Axle ground clearance                      19 inches
Differential clearance                        15.75 inches
Fording depth                                     31.5 inches
Approach angle                                  45 degrees
Departure angle                                 45 degrees
Max ascent                                         70 percent
Max descent                                       100 percent
Sidehill angle                                      42 degrees
Max speed                                           60 MPH.
Engine output                                     90 HP at 4850 RPM
Torque                                                 111 ft./lbs. at 2800 RPM
Average fuel consumption               10 - 14 mpg
Trans. Gearing Forwards                  14.93/8.23/4.47/2.46/1.52/1.0
Trans. Gearing Reverse                   20.12/11.09


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