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November 23, 2002 --

The Zirin Prize Committee honors Lisa Alzo, an independent scholar who has devoted the last twelve years to researching Slavic culture and particularly the role of the woman in the Slovak family. Lisa’s book, Three Slovak Women is a study of the lives of three generations of Slovak women in the steel producing town of Duquesne, Pennsylvania.

Lisa’s work seeks to begin to fill the void in historical accounts about Slovak immigrant women. Although an estimated 650,000 Slovaks emigrated to the U.S., their history, and especially the history of the women among them, has been largely invisible. Lisa Alzo has begun to make the lives of Slovak women more visible. At present, building on the research she did for her first book, Lisa is continuing to study old documents and other records from Slovakia, teach courses in family history, develop a Web site, and work on her second book.

It is a pleasure to present the Zirin prize to Lisa Alzo as a small encouragement to continue her study and research in Slovak culture and family history.

Rochelle G. Ruthchild, Chair, Zirin Prize Committee

Robin Bisha

Pam Chester

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